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1/2/12 - Decrypting the Underlying Message

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First Let’s talk about the setting, it’s very dark and very gloomy which suggest it’s a dark presence is coming to the WWE, I don’t however think it’s the Undertaker as he is 19-0 at Wrestlemania and it seems like this presence is out for revenge. It’s very dark and mysteries, if you look at Undertaker promo from last year it was just a shed but this year it’s more than that. The setting, the fact it’s in black and white suggests that its will really change the WWE.

Let’s now look at the boy and the girl, they are completely the opposite, the girl is playing while the boy studies, he drops the ball and she runs with it, she follows him. She wants to do what he does but she can’t so she throws the book away. This suggests that there is a relationship between the person and people returning with them or with someone in the WWE.

The words used, the global which is always in the shot, it could mean very different things, and I don’t think the words have any significant apart from one. I believe I heard “merger”.

So who do I think it is:

The return of WCW- A familiar force shall return, this would actually change the WWE and who will lead it well none other than Rey Mysterio. Think about it, He is sick and tired about how he isn’t considered a main eventer after all he has done for the WWE, the fact that his last WWE reign lasted not even an episode of raw. He could be sick and tired of his treatment so he decides to take get the boys back together so that they can take what is theirs. The WWE taking over WCW was done very quickly and the stars of WCW felt out of place. Could it be their turn to take back what its theirs. Could we have WWE vs. WCW. The WWE has been selling WCW merchandising and they even returned the website.

Sting- The reason he didn’t end up at WWE when WCW was taken over was the treatment that the WCW stars got. But look at them now, some of them have left a massive impact such as Rey Mysterio, Booker T and Nash to list a few. He felt that he was cheated out of this and to make up for it he wants to take on the biggest star of the WWE the Undertaker at Wrestlemania to have a chance at making his own impact by trying to beat the Taker. This would be a great match and story line.

Shane O’Mac – if I remember correctly he was the one who took over WCW (storyline wise) and that the fact that a McMahon isn’t running WWE must make his blood boil after everything he has done for the company. Therefore He is out for revenge to take back what he is as he is the heir to the throne not Triple H. Cornette said that the WWE is in trouble when McMahon retires and he talks about Triple H not having the ability to run the WWE. Step in Shane O’Mac
Step in Shane O’Mac, taking over the WWE and this is I believe the most realistic explanation as Shane has something to reclaim and the WWE is rightfully his.

Chris Jericho – Have you realised that CM Punk has been stealing Jericho’s Moves, the way that Jericho use to cut promos and the fact that the girl copies the boy but it’s no use, she can’t copy his success and she throws his book away. This with the globe leads to CM punk best in the world with Jericho I’m the best in the world at what I do. Jericho has come back to reclaim the best wrestler in the world. This would be awesome

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  1. Razor's Avatar
    It'd be pretty amazing if it was Sting, since he's the on screen GM of TNA and had a tag match 2 weeks ago w/ Jeff Hardy... no way at all man.
  2. HungOver's Avatar
    Well looks like the guessing game is over.Jericho was spotted at Memphis Airport waiting for luggage.Although we where hoping for something else(personally i was hoping it was Shane and Steph) don't be surprised to see the video appear during a CM Punk interview,lights go out and here comes Jericho
  3. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    it always was jericho lol the spoiler came out like a month ago, not sure why there are a hundred blogs about it
  4. ELNIOJR's Avatar
    This can only be one man: Branden Walker. I miss that backstage segment with Matt Hardy.
  5. UltimateOpportunist's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestlinfan608
    it always was jericho lol the spoiler came out like a month ago, not sure why there are a hundred blogs about it
    lol yes it has but i said it before everyone wants to make 1 blog on tonights show
  6. UltimateOpportunist's Avatar
    Sorry but your living a fantasy dude, WCW is no more and it is pretty obviously Jericho!
  7. Bane of Balin's Avatar
    On the note with Rey Mysterio leading WCW to a glorious return: are you toking up with Matt Hardy? Mysterio was treated WAY worse in WCW than he was in the WWF/E. And what "boys" would he join up with?? Nash and Hogan were the REASON he was treated like shit, Booker T is getting good treatment by the WWE and has no reason to "rebel" in any way, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero are gone, Jericho was treated MUCH better in the WWF/E as well, and Dean Malenko isn't an onscreen character anymore. Juventud Guerrera might be the only one who would have a gripe, and seriously WWE would never bring him back in. Out of all of your ideas, only Jericho made any sense at all, and it's been known it was him all along (as has been said). Yawn, next.
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