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Jericho's Return. What Did We See?

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Okay. I'm sure this will be one of a thousand Jericho blogs that will be posted. To be honest, I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's perspective on this. For me, I'm glad to see him back. I'm sure it will be a short-lived visit. I'm interested to see what part he will play as we head toward The Royal Rumble. However, I want to talk about this return in particular.

In a single word: DISAPPOINTING. Of course it was expected to be him. I'm not disappointed that it was him. I'm disappointed in the fact that they wasted 15 minutes of my night with him running around the ring like an idiot and then not even saying anything. It ended with boos and if they want him to be a heel, they went about it, not the wrong way, but the lazy way. The cop out way. Everyone expected tons of things from him and he gave the crowd nothing.

It has been a really long time since I've been able to say, "I can't wait to see Monday Night Raw this week." They built us up for 6 weeks and as the buzz grew louder and we grew closer, this became a Monday Night Raw that I couldn't wait to see. These dark-toned video vignettes, and everyone waiting in anticipation. We all tried to convince ourselves it wouldn't be Jericho, even though we all knew it was. They show the last video, the camera shakes, the lights go out, and here he comes, pretty little sparkly jacket and all. He prances around the ring, big "Dancing with the Stars" type smile on his face, hyping the crowd, and says NOTHING? Really? Nothing? The purpose of these vignettes is to drop the bombshell when the time comes, is it not? He spent 15 minutes jumping around like a moron, skipping laps around the ring, when he should have been explaining his return and what his purpose is. Why is this the end of the world and all that jazz?

I am very disappointed in how this all went down. There's really only one explanation. The creative team didn't know what to do. That's all I can seriously come up with. They had no clue what to do. Either that, or Vince McMahon forgot that today's date is 1/2/12 when he was approving the final format this week's episode, and kept throwing Johnny Ace in front of the camera all night. No good matches, not much happening along the lines of building anything up that we haven't already seen. Pretty weak start of the year WWE.

Can't wait to hear everyone's take on this. This will be a fun week. I'll post again after Smackdown, unless another hot topic comes up. See ya.

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  1. Adam3330's Avatar
    Dancing with the Stars will do that to u...
  2. Kidd smooth's Avatar
    I would rather have had undertaker or lesner or even batista then jericho simple as that
  3. Beserker's Avatar
    What they did was genius you can already hear him next week
    "I could of had those mindless ass clowns cheering all night"
    Cm punk is the voice of the fans and y2j just imbaresed the fans
    Perfect set up for WM
  4. Parallax's Avatar
    I enjoy your blogs. But I gotta say, your reaction makes me laugh. The creative team didn't know what to do? What makes you think a guy like Jericho, who has the stroke to come and go as he pleases, takes his cues from the creative team? Jericho can call his own shots at this point. He knows it. And so does Vince. Vince needs Jericho more than Jericho needs Vince. If the creative team had ANY say in Jericho's return segment, he would have cut the same old paint-by-numbers heel promo. Starts off saying how good it is to be back, then turns on the fans.

    What we saw was something different. Or as you put it, "lazy". If you know anything about Jericho, you know that he isn't going to come back and do the same shit over and over. Look at his debut in WWE. Comes out, interrupts Rock, gets instant heel cred. Then he left. Comes back, interrupts Orton, gets instant babyface cred.

    Would you expect him to come out and do the same thing this time? Cut some regular heel promo? Maybe do a run-in? Of course not. He did something new. He came out, had the crowd going. More and more. Then slowly made his way to the back. Didn't say a word. Didn't have to. He went from face to heel by NOT doing what so many people clearly expected him to do.

    There wasn't anything "lazy" about it. It's ring psychology. And it worked PERFECTLY. Because a great heel doesn't give you DO WANT. He gives you what you DON'T WANT.

    I look forward to checking on this blog for other comments. Keep up the good work.
    Updated 01-03-2012 at 12:41 AM by Parallax
  5. bearkg88's Avatar
    You know Parallax, I posted my own thoughts on Raw on another blog, but I totally agree with your comments. I was really bummed by how Jericho returned...BUT...I see the next few weeks we are going to get some really good promos from Jericho. I would also agree that the promo wasn't lazy, as it was more unexpected. I think everyone knew it was going to be Jericho, and everyone expected something from him, and when all he did was rile the fans up and leave, it was a let down. So i wouldn't say lazy, as more unexpected would be the better way of putting it.
  6. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    @ parallax

    that has nothing to do with it. NOTHING. We all see what you are saying, its quite obvious. What I and other fans are pissed about is the "stringing along" all these crap RAWs lately, promising something exciting only to drop the ball EVERY TIME. The Jericho return, to put it mildly, was the worst wrestling return in history of professional wrestling. It was absolutely terrible, if you can't see that then you are a true WWE fan and you stick by the product.

    The WWE is like the colts. They were a great team for a long time, now they suck.
  7. bearkg88's Avatar
    But think about this, I'm already reading through other posts about how people are disappointed in Jericho, mad at the WWE, thinking the segment just sucked...but really...Jericho is getting what he wants. I mean, how many people honestly thought Jericho would return as a straight face. I for one didnt. At the end of his segments, you could hear the boo's from how his return went. I don't agree with you Wrestlingfan608, it wasn't the worst return in the history, it was lackluster, but it served it's purpose. Anyone who has been gone for a long time when they come back, will normally get cheers, unless in their return they do something dastardly, I mean...maybe I am wrong in this and if I am correct me, but a few weeks back at the Slammys when Christian came out to present, before he said anything he was getting cheers i thought. If Jericho is wanting/needing to be heel, he did the right thing. I am simply torn, because from a creative point, this return was perfect in that it sets Y2J to become a huge HEEL in the next few weeks, but from a die hard fan, I was let down.
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