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Wrestling the Water Cooler - Ep.1

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RAW 1/2/12:

  • Cena is going to wear less underwear.
    • Come again? This is how we open a new year, with one of the men signed for the biggest match ever (allegedly) talking about his underwear?
  • Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes
    • Hard working guys working hard - and yet it feels like something is missing, doesn't it? Honestly, how interested are you in the current Heavyweight Champion compared to.. oh I don't know... The 1/2/12 videos? Cena/Kane? Cena/The Rock? Foley and Piper rumors?
  • John Laryngitis (sorry folks, I just can't get over that line, it's so perfect!)
    • I simply cannot believe that WWE could not find anyone with better mic skills. I think the writing is getting better in the storyline vs Punk, but Johnny's performance is the weakest link. I'd vote for a change in direction ASAP. Pit Johnny against Triple H to divert attention and let Punk focus on something revolutionary (as he should).
  • Barrett
    • Has potential, but is on a plateau right now. Without Orton, he is not intriguing - and with Orton, he is intriguing only as one guy that can make it difficult for the Viper to win. Barrett is acting as a monster, but is not in the same league as Kane or Big Show right now. Squash matches don't help in that direction either, unless they are many and end in incredible violence. I wish Regal was a few years younger to come back and slap this dude around.. Regal is not too old to wrestle but would not be believable in beating Barrett down.
  • Santino
    • Needs better chances to climb the ladder. As someone else said, who did he p*ss off?
  • The Miz
    • I think he has lost shine since splitting from R-Truth and the triple threat match with CM Punk and Alberto del Rio. Getting jumped by R-Truth doesn't hurt at all, and his in-ring skills seem fine, but his mic skills are fogged. To see there is a problem, you have only to watch his segment with Johnny Laryngitis. Miz, we need you to be awesome, not just say it.
  • R-Truth
    • has come back with a vengeance. The water bottle is a lame gimmick: lose it ASAP (unless there's a rich Dasani contract behind the curtain?). Find a Little Jimmy finisher of sort instead. And keep a directional mic on R-Truth at all times. Also: fight in the ring once in a while, to build credibility before the PPVs!
  • CM Punk
    • Still working hard, and still great on the mic. Yet, he needs someone better than Laryngitis to play with. Ziggler isn't the right match either (although he is working hard as heck). We need Punk to be involved in truly innovative storylines and matches, because we already know by now he can do well all the things he is being told to do right now.
  • Bella Twins vs Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly
    • WWE needs to look deeper than this sort of matches to make the women division interesting. Also, the same set-up + Beth Phoenix doesn't cut it. Either put some writers on this or skip the match.. we'll be fine if a week in a while there's no women match but just behind the scene segments with the Bellas. Really.
  • Jericho
    • Well, I'll be.. the Intertubes were right, and it's Y2J! The no-speech comeback is being debated (and will be discussed) everywhere, and that's a plus for Jericho and WWE. As a fan, I didn't like it. And I think the viral videos were promising so much more than Jericho's return! One thought: jericho doesn't talk... Kane takes him on as a younger spiritual brother... ah, but we did hear Jericho shout (away from the mic) - too bad. We can only hope the Creatives have a good answer to "Who is she?" (you know, anything better than the way they handled "Who is the Raw Anonymous GM?")
  • Brodus Clay
    • The man must deserve better than this! And let me tell you now that the whole idea of Johnny Laryngitis 'keeping him back' week after week is just a flat bottle of cheap imitation sparkling wine. No Champagne, but just a little fizz. Perhaps they're planning a new run at the Goldberg's Streak? I hope not, because that thing was boring to get through (although I love Bill and loved his non-squash matches)
  • Cena and Kane
    • Shouldn't Cena be all ramping up for The Rock? We know this storyline can't be epic, can't be epochal because the Cena-nation and Tema Bring It are already headed for the biggest baddest collision ever... so what the heck? Cena and Kane, dancing and fighting for Cena's soul (?).. "Let's Go Cena" vs "Cena Sucks" chants... turning Cena heel after he gets 'corrected' by the Big Red Machine... there's good material in there but it's wasted if we know that the company will swipe it all under the rug (that's where the Anonymous Raw GM is) very soon to make space for the WM main event. Also, if we expect the return of the deadman, shortly after the return of the Big Red Machine, how can we not expect the two to interact somehow? Kane should not be tied with Cena right now.
  • Zack Ryder
    • Deserves better than what he got since getting the belt! getting dragged into Kane's hellhole, and re-emerging in a way way different (red) light could have been better... I wonder if he refused a heel turn because he's been having great success as a face last year.
Lesnar Retirement
I did not see the fight yet, so I won't comment. Nonetheless, I think he can still be a good addition to any pro-wrestling circuit: I'd sign him, unless there were health issues or he was prone to breaking over and over again. You need a monster to shake things up? There's one candidate. Keep his mic time down for now. I think the only issue is the $ that would be required to make this happen.

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