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Christian in 2011 and 2012

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Happy 2012 peeps! With a calender comes new year resolutions.
1 of mine is easily blog more. I really enjoy reviewing games, books, movies, sports and shows. So why not start now then!

In this blog i'm going to talk about the WWE Superstar Christian and what type of year he had in 2011 and what may follow for 2012.

So for those who didn't know. Christian suffered a pectoral injury (The injury Cena got in '07) which took him out from around August 2010 and came back in Febuary at the Elimination Chamber to save his broski Edge from Del Rio. It was a pretty good return. Well I mean it was better then D'Lo Browns return a few years back. Remember that? Didn't think so. (Don't worry, Brown got the biggest pop at Bound For Glory when he came out to stop Hardy and Jarrett brawling Stay classy TNA)

Anywhoo, 1 of his first matches back would be a steel cage match against Del Rio. It was a very good match and he got his revenge for "Injuring" (Wink wink nudge nudge) him in August. All was well in wellville.

He then would be in Edges corner for his WrestleMania match against Del Rio and although the major flaws of:

- Del Rio winning the Royal Rumble, which is supposed to give you the main event spot to WrestleMania, but opening the show
- Having Edge try to vandalise ADRs car
- Brodus Clay (Who is supposed to make his Raw debut tonight again...again..again again. :S)

It was good to have Christian by Edges side in the last match Edge will wrestle.

With Edge vacating the World Heavyweight Championship. This lead to Christian vs Del Rio in a ladder match at Extreme Rules. This match was brilliant. Finally Christian after 17 years, was on top of the mountain! He made his dreams a reality! He was unstoppa--SUDDENLY ORTON!

Probably the most annoying thing about Smackdown this year for me was making Christian lose it at the next Smackdown. I mean, let a face Christian roll with the ball for a few weeks. Never know, might of worked.

Christian would then begin a feud against the legend kill--err..The Vipe---um..The Apex Predi---Fuck sake Orton! Pick a fucking nickname and stick with it!

This feud was the best feud all year round in wrestling. The 2 good feuds of 2011 from WWE were Punk vs Cena and this 1 (Which were at the same time too, which made Money in the Bank PPV 1 to remember, but i've already blogged about that[/shamelessplug]).

Although Christian would never win a 1-on-1 match by pinfall. These series of matches set a great standard of technical wrestling and only got better and better. Sadly, Orton would become a 4 billionth time champion and he went on to battle some Sexual Chocolate.

What happened to Christian?

Good question reader! Well, after this great feud he proceeded to job to Sheamus in every match ever. No seriously, I missed a few Smackdowns and Raws in 2011 but I can't remember Sheamus losing to Christian 1-on-1. Don't get me wrong, I like Sheamus but the feud they had could've been a lot better if Christian won a few...or...y'know. 1.

Sadly this ends his year since on a european tour match, Christian injured his Ankle. Sad times indeed, although I think he's just waiting for his return now then healing.

Overall this year, for me, Christian has not had 1 bad or boring match. He has been very consistent in all his matches this year and has put on some great matches all year round. Don't get me wrong here, a few wrestlers have also such as Ziggler, Orton and Rhodes. But Christian made me really get behind him in his match against Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship. Which is hard to accomplish these days.

So what does the future hold for the veteran? Well, as a Peep. The Royal Rumble is soon! Plus I am totally down for a Christian vs Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship! Sadly, I seriously doubt he will win the Rumble or face Bryan. I'm honestly just hoping for more great matches and decent feuds since he's lost quite a bit of his momentum from around June-ish time. I can still happily say: If I do buy the fast approaching WrestleMania. It's definately not for Cena vs. Rock. It'll be for the 2 main event titles and whatever Christian is doing.

I hope you enjoyed reading the brief summaries of what Christian has done and what could happen this year for Captain Charisma. Also I hoped you agreed with the few points I did put up. If you didn't then well...I apologise for wasting your time, no really I am. That wasn't my intention whatsoever. I'll happily give you a hug if it'll make you feel better

Anyway, have a good start to the year everyone and I hope you continue reading Vanitys blogs.

~ Van Hooligan X ~

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  1. Jags's Avatar
    I agree with this idea being the big peep that I am. I'm rooting for Christian in the Royal Rumble.
  2. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Nice read chief! I would like to see him flitting around the ME scene, upon his return. I just don't think the 'E' has as much faith in Christian being a Main Eventer, as many others do!
  3. Steve Austin's Avatar
    That was absolutely terrible! Nice overview of Christians year Van my man, very good stuff. I really hope another World Title reign is coming but I can't see it, I always liked Christian more than Edge. Anyway good blog Nagilooh, you're officially the best blogger in the UK
  4. Shining Light's Avatar
    You didn't waste my time, but I'll take the hug anyway Great blog Van, I agree with everything you said. Christian is a highly respected veteran and has worked his arse off for the WWE, he deserves some respect and a reward for doing so!
  5. UltimateOpportunist's Avatar
    Good read, sad that Christian didn't get enough time as world champ and that he's been injured. Hope he's back with a huge bang into the main event scene!!
  6. Destruction's Avatar
    Great read van, just 1 thing, Christian got injured in Aug 2010
  7. notSheamus's Avatar
    "He was unstoppa--SUDDENLY ORTON!" love it. good job, keep it up!
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