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The Next Big Thing

The False return and other Raw thoughts

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Was it genius, or just poorly executed?

Whatever the case, the angle has now started.

And another thing, it has garnered a reaction, which is what everything is all about anyway.

Where I think Jericho is going with this is somewhere unique. This is an interview taken earlier this year in which Chris candidly talks about his career and his future. He wants people to be surprised and watch the show. You've got to give him credit for an inner desire of his to make wrestling special again.

Chris Jericho did a lot with a silent promo and a silent backstage promo already. A silent promo he garnered a huge pop, that he kept hold of for 8 or so minutes, then left abruptly to several boo's. In this backstage interview, he made me chuckle with his response to a question about entering the Royal Rumble.

Jericho has already implemented wrestling psychology outside of the wrestling ring, and onto the internet. Everybody's talking about him.

- Also on Raw, I was enjoying the segment where Kane interrupted the main event. I'm a big mark for the Undertaker and Kane using their supernatural ways in creating anarchy. It would be harsh to say something negative about Michael Cole's commentary, but I will allude to something that completely cheesed up the ending for me. When he referred that Kane was dragging Ryder into the abyss, that wasn't bad. If your comparing whatever was happening to somebody being dragged into the abyss, thats good commentary. Referring to the abyss again though, made it seem that the "abyss" was real, at least to MC. I just hope that it was a little comment and Vince doesn't go full gung ho and make the abyss a major part of a storyline.

- I'm a big fan of the new Dolph Ziggler character. I tend to hate popular internet heroes because generally most are made out to be better than they are, but with Dolph I can say that the net heads know talent. His promo was brilliant before his match, he really is embracing his show-off gimmick, incorporating headstands and the likes. I also enjoyed that for the second week in a row, that he has had wild over the top and pure show-off celebrations with the wwe belt. I don't know why Punk just let him have his title and celebrate for the length of time he did. Just seems odd, I can imagine new viewers just tuning in thinking he's a bit of a pussy.

-Anyway, let's just enjoy Jericho.

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Ziggler is really good. He runs with whatever gimmick he is given, even if it is bad and makes the best out of it. I don't think the WWE had any clue he would come this far and I hope he keeps pushing his gimmick with cartwheels and what not. He just needs to dump Vickie and the way I see it he wins the title and comes out and says he never needed Vickie and she was just holding him down all these years and walks out still heel
  2. BigDawgXIV's Avatar
    Lol @ Jericho...LOVE how he totally just smiled that cheesy smile, then when asked about the RR sparkled. GENIUS!

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