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ShowTime: The 3 most impressive WWE superstars of 2011

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Welcome to ShowTime Ladies and Gentleman this is my first Blog, however do not confuse me with any other amateurs because i know what im talking about. ShowTime is just a new concept in which i will be getting my views accross (and to grab your attention of course :]) anyways let's get this show started!

Alright first of i will be talking about 3 wrestlers in the order of how impressive and dominant they were during this year, with the lesser coming first.

And without further ado....

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph has come a long way, since being on the spirit squad as nicky, and being the intercontinental champion on smackdown. The first time i noticed Ziggler was when he was moved back to Raw and put under Vicky's wing. His appearences on Z! True Long Island Story had totally convinced me that he was one of the best if not the best heel in WWE. The whole Show-Off gimmick fitted him perfectly and what other way to push your superstars then to put them in matches with the likes of Randy Orton and CM Punk! But what really made me believe that Dolph is Main event material was the fact that he backed up his word every single match, with jaw dropping dropkicks and superb repeated elbows. His wrestling style would shut up the entire crowd. Then finally (and i mean finally) WWE took notice and they made him drop the US title to another man whom i will be talking about. And then they finally gave him the chance to move up into the Main event and tonight although he will most likely lose he will gives us one heck of a show!

And next....

Zack Ryder

His rise to fame is completely unique as he is the only person I can think of who got himself over without any help from WWE. Ryder was frustrated with not being used properly and not being given a chance to show what he is capable of, so he took a camera and started making videos. He uploaded these videos on YouTube as nothing more than something fun to do and to get his name out there a little. His sense of humor and Morrison-loving father endeared him to fans in a way people did not know he was capable of. His love for the business could be seen from how hard he tried to get over and what impressed me the most was his absolutely ridiculous catch phrase (WWWYKI !!!) his use of the question "Are you serious Bro?W and his overall unique image. For me it was a hard decision not to put him at the top, but there was one guy who definetly proved why he should be at the top.

So without further ado...(again)

CM Punk

CM Punk generated such a buzz, he made people talk about WWE again after years of boredom and absolutely nothing. He appealed with the shock value and kept everyone listening and watching, both with his voice and the way he wrestled. His series with Cena was one of the best of the last couple of years, and he continued to prove, regardless of opponent, that the WWE Champion could also be a terrific wrestler. He carried the company through 2011 and made wrestling "fun again", he was the catalyst of change. He overshadowed the entire Cena vs Rock fued in my opinion. Without a single doubt of my mind 2011 was CM Punks year for the taking!!

Thank you all for reading my blog (if anyone read it) and that's it for the debut of ShowTime!

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  1. nrb6304's Avatar
    good read bro, I'm gonna agree with you 100%
    If you go watch Ziggler vs. Edge from RR 2011, and then watch his match with Zack Ryder at TLC, you will see EXACTLY how much he's improved.
    Zack Ryder went from being just a random jobber in the Royal Rumble, to having his name chanted DURING the Rock's promo at the end of Survivor Series
    CM Punk....God
  2. Razor's Avatar
    Totally agree about Punk and Ziggler, Ziggles in particular has been amazing this year. He's well on his way to out perfecting Mr. Perfect, and I am fine with that. Can't wait for him to drop Vicky and fly solo!

    Zach Ryder... I gotta hand it to him, he's been amazing at promoting himself. As you said, the work he puts in to pushing himself, and the passion he has are evident. His guest shot with Wovlerine, I mean Hugh Jackman, was priceless. I just wish he'd get better in the ring, all of his match work seems very stiff to me, and even his matches with the amazing Ziggler were mostly lukewarm (good job of Ziggles putting him over though). If he puts the same effort into developing his ring work and expanding his move set in 2012 that he did in pushing his character in 2011, I think he could be a strong face for the 'E towards the end of the year. As it stands, I think he needs to get some ring work done quick or he'll find himself buried, and that would be a shame.
  3. Abs's Avatar
    @nrb6304 thanks man, i mean you gotta hand it to those guys they did the most this past year

    @Razor Exactly what im thinking, totally agree that his matches need a lot of work, but there's nothing you can't improve so lets hope he gets just as good in the ring!
  4. Abs's Avatar
    Really good blog UltimateOpportunist keep em coming
  5. UltimateOpportunist's Avatar
    Thank you all for reading and commenting, if there is anyone else who you think did well then please say so
  6. The Piper's Avatar
    I thought it was a nice blog, up until Zack...Why is everyone so behind on such a conformist douche? I am not in denial and I will not say he is a bad wrestler(I would be lying if I said he was), But he is just such a goddamn tool!
  7. knox's Avatar
    very good read man. I agree completely I wouldn't change a thing.

    If we made this a top 5 list mine would be,

    1. Zack Ryder - saved his career via youtube = impressive
    2. Dolph Ziggler - went from Chavo's caddie, to a male cheerleader, to a maineventer
    3. Cm Punk - changed the face of wrestling with the "Vegas Shoot"
    4. R-Truth - a very funny heel...something we haven't seen since Kurt Angle
    5. Christian - won the big one after 17years and proved he can work5 stars matches with ease

    Great read bro and I couldn't agree more about Johnny Ace lol remember when he said "I'm Mr. Excitement" lol I almost fell out my chair in laughter
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