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Pre-Raw Commentary - John Cena: Have we been deceived?

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DISCLAIMER: I would like to start off by saying that I do not have any personal hatred towards John Cena the person or the WWE, and that this blog is strictly as a response to the pro- and anti-Cena character rantings. I understand that the WWE is for entertainment only and that the characters portrayed are not necessarily reflective of the actual personalities of the sports entertainers that portray them. I am about to vent because of the "character John Cena's" lack of entertainment value in a way that may not have been thought of before.

I could be crazy and no one else has noticed this but me or what but if you really sit and think about it, yes Cena says he accepts everyone for who they are and they can have their own opinions, and he does all these wonderful works of philanthropy as well as support for the troops. BUT, despite all of the criticism that he receives and pleas from fans to change his routine, he is in a very subtle yet obvious way saying F-you to anyone who is not loyal to him and saying I am going to do the same promos and same wrestling moves whether you like it or not! If you're not a fan and you're not entertained by me then who gives a crap because I have Cenation and I yell about how I am going to fight honorably like a man!

Because of all of these reasons and possibly others, in a sense I believe that he is a heel despite everyone's belief that he is a face character right now and supposedly has been for years. He has been sneaky enough to make it seem like he is a good guy to get all of the women and children to believe in him and simultaneously make us believe that he is the biggest most boring good guy ever who claims to work harder than everyone else. I believe that this among many other reasons, is why most real wrestling fans do not like him at a more subconscious level. We know it bugs us and we recognize the 5 moves are the same old sh*t but it almost seems like we want to like Cena for being a good person but can't help but hate him for disregarding us. I believe he does disregard the feelings of actual wrestling fans but will never admit it openly because he wants to be viewed as a virtuous character. I think that actions speak louder than words, and his 5 moves of doom and Never Give Up gimmick speak volumes.

He intentionally polarizes his audience to get a kind of reaction that nobody else can. Sure, he could get everyone to cheer for him every week if he REALLY wanted to, but it takes much more talent to get people to Boo and Cheer for you at the same time and he has succeeded beautifully if that was indeed his intention. Basically, I believe that Cena's character is a wolf in sheep's clothing in a sense, that in reality he is a Villain who looks out for number one and is a master of deception. He smiles through his teeth as he shakes the hands of his fellow locker room comrades but then buries them whenever a Championship is on the line or just for the hell of it because no one is going to get past Cena. I believe he is much more clever and underhanded than we give his character credit for. Of course he is never going to admit that because if he says what he is doing then that would ruin his whole illusion and no one would buy into his HLR, Cenation, Never Give Up, Cena Approved etc. BS.

Thinking about all of this makes me believe that, although at the time I despised them, that the Nexus should have succeeded instead of failing. All they succeeded in doing is push Cena further as an unbeatable character. I hope Kane succeeds where they have failed, for if no other reason than to humble John Cena's character so that he will start to play fair and actually be a Face. Good luck, right?

Enjoy the read and make conversation as appropriate. I hope that this will maybe help to understand his character and why some of us love him yet hate him so much. I believe that instead of us calling for a Heel turn, we should be asking him to become a Face. I could go on but I will let you all use your imaginations on other reasons that he may actually be a heel as well. I may be way off but enjoy anyways, and can't wait to see what happens on Raw tonight!

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  1. Mika Saint's Avatar
    That's a WHOLE lotta' conspiracy.
    But I applaud you for thinking outside the box. It'd be a great way to turn the tables from face to heel.
  2. LazinessDistrust&Villainy's Avatar
    C-O-N-.... SPIRACY! lol. I am glad you enjoyed reading, and it really would. Now that I think about it I wonder if that is kind of what Kane is thinking as well. "Yes, Cena is bad he just won't admit it and give in to the HATE!" Is anyone else watching RAW right now?
  3. Godsmack78's Avatar
    great blog

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