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Defending The Wrestlers Most Attacked by the IWC

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I read comment boards, Blogs and Post by IWC and What I seemed to notice is alot of wrestlers get unfair backlash that most of the time is unwarranted.

The IWC has alot of points but they seem to unfairly put these certain wrestlers under a microscope, Also over exaggerate on how bad they are and anything enjoyable that they have done such as a match or promo they usually just call it luck or them being carried. Get get no credit and a overwhelming amount of Backlash. These are the IWC's Most hated men.

I think of all the wrestlers on this list or possibly ever, John Cena gets the most hatred by the IWC. The mere mention of anything positive about Cena gets a rally of IWC fans with torches and pitch forks..... The IWC has some valid points about Cena but it is taken to extremes at points.

The most common complaint is Cena cant Wrestle and has bad matches. Now I agree Cena is a terrible technical Wrestler, even his side headlocks look akward. Cena trys to mat or technical wrestle but it just looks bad and poorly performed. But to Say Cenas matches are bad is just being biased and unintelligent. To be the Worst performer in wrestling or wrestling history you would not have several classic matches on your resume, as a matter of fact John Cena has more MOTYC and MOTY then most in WWE and TNA... Just look at some of the matches Cena has had in the last 7 years.

vs HBK Raw from England

vs Punk MITB

vs Batista at Wrestlemania 26

vs Edge TLC match

vs HBK vs Orton vs Edge Backlash

vs Kurt Angle vs HBK taboo tuesday

vs Edge vs HHH

The list Goes on and On, Cena has had Multiple Classic matches with HBK, CM Punk and Batista. as a matter of Fact Cena very rarly has a bad match. Look at most his matches, even when he is in the Ring with Great Khali or Bobby Lashly he is still able to have a watchable or good match.

People like CM Punk have said that their best matches were against John Cena. Cenas matches and Cena as a wrestler are apprciated by all the greats of the business from HBK, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, CM Punk, Mick Foley, Randy Orton, HHH, Undertaker, Ric Flair and Harley Race, Those are just a few. All those men have come out and said they respects Cenas work in the ring and outside the ring.

The only people that are really critical of Cenas work are low level workers that are attention starved like Michael Tarver and Chavo Guerrero.

Is Cena the best Ever? No Way, but is Cena the worst thing to happen to wrestling like Every one claims? Not even close .... I enjoy alot of Cenas matches, His character annoys me sometime and Iam tired of Cena in the main event of a PPV but I'm not gonna call him the worst thing to happen to wrestling or a terrible performer after all the great matches he has had, All the Great moments in wrestling he has given and all the hard work he has put in to the WWE. It would just make me look like a idiot to bypass that and ignore all those accomplishments.

The Warriors antics of the past 15 years or so have been questionable, The man now know simply has the Warrior Legally has become psychotic, insane and a complet joke. The Ultimate Warrior the wrestler and performer gets alot of harsh Criticism, in all fairness he doesnt deserve.

The Warrior is not meant to be a technical masterpiece, but he had a unique character, Great look and a appeal that caught people attention. He didnt have the best matches and his move set was very sad to say the least but he had such a dominace in his matches.... Most fans believe if you put some big huge muscled up guy in the ring and have him destroy his opponents that no matter what they will get over. and that is not true at all. cause the WWE has tried that millions of times. People like Zeke Jackson, Bobby Lashley, Great Khali and Crimson were recently all dominating matches and squashing opponents in seconds and all have failed to get over, Let alone to the extent of the Warrior.

It isnt that easy, The person in the ring has to have that "IT" Factor and Warrior did. Sure his title run was lackluster but Warrior left a mark on wrestling and he has had some great matches and some of the all time classic moment and feuds. His WM Matches with Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan are some of the best Wrestlemania matches you will see. The moments he had with Hogan leading up to their WM6 meeting sent chills up your spine and still will today 22 years later.

I think Warrior deserves some of the Backlash he gets cause he wasnt a great wrestler and he did fail to carry the company when given the chance. but not to the extent the IWC does it. Even the Great Daniel Bryan has said that the Warrior was his favorite Wrestler Growing up.

Sid Isnt the greatest performer but he is a monster, If you want to know what a perfect look for a wrestler is, look no further than Sid. Sid is someone that without saying a word or moving a muscle can get the crowds atttention. People are drawn to Sid, Look at the over whelming responce he got in his last WWF and WCW runs, The people demanded Sid be in the top spot. Even the Smart fans like NY and Philly went crazy for Sid. When he picked up a mic you really thought this man was a Psycho, He didnt look like he was acting.

Sid has had alot of the IWC give him alot of crap, Sid wasnt a great performer but he had some decent matches and a dominating move set, his Boot, Choke Slam and Power Bomb was done perfrectly and looked incredible, too bad thats all he really had but he used it well.

Sid has a Great pesence about him that just draws people in. He deserves alot more respect than he gets.

Final Thoughts
I just dont understand how People will bad mouth Cena or a Warrior for not having good matches but priase a Chavo Guerrero for being a great worker when Honestly I have never seen a outstanding Chavo guerrero match, he has had some decent ones but nothing stands out. Chavo has been around the world and has face the greatest in ring performers multiple times and still hasnt had that awesome stand out match. Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and Chavo also had the best Crusierweights in the world in WCW such as Kiddman, Ultimo Dragon, juvi and Psycohisis and Still Chavo in almost 20 years has yet to have a memorable match. but The IWC considereds him a Great worker but Cena who has had several classics and MOTYC is considered the worst wrestler? it makes no sence.

Who I consider Horrible in ring performers are a Great Khali, Andre the Giant, Honkey Tonk Man, Orlando Jordan, Brutus Beefcake, Hacksaw Jim duggan (I never seen his early stuff in mid south). they are many more, These m,en are not the worst Wrestlers. they are many more out there..... JBL has had soem horrible matches also, maybe 3 watchable matches but Cena has had classics and gets pissed on.

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  1. Jags's Avatar
    The Ultimate Warrior & Sid weren't really in my time, so I will not stick my nose in the critics those two have.

    Although on the part of John Cena it almost seems like it's cool to hate Cena, hearing the most dumb arguments I've ever seen. My IQ instantly drops just reading those arguments.

    I think people are just sick of it the WWE has been force-feeding Cena to the people because of the money he drawed. I also understand that the matches of John Cena has become very predictable, that's the current problem. The WWE lacks heels that can get a win over their top faces in a clean way.

    What people don't realise is that they slowed Cena down, he's not in the title picture at the moment and he didn't appear at the TLC PPV.

    He CAN wrestle and he CAN entertain. How many times I've heard the chant "You can't wrestle" and Cena pulls of a move nobody saw coming, even though it can be as simple as a monkey flip it was unpredictable and well-executed. The response:'You still suck' , it's just seems cool to boo the man.
  2. nrb6304's Avatar
    I think people are just sick of it the WWE has been force-feeding Cena to the people because of the money he drawed.
    it's just seems cool to boo the man
    Quoted for truth.
  3. Dubs's Avatar
    Great blog Crips. I don't understand how people can say Cena can't wrestle. Sure, he isn't the best technical wrestler but since when does being technical define you as a great wrestler? They claim Cena can't wrestle, yet, fail to mention the classic matches he had. Its pretty much a cool thing to hate John Cena with some people. You're gonna see people start to find every little thing to complain about CM Punk too, just like people complained about Stone Cold and The Rock back in the day. Too much hipsters these days.

    As for The Ultimate Warrior and Sid, I was a big mark for The Ultimate Warrior just because I thought his character was cool but Sid, I always thought he was boring to me.
    Updated 01-02-2012 at 01:07 PM by Dubs
  4. UltimateOpportunist's Avatar
    Great post, Haters just love to hate so even if he did the three amigo's and then a moonsault they would boo him, as Jags said, they are simply Cena haters
  5. PrimusSucks's Avatar
    I agree on all points, Cena is actually a great wrestler, he is unorthidox in his style, I see a lot of late 90's Steve Austin in his style, where he isn't a great technical wrestler, or mat based guy but can still have great matches with anyone, because of his psychology.

    Warrior is an enigma, the mystery of that man captivated crowds and his energy is off the charts, the reactions he received were tremendous and well deserved.

    Sid was great too, if you watch the 1992 Royal Rumble before it was edited you see that the crowd cheers wildly when Sid eliminates Hulk Hogan, then boos when Hogan lets Ric Flair eliminate Sid, a lot of people haven't seen that footage in its original form and it is lost for that reason.

    Now I agreed with you until the end, Andre The Giant was a great in ring performer, if you just ignore his work after 1980 then you have an athletic, graceful, and powerful big man. The reason that doesn't show in his 80's work is because he was in a massive amount of pain, because of his disease Acromegaly.
  6. f408m's Avatar
    Great post, I for one love Cena, I mean the guy used to wrestle in Jorts (jean-shorts). He's a different mixture, he's buff, but he's not insanely big, he does power moves, but he also flies of the top rope. There are always going to be haters, the guy constantly salutes the U.S. Army and he still gets boo'ed. Force fed, sure but people aren't really thinking of what sells and what helps the company grow. Cena not in the main event, ratings drop. I love CM Punk and Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder, but people everywhere (not just indy fans) LOVE CENA and people will hate that. Just cause. I don't know why. completely baffles my noggin
  7. Foxcat66's Avatar
    good blog, i understand where your coming from, but nonetheless, The Ultimate Warrior doesn't help himself by thinking the industry owes him, same with Goldberg, the industry is bigger than everyone and these guys need to realise that they were just a chapter in the history they each entertained massive amounts of people (not me however) in their own time, and not something that people need to talk about every single day
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