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Follow Up: Jericho's Return, Michael Cole, and Kane/Cena Feud

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Hey Everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here. I was going to change the Wrestling Savior part of my name but honestly, as great a wrestling mind as I have, if I knew the basic ins and outs of being a director or producer of a television show, I'd put on a weekly wrestling show that everyone would proud to have watched. Okay, gloating done.

The holiday week brought on some nice writing material and some great debate topics. So, I'm going to follow up on my last three posts, as I've read some great comments and endured a lot of scrutiny as well as gotten a decent amount of kudos for my blogging efforts. So, let's get started with the hottest and most recent.

Chris Jericho's return was weak. I read a ton of comments on my post about this. I would say it's about half and half between those who hated the return and those who liked it. I personally think that if you liked the return, you're completely hypnotized and brainwashed into liking whatever the WWE will throw at you. But that's just my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own and I respect that. However, I have a few comments regarding how people perceive the return and Jericho's overall stature.

First, a lot of people thought what he did was great. He hyped the crowd and said nothing. And little by little, he'll reveal more about why he came back and so on. My response to that is....NO. I don't wanna hear that. They did that for the last 6 weeks. So, going by that logic, I guess the 1/2/12 videos were just a build a build up?

Another big time comment was in regards to my reference to the creative team. Everyone spoke of Jericho as if he has status to do what he wants and the creative team has nothing to say to him. Well, in response to that, I already made mention to the fact that Chris Jericho lacks that sort of clout. If you dig back to when I first started this, I blogged about The Rock and John Cena being the ultimate culminating match at Wrestlemania. There are no more legends left. I set these wrestlers up in tiers too. There's Hogan in a class by himself. Then there's the next group like Bret Hart, HBK, Undertaker, HHH, The Rock, Stone Cold, and John Cena. Everyone else, and that includes Jericho along with Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Batista, Randy Orton, and so on...are the next level down and aren't included in the true "carry the brand" status. So no. Jericho is not above all else.

Michael Cole. Now, I found it interesting that shortly after I blogged about Michael Cole and how bad he is ruining both shows. JR actually blogged and said that he's instructed to act a certain way and yada yada yada. Now, as much as I would love to live in a dream world where my blog about Michael Cole brought on that response, I know it didn't. But as the report came out about how there seemed to be behind the scenes concern about the way he buries everyone, I had high hopes that things on his end would change a bit. But unfortunately, that was not the case. We are still stuck with his irritatingly awkward commentary for 4 hrs a week. But whether we like it or not, he's the top heel personality in the WWE.

I like the Kane vs Cena feud. I can't see it really culminating in any matches though. Not unless they want to put on some entertaining brawling that ends in No Contests...because having a decisive loser would be bad all around. Can't have Cena losing going into Wrestlemania in the so-called Match of Matches with The Rock. And can't have the big red machine, who just returned more evil than ever, lose to SuperCena and in the process, lose all credibility for the rest of his career.

Well folks. That's my follow up. I won't be posting again until the weekend. So happy debating and I look forward to hearing everyone's take on these topics. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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  1. Razor's Avatar
    To gloat, you need to do something to gloat about... saying you'd make a great wrestling show isn't gloating, it's talking out your ass. Just sayin' ^_^

    I did like Jericho's return, I'm also much more a TNA mark than a WWE mark, although both shows need lots of improvement. I agree that Cole is incredibly annoying, but I also think that's kind of the point. Not so much a fail on his part as WWE's imo... at least they've kept his 'wrestling' to dark matches lately.
    Updated 01-05-2012 at 02:48 PM by Razor (clarity)
  2. bearkg88's Avatar
    Decent read, and i totally agree that the feud between kane and cena can't end good. A clean win for either would damage the loser. The one thought that came to my mind was what if Kane won, but because Rock made a surprise return and distracted Cena. I don't think that would damage Kane, and I think it would help further the Cena/Rock feud.

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