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Future Champions 2012

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Another year is upon us and I was just looking at who carried the two big titles in the WWE this year from people to the Miz to the obvious John Cena. This year also saw the people get what they wanted as Daniel Bryan is the current World Heavyweight Champion but for how long remains to be seen. Hopefully, they will give him a lengthy run and show the title some prestige that it actually deserves. Leading up to this I want to know who you would like to see lift the titles in 2012, who would you trust to carry your company as the top tier champs of the WWE.

For Obvious reason, I won’t include John Cena, Randy Orton or CM Punk as they are the top 3 wrestlers in the WWE today, and would be pointless for me to write and you to read.

My top picks:

Wade Barrett:
I think Wade has the potential to be the first British born World/WWE champion in WWE History, Given he is in the main event seen right now and storyline wise taking out Randy Orton, there appears to be a space for a new top tier star on the Smackdown brand and maybe at some point a run as a number one contender before a world run itself. I see Wade finally getting a shot in 2012.

Shamus: A former WWE Champion
Given that the reaction Shamus is getting from the crowds, I think it’s safe to say that Shamus will be getting a Title shot at some point; I can kind of see him winning the royal rumble as well. With a Character that works well, as a both a heel and a face Shamus is a star of the future in the WWE.

Cody Rhodes:
This guy has had an amazing year in the WWE, and has gone far past my personal expectations of where his character could go. The way the creative team has booked him on Smackdown is a credit to what these people can actually do, when they put a little effort into their character development. And i for one would love to see Cody as a future World Heavyweight champion. My only fear is that he’ll be ‘drafted over to raw’ after Wrestlemania, and all that development will get stuck in the mid card section of Monday Night RAW.

The Miz: A Former WWE Champion
Love this guy or hate him, you can see he works his ass off for the company, and I truly believe that he deserves a shot at ‘The World Heavyweight Championship’ That’s right, I believe The Miz will shine like never before if he can be the top card and he can be on the Smackdown brand with Orton of the brand for several months, Smackdown needs some star power and I feel the Miz can carry that brand along with Wade and Shamus, Leaving RAW to Alberto, John Ziggler and Punk.

Alberto Del Rio:
This guy is another Former WWE Champ, and is certain to get another shot between now and December 2012, with a little more faith in his abilities, the Creative team of RAW and Vince McMahon could have the next JBL (Not that I think he ever will be as good). Have this guy establish himself as one of the top heel characters on Monday Night RAW.

There you go guys please leave your top choices and opinions.

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  1. searle's Avatar
    Kind of agree with u with daniel bryan, he is a great wrestler but hes so boring on the mic, if miz did go to smackdown, that could be interesting feud, miz is great on mic, he would help DB out, the only 1 i can think of that you've left out is dolph ziggler, i think hes guaranteed WHC run in 2012, think u mite be right with sheamus, i was thinking definately thinking either him, barrett or ziggler for rumble.

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