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Raw Reaction 1/2/12 - 1st Raw of 2012

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What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it with another edition of Raw Reaction. It's the first show of the year and the night in which everyone has been waiting for. I'm not going to waste any time so without further ado...

Opening Segment-
Nothing really new here, I will say that Kane promising Cena will embrace the hate is a great way to get people interested in what they will be doing later tonight. Anything to keep people watching is good promotion for WWE.

Match #1 - Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes
Not the greatest match, I think they had a much better one a few weeks ago on Smackdown, but still decent. Good to see Bryan finally racking up some wins here. I really wish this could have gone on longer, I love both these wrestlers, but you get what you get I guess. 2/5 for the match, no doubt could've been much higher with even 5 more minutes.

Match #2 - Wade Barrett vs. Santino
I was going to commend WWE for providing 2 matches within half an hour. Then Santino came out and I realized we were going to get nothing short of a squash. Aaaaaaand guess what we got? At least Barrett is continuing the push and it seems like they're just killing time til Orton comes back. I would like to know who Santino pissed off. Not that I want a World Title reign or anything but he gets squashed for nothing nowadays. 1/5 for the match, literally nothing to write home about.

On a side note, these backstage segments with Miz and Truth are kinda funny lol.

Match #3 - Sheamus vs. Miz
I'm seriously surprised with the amount of matches we're getting lol. Short or not, usually we've had like 2 promos, a few backstage skits, a short squash, and a divas match by now. Hopefully we get this more often. And I feel like an idiot because I spoke too soon. I did like the spot where Sheamus literally smashed the fuck out of Miz and I really love R-Truth's face character. I know a lot of people hated Truth's face rapper but I've always been a fan of his, going back to the K-Kwik days lol so it's nice to see he's getting a nice singles push. I doubt he gets a WWE title but hopefully he wins the WHC before too long. Also I love how Truth gets suspended but Miz is the one getting his ass handed to him every week, lmao.

Match #4 - WWE Championship - CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler
First off I'd like to say that match was absolutely awesome. I can't stress enough how awesome Ziggler is in the ring. Every week, regardless of his opponent, Ziggler puts on a match of the week performance and this week was nothing short of that. Having Punk in the match doesn't hurt that either if you ask me. Second I gotta question why they didn't make it known that Ziggler didn't win the championship. I guess it does build to next week but at the same time it is rather odd. I'm glad they did this finish on Raw and not a ppv and I'm also really starting to like these Lauinaitis/Punk moments, the feuds getting some heat and they're finally putting something behind it rather than Punk taking little shots at Laurinaitis. 3.5/5 for the match, great stuff that would've been even better on a ppv, with a better ending (even though I was fine with it), and even some more time.

Match #5 - Bells vs. Kelly/Eve
Same old shit, different week. I beg WWE to give us something different. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm so tired of Kelly Kelly. The only saving grace in this match was Eve who is probably the best Diva among the eye candy divas (no I'm not including Beth/Eve so don't even start). With more improvement I think she can be the Trish Stratus of this generation, just give her some time. 1/5 for the match, literally nothing special. Also I want them to establish the Bellas as heels or faces. It seems like every week they're either heel or face and it's kind of annoying. I know the majority of the time they're heels but when they do face-like things shit gets confusing.

"I'm gonna beat you like a BITCH!" Punk for the fucking win!!! Also I'm really excited for these two to be on a ppv and for the title.

1/2/12 Reveal-
*Crosses fingers hoping it's not Taker* Lol @ this weird camera shake. We all knew it was coming but fuck it I'm glad. Although I will say that was the oddest return ever. I don't know what the point of him returning and not talking is. I mean I understand they want to make this special but we waited for 6 weeks and he can't say 1 word? Again I get they're going to a heel turn, from what it seems at least, but fuck it he can't just be traditional and shit on the fans? We wait 6 weeks to watching 10 minutes of him making the crowd cheer him, and then they start to boo him because he just leaves. Waste of time in my opinion...I guess at least he's back lol.

Match #6 - Cena/Show/Ryder vs. Swagger/Henry/Kane
Kind of a short match, nothing spectacular. A little odd that they're still going with Show/Henry, I feel like any heat that feud had is gone. 2/5 for the match, not really anything to remember. What people will remember is the finish. I've never been a fan of the supernatural stuff they do with Kane and Undertaker and tonight was no different. I understand why everything happened but I really wish they took a more realistic approach to things like this. Like we're supposed to believe a hole in the ring is an abyss and under the ring is Hell, ya know? Oh well, the stuff with Cena/Kane is still intriguing so I'll give it another chance next week.

Overall this weeks Raw was no different than any other. I feel like it opened up weak, picked up, and then died back off. We could've had a really good Raw but when it was all said and done it was lackluster to say the least. Even though I disagree with Cena haters I do have to say the show was better at the points in between when he was involved. As for Jericho I guess it goes to show that you can never invest too much in the product because more times than not it's going to be a disappointment. I understand they wanted to make him heel and knew he'd be cheered but we waited 6 weeks for him to show up and now we have to wait another week to hear anything from him and I feel that's a real slap in the face. Also I find it completely hilarious how Brodus Clay has YET to debut. I mean I'm not anxiously awaiting his debut but come on now this is can't pencil a 5 minute piece into the show?

*New Segment being added*
Highs of the Show-
R-Truth segments
Return of Y2J

Lows of the Show-
Jericho's disappointing return ( yes I'm aware he's also in the highs...)
Main Event/Aftermath

Until next time folks it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Deuces.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    actually this RAW really sucked.... I feel like WWE keeps stringing me along with "brodus clay next week" and " 1-2-12" videos for the last month, well, im done with the show. it fuckin sucks lol they no longer will get me to watch
  2. bearkg88's Avatar
    No offense, but I don't see what the big deal about Clay is. He hasnt really caught my eye, and everytime I hear he is coming to Raw, I'm just like..meh..whatever
  3. The Brown One's Avatar
    @RatedATB: You didn't like what they did with Kane and him "dragging Ryder into the abyss", yet many fans seemed to love when they pulled shit like that in the Attitude Era. Personally, it was an okay segment.

    What I found good on Raw this week was that Cena put on a good performance. He did an elbow drop and a dropkick. I know those are quite simple moves, but Cena did them well, and it's rare that we get to see him do stuff like that. He even made the match believable.

    See the Jericho threads for an explanation on why he didn't talk.

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