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Post-Raw Ruminations 1/2/11: Why is Jericho Silent?

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Hello everyone! This is my very first blog for what I would like to call Post-Raw Ruminations! Due to the turbulence that has occurred with Jericho during Raw this past Monday, I feel that it is my duty to try to make some sense out of all of this to whomever shall read and comment! Of course, I could be completely off and my predictions would be dead wrong, however I do believe that there may be a lot more to the ItBegins2012 and the results of Raw this week than just a very confusing and anti-climactic return by Y2J, and I would like to share what I believe could happen on the Road to WrestleMania 28 in a nutshell as an added bonus!:

I believe that Jericho will only speak when told to speak by "She," the one who beckons him, from the vignettes leading up to 1-2-11. We will be left with more and more questions until "She" is ready to reveal her master plan. I believe that she will use Jericho to deceive us now, instead of saving us as he has promised to do in the past.

I would not doubt for one second that this also ties in with Kane. The plan is already in motion to end the world as we know it and the best way to do that is to "Suffocate" the only true ray of light in the WWE: John Cena. Once he is believed to be out of the way, then the flood gates to hell will open and "She" will take total control, believing that no one will stand against her or her minions as they beat down every WWE Superstar that gets in their way and do everything they can to undermine the WWE itself.

It will be up to Punk and other do-gooders such as Zack Ryder to start a resistance, to be the voice of the voice-less, with John Laurenitis trying but failing to maintain order and is eventually overthrown by "She" as well. I believe that the climax of the confrontation will be at WrestleMania, between CM Punk "The Best in the World" vs Jericho "The Best in the World at What I Do," with the entire WWE hanging in the balance, and with CM Punk as the last hope for sanity with no one left but him to fight back.

I also believe that somehow this storyline will tie in with the Cena/Rock feud to make Cena a hero since The Rock hates Cena's image as much as Kane does. I could see The Rock joining forces with Jericho and Kane as they once did many years ago but as part of a heel stable this time, under the influence of "She". From there, he would try to interfere with the Punk / Jericho match at WM28 to help Jericho win the WWE Title if Punk still has it by then, with the belief that Cena would not be a factor anymore. Then suddenly, Cena would return, possibly with other previously fallen WWE Superstars, both Face and Heel alike, and everyone would give Cena and the others the biggest pop of their lives because they would run in and save the day. From there, Punk would win by DQ because of The Rock getting involved in the match. Then, the Rock vs. Cena battle would begin to decide "The End of the World" once and for all.

I am sure there would be much more to consider, and yes a lot of assumptions are made during my blog, but this is all stuff that runs through my mind that could make the two biggest feuds of the year a lot more exciting for WM28 and help to usher in a new era for the WWE. Enjoy, and please rate/comment! Please keep the comments constructive please, and if you like my blogs I will be glad to do more soon!

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  1. BigDawgXIV's Avatar
    Like The Idea...But even if The Rock was turned heel, he'd still be cheered over Cena. So I see Rocky being tied to the resistance, coming out after Cena & Co seem to be going down and out after the initial spree to take out the forces of "She" before Rock Bottoming Cena to start the Main Event. that is if your vision is the one being used
  2. urbanRedneck's Avatar
    you paint quite a picture.....i don`t know how much of this would really happen,but good first blog.
  3. LazinessDistrust&Villainy's Avatar
    Thank you all for your comments so far! @BigDawgXIV, I do agree that The Rock would still have a lot more support from the fans so that could work to force him to temporarily ally himself with Cena to build more tension between them. It would also be an unexpected move after Survivor Series said that it would be "Never Before, Never Again" to have Rock/Cena joining forces, and I believe that the WWE doing that once again would have more meaning the second time around if my hypothetical storyline were to actually take shape on RAW and WM28. Then, if the threat to the WWE has been extinguished, then it would be great for The Rock and Cena to finally get their moment to face one another in battle as promised. Once again though, all of this is just speculation and I thank you for taking the time to read my blogs, I really enjoy discussing how things may play out and just things WWE in general. To all my readers, thank you and keep commenting/rating my post, good or bad!

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