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5 Bad Gimmicks Gone Good/5 Good Gimmicks Gone Bad

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Hey guys Knox here wishing you all a Happy New Year. I gotta blog on some of the best gimmicks I've seen in a while. I'll lay down 5 horrible gimmicks that ended up being successful. And 5 Good Gimmicks that ended up horrible. This will be fun.

5 Bad Gimmicks Gone Good:

5. Roddy Piper - Scottish Gimmick
Ordinarily a man running around in a skirt and a microphone is a bad thing in any stretch of the imagination but not with Piper. Piper took this gimmick and took it to extreme heights. As many of you know Piper is my favorite guy from the 80s and will always go down as the greatest to never win the big one.

4. John Cena - Heel Rapper
Now I have no issue with white rappers. As a matter of fact my favorite rapper and who I consider the greatest of all time is Eminem. Eminem inspired me to write poetry at the age of 12 to release anger and because of him I turned it into music to present time.

But in the wrestling world, a white rapper gimmick just screams disaster but not with John Cena. He was given that gimmick and actually delivered many great memories with it. He lyrically embarrassed guys like Kurt Angle, The Big Show, Rikishi, Rey Mysterio and many others. That gimmick was just so easy to fail with but Cena made that gimmick work and the fans took him serious.

3. The Undertaker - Deadman Gimmick
I always hated every Undertaker gimmick but I love the Undertaker as a wrestler and hard worker but this gimmick has brought him plenty success and here is the reason.

This gimmick has been successful because they allowed the gimmick to change with the times. At first he was wearing a trench coat and a shirt and tie. Later on he began to wear the suit of armor. Around the late 90s he debuted the Ministry of Darkness gimmick. Then led himself into a totally different gimmick which was the Badass gimmick with the motorcycle. Slowly after he repeated his old gimmicks which made such a lame gimmick work. I will always have the utmost respect for the Undertaker for making this gimmick work. Imagine if Undertaker was the egg and Kevin Nash was the Undertaker lol.

2. Dustin Rhodes - Goldust
This might be the most foolish gimmick ever but Dustin made this perfection. He was literally a show to watch every monday back in the late 90s. I mean his promos were some of the most sadistic and amazing promos in the history. Only one man could pull this off and he was his best as a heel. Ofcourse you wouldn't expect a World title run with this gimmick but the fact that he was given the Intercontinental Title numerous times with this gimmick was amazing. When he debuted this gimmick I didn't think he'd last two weeks.

1. Mick Foley - Mankind Gimmick
This gimmick was just sick. Once again only a guy like Mick could pull this off. To this day on everything I love, Mankind winning the WWF Championship back in 99' against the Rock was the most unexpected title reign of all time.

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5 Good Gimmicks Gone Bad:

5. Shelton Benjamin - The Gold Standard
He dyed his hair gold and even had a special promo every week right before his music hit. The whole IWC just knew that the Gold Standard equaled World Heavyweight Champion but instead it equaled United States Champion.

Either way Shelton played his part to perfection. He literally improved his promo ability 100% as a heel with this gimmick. He was a great United States champ that won the majority of his matches fairly.

I still pinch myself thinking I'm dreaming because he didn't win the big one with this gimmick. I really wish he was still with the WWE.

4. Mike Rotunda - Mr. I.R.S.
Talk about a great heel. Who in the world likes the tax people. This was a very creative gimmick and Rotunda played his part well. The bookers ruined this gimmick. He could've took this gimmick to great heights.

3. Jack Swagger - All American American
I think the natural gimmicks always work the best. Swagger really is a 2 time All American. Yeah his gimmick is very similar to Kurt Angle's but I still think this gimmick could've worked. He was a breath of fresh air when he debuted on ECW and actually brought them some ratings.

He was thrown to the wolves on Raw and actually looked so good that they decided to give him the MITB and let him win the title the very next Smackdown.


Bad booking on the WWE's part. It was so random how he was a Raw Superstar yet he cashes in on Smackdown on another fellow heel Chris Jericho. What made his run awkward is that Jericho didn't even get a rematch because the WWE was scared to pull a heel vs heel feud.

So now they thrown Swagger in a random championship match against Orton at Extreme Rules 2009 in which I was in attendance and everyone there was just very dead for their match.

The reason Sheamus was successful is because he randomly took the title from the top guy John Cena. Any feud involving Cena is going to draw and that's what led Sheamus to having such a great career.

Swagger on the other hand was thrown into random feuds and booked to look like a weak World Champion by cheating in every match. The fall of this gimmick was not Swagger's fault at all. This had nothing to do with him, it was poor booking.

2. Drew McCintyre - The Chosen One
Man oh man is this guy good. He came in and took us by storm. He was given the chosen one by McMahon gimmick. How could you go wrong? POOR WRITING ONCE AGAIN. Why is it that they killed his career so bad and don't give me that Tiffany excuse.

Drew had every single trait a person needed to succeed in this business. The perfect gimmick, the accent, the mic skills, the brash in ring style. He literally reminded me so much of Randy Orton with his in-ring style and his slow entrance and they also have very similar music.

2012 must be the year of McCintyre. They must bring him back into the title picture or atleast give him relevance once again. I got all the faith in the world in Drew.

1. Ted Dibiase Jr. - The Million Dollar Son
First of I don't like when they book 2nd generation stars to have the same gimmick as their father. People like The Rock, Orton & Cody Rhodes are successful because they are nothing like their father's. But they gave Dibiase Jr. the same gimmick as his dad but they did nothing to utilize to gimmick.

I think when Dibiase Jr. brought back the Million Dollar Title and had Maryse as his eye candy and still used the original "Its a New Day" theme that he was going to find success.

Out of nowhere they changed his music to "I Come From Money". They took Maryse from him. They also took away anything involving money from his gimmick. Hell he wrestles in red trunks. He has a money gimmick but does nothing involving money any longer.

I always been a huge Dibiase guy so hopefully this face turn does something good for him. I think he needs a totally new gimmick and new theme music. He was screwed when they gave him the same gimmick as his father I mean they already have the same damn name lol.

Thank you all for reading this blog. Please leave feedback and let me know yoru lists as well. Thanks and happy New Year once again.

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  1. Shaz11's Avatar
    Nice blog there, Eminem is also my favourite artist, in front of 2Pac

    Besides that, Swagger was booked very weakly but you know WWE, heels are booked very weakly! Except Mark Henry!
  2. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    Good gone bad was anyone other than Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson and either Ole Anderson, Barry Windham or Lex Luger as the Four Horsemen.

    How Bad staying Bad... Any kevin Nash character other than Diesel, Booger, Boogie Man, Santino, Red Rooster, Eugene, That electric ice guy on WCW, Adrian Street, how 'bout Hulk Hogan?

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