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Why Jericho shouldn't win the royal rumble

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]First blog here so bare with me everyone. =)
Anyways I want to give my thoughts on who or what type of wrestler in their current wwe status should win the royal rumble.
first of all my initial thought of the rumble was that it is a way to put a young star completely over with the fans. You win and your in with the big boys and back in the days that's how it usually worked, with the occasional big star winning it. Il excuse stone cold winning three times because he is the greatest wwe superstar ever.
Anyways when I fully got in to wwe, the late chris Benoit won it, which made me angry like who the fuck is this mid carder winning and getting the main event. But as I grew older and wiser I got it, you give someone who's never got a chance..a chance. Batista won the following year and that was played beautifully with the evolution betrayal and thumbs down antics. Big fan of Batista btw a true WHC (unlike the current champion..sorry but DB just doesn't sell it for me yet) but yh this is what the rumble can do for you.
when wwrestlers like triple h, the rock, hbk etc have won the royal rumble and have gone to achieve greatness , it seemed like the writers feel 'hold on, all great superstars need to have a royal rumble win under their belt' then they relise there in a conundrum, they've realised the great John cena has achieved greatness in the business with out winning the royal rumble, so what do they decide to do, yes give him a win (his return was quite exciting ..ain't gona lie doe lol).
Then that became the trend, if you are to be considered amongst the greats you need to have a rumble to your name. So then the following years randy ortan and edge would go on to win the rumble literally wasting that year for ounces talents who could of gone further...

regardless last year the creative team had the correct idea of giving the rumble win to a wrestler whos not quite there which I respect and hope they keep in mind for this year. My only problem last year was that...Alberto del rio?? A man with hardly any heat and literally just came in to the wwe..and surprise surprise the man i personally feel was literally a complete flop last year.
So who should win this year?
Cody Rhodes - when legacy started everyone predicted ted to be great but I liked Rhodes from the start..the look the name the mic skills and with a lil more gym a good body (No Homo) for him to wrestle at the standard his starting to achieve. So my choice would him but I also wouldn't mind wade berett, I think the wole IWC is on this guy so I don't need to explain what's great about him lol.
BUT pleaaasseee don't give it to chris Jericho, who I relise the a lot of the IWC is supporting. But come on...I don't mind the guy fighting cm punk for the wwe title at wrestlemania, I'm sure he'll put on a good show, I know he will..but what's the point giving the ryoal rumble 2012 to someone who lets be honest will leave again in 6 to 7 months, and probably make sme other crap return(seriously what was raw about??..fuck that shit lol)

As I said before there's this trend that establishes wrestlers don't look good enough if they have never won the royal I have a feeling there going to do that with Jericho.
Ryal rumble is the ultimate way to becoming a star, and I feel lately because of the over usage of MITB, which to me is a pussy way to become a's just how I feel, sorry.
anyways rhodes to win the rumble..and I won't accept any other wrestler winning for the second time.

Ite first blog so go easy on me, a bit everyone =)

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  1. toobeastly33's Avatar
    I realize it is your first blog, but at least look over what you wrote. I was struggling to read it. check your grammar and spelling.

    Other then that good blog. I agree that it should be and up and coming star, but I also think it should not be given to a wrestler that is not yet established (exel Rio).

    I personally really want Wade Barrett. I think he is the perfect star to rise up from this. As far as Jericho winning it, I'd like to see him get close, but not win it. I also wouldn't mind Kane, but that is only because I think he is the best star that has never won it. I realize that goes against your blog, but historically he is one of the best every year in the rumble and it would make sense for him to win it before the end of his career.
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    See the thing about Rumbles is, that they can also be used to get someone back in the spotlight. Like when Edge won, and instantly got into the main event at Wrestlemania, after he returned from injury. That's what they might do for Jericho too, even though he doesn't really need it. I would have either Barrett or Rhodes win. I have a feeling Sheamus or Orton will win though :/
  3. leighG's Avatar
    Jericho already has a ready made feud with Punk, most likely to be over the WWE Title, so, why does he need to win a shot? Give it to someone else and give us another title match at WM, otherwise they have to then set something up at EC for Smackdown's champion, Jericho doesn't need it, and not just because he's an established star, but just because it is a waste of a superstar if he gets the shot when he's already maybe got one, dependent on if Punk keeps the title up to WM.
  4. bearkg88's Avatar
    I have to agree with toobeastly 33, I want Barrett to win. Just imagine how smug he would be after winning, perfect heel moment. And i think a feud with Bryan and Barrett going into WM with Barrett winning would be a big boost for barrett. Not a bad blog, but in the same breath reread what you write before you post it, makes it a little easier to read, but still, decent
  5. Rowebin's Avatar
    It's gonna be Mason Ryan to win.
  6. akbar's Avatar
    Highly appreciate the comments and will try do better next time, in my defence lool I'm on a iPad and sometimes it totally gives me a whole new word as an option and I miss the update (if u kno wat i mean) cos I'm typing nvm. Cheers
  7. davieboy_88's Avatar
    I'm predicting that Barrett will win the Royal Rumble. It's just what the "Barrett Barrage" needs, he brags about injuring Orton then goes on to win the Rumble (and probably the World Title).
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