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Jericho - what to expect?

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First of all, I wish all of you a very happy new year!!

Like many of you, I am one of the viewers who is pretty disappointed with how WWE treats its talent, largely. And to be honest, I am very unhappy with some really good talent being pushed to a jobber status. I know, only a few get the right push, but till then, it becomes pretty irritating to see them come out every week because you know how it would pan out, especially without stables.

Which is why some big stars returning to the ring is a good thing. I will be honest, I liked the return of the Rock. And I digged Kane's return too. What I do not like is the 'over-promise' and increasing expectations that they would be regulars. Today, I just don't care if the Rock is there on RAW or SD. I know he is likely to appear on the prestigious PPVs and not anywhere else (unless it's a build-up).

In this context, I really think it is a good thing for CJ to have returned to the WWE. He is a true fan favorite - heel or face - and we all have absolutely no doubt about his credentials. But then, what do we expect?

One thing is for sure - he adds a lot of possibilities to the creative storylines.

The Daniel Bryan Angle:

In late September, I posted a blog about how Daniel Bryan can actually be utilized well to solve some storyline issues. My key view there was to pit CJ against Daniel Bryan.

I am glad it is so far on course, and I would really be glued to the sets if CJ is pitted against DB to give a really good push for the youngster. Title or non-title, it makes for some good matches.

Wade Barrett:

Similar idea like DB above.

Alberto Del Rio Angle:

The Mexican aristocrat gimmick of Del Rio is really getting stale, and it is about time he backed it with some in-ring action. If not, he has to pick the right stars to feud against. CM Punk is a check, but CJ can be one another cog in the wheel. Think about CJ being another wrestler in a triple threat or a fatal four way. Any match would have at least 1 more star automatically added due to the quality of ring action CJ delivers.

John Cena? Yes, But...

I really hope John Cena feuds against CJ if and only Cena turns heel. Unless that happens, Cena is better off generating fan heat (as a face) and bringing in kids to see live shows and subscribe to PPVs. CJ deserves better.

Miz / Christian / R-Truth

This seems to be the more likely bracket within which CJ would be slotted. He adds a sense of balance to this set of wrestlers, especially because Miz dominates in mic-work here. Moreover, Miz seems to be taking a bit

Definitely NO PPV specials only

Unlike the Rock, CJ would not be used only for PPVs or the build-ups to PPVs. CJ is not likely to accept that kind of a deal, because he is truly internet savvy and slogs week in week out. Moreover, his great mic work and in-ring technical expertise would mean he has to be present at least 3 weeks every month on shows, to really push a lot of storylines through.


I am not touching upon the possibility of CJ facing Taker or HHH. That is too much speculation, since the said wrestlers are famous for long inactive periods. Someone like CJ would surely not be wasted there.

Do let me know what your views are..and thanks for your time!

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