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Ten Things that Bug me about the WWE

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Hello everyone. Cross here and this is my first blog. These are factors of the WWE that reallly get on my nerves. Note they are not listed in number of importance.

10. Celebrities
I think it is cool to have celebrities on Raw and Smackdown every once in awhile, but matches. I mean really? You have such great talent on WWE Superstars and a little bit on NXT that have been working off thier butts just to get in a mid-card match on either Smackdown and Raw. It just bugs me when people (like Snooki even though she is athletic) get a mid-card match on Wrestlemania when there is so much more deserving superstars.

9. The Rematch Clause
There are some cases where I like the rematch clause but it takes away prestige from a title. I mean if you loose the title you get a rematch so no biggy. Say Cody Rhodes lost the ic title. Big deal he gets a rematch and a chance to become a 2 time ic champion. Plus matches are more likely predictible. I mean when Alberto Del Rio faced John Cena at Vengeance it was obvious that ADR would win.I just wish they did'nt make it so easy to get a title back.

8.Big Guys getting hit
Now havent you noticed when a big guy gets punched in the face they seem to not feel it. I mean realistlcly they would get hurt by it.

7.How WWE Ends Matches through Pinfalls
Now there have been maybe two/three moments last year when the WWE didn't have someone win by a finisher or a quick role up.I mean if majority of the time WWE had a superstar win by say a suplex or a high flying moove thats not a finisher then matches would be more suspenseful. People would be more on the edge of thier seats every pinfall that occurs if WWE had the superstars/divas rarely win by a finisher. Plus is someone kicked out of a finisher in a match, how much more credible would they look as a competitor.

6.WWE Has the Talent
Now the mid-card titles(including divas and tag team titles) have been lacking feud credibility. Don't get me wrong. Cody Rhodes is a great IC Champ, Air Boom is doing well, happy Beth is champion, and the same for Zach Ryder. They just need to take people from WWE Superstars and some from NXT to make bigger matches and more rivarlies. I mean old tag team matches would have like 4 tag teams going for the titles. The divas just need more time in the ring while Cody Rhodes and Zach Ryder need more contenders. All these hardworking superstars deserve some kind of pay per view match.

5.Royal Rumble Winners
Now the point of a superstar winnning the Royal Rumble is so they can main event Wrestlemania. So far the past two years ( and will happen this year) that superstar will not be in the last match of the night. Edge won in 2010 and he was the third to last match on the card. ADR won it and he was one of the first matches on the card. This year its looking like Y2J winning but Rock and Cena are main eventing. I mean really? A world title should be worth more then the Rock in a match.

This is just a terrible long show. I mean this show still has the same competitors on it. 1st season was the best, 2nd season was decent, third season was worth watching CM Punk commentate and AJ wrestle, fourth season pointless cause Johnny Curtis is back on the show, fifth season is a waste of time. I mean the point of the show was if you win you get a wwe contract which i though was a good concept. Plus if you won you got a WORLD title match. It just hasnt been making sense. I say get rid of nxt and its pointless feuds.

WWE's marriages always lead to a divorce. I mean I am find with couples but the whole concept is just silly and annoying. Make it realistic

2.Bring Back ECW
I mean the true hardcore wrestling. This would give chance to alot of superstars like William Regal, Tyson Kidd, Trent Barreta, etc. to be in a pay per view and put on a good show. They would have a chance to fight for a title or titles if they brought back the ECW Tag Team Titles as well as the ECW Title.

I think WWE's promos for matches could be realistic if they personally would interview a WWE superstar on thier thought on thier competitors (without giving away that WWE is scripted). I mean there promos now our decent but all they would need to do is this and it would look realistic to my point.

Thanks for reading and I will accept hate,love,like,not sure comments. This is Cross saying remember the Cross.

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  1. urbanRedneck's Avatar
    i agree on all points you make,nice work.
  2. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    Really really really, ridiculously good blog. My favorite is number 7. If one move is a finisher for one wrestler and another wrestler uses it we are to believe that it is less effective. And so many big power moves that look devastating from the likes of Cena but the AA is supposed to be the ultimate move. Crazy.
  3. Cross's Avatar
    Thank you very much bearkg88. Yeah the main reason I would want ECW back is so other superstars that have so much talent can get that pay per view spot they have been well fighting for. I am not for TV-14 cause alot has been done so well in PG. I just liked how they used thier stimulations. I understand your thoughts on the finisher but we all have our own opinions. Thank you very much and God bless

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