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1-2-12: Examining the Possibilities Part-1

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Hey there, EWN. Name's BigDawgXIV. Long time WWE Fan, Long Time EWN reader, 1st blog I write, so forgive me for any mishaps I may commit.

Anywhoozies, The EWN has been clearly buzzing over who the F*&# is gonna return to the WWE in two days time.I will examine the possibilities and voice my opinion on how can each be best utilized by the WWE. (Or How Would I Book It Cause WWE Bookers are Mostly Idiots.) Now, let's meet the candidates:

1- Undertaker: WWE's favourite mystery man. The Phenom. The Deadman. The Ultimate Legend. 19-0 at WM. WWE seem to LOVE to promote his return everytime he's out. He's by far the most predictable one to return in 2 days.

How The WWE Can Utilise: We All Know that When Taker's back at the start of the year, it's all about the streak. Now a WM27 rematch with HHH in WM28 is a nice little way for the 20-0 and the retirement, & Kane vs Taker 3 would certainly be a great match to add to an already HUGE WM. However, I'd prefer to see a legend being made with another being faded away. Bring In Wade Barrett. Responsible for Burying Alive Taker over a year ago, Barrett interrupts the return of Taker and Wastelands him. WWE should make Barrett to be the huge threat that he should be: Weapon and Non-Weapon attacks, Mind-Games, whatever. Make Barrett look like he might win without overly weakening Taker. Then @ WM, they should have an epic No DQ match, with Wade dominating on 70% of the match. Then, after two wastelands (one on a chair), Wade goes for the 3rd, only for Taker to counter into the BIGGEST Tombstone You can ever see, count the 3, then taker collapses to the ground. The Streak is Alive, yet The Deadman is...dead. Wade Barrett has effectively ended Taker's career and become a legitimate threat to ANY Champion.

2- Chris Jericho: The EWN's pick to be the returning star. He came to Memphis on Friday, where 1-2-12's Raw will be, so the possibility is increasing.

How The WWE Can Utilise: The "Best In The World" Title Match was over examined by EWN members and proven to be a likely and successful potential feud. However, another possibility is the following: The Girl distracting The Kid could be the girl he loves, The Woman he wants back. Y2J has been shown to have feelings for Steph in the past. The globe could be the World, or ruling it. + Steph is shown to be training. So & 1-2-2012, Y2J interrupts the COO & The Returning Steph to announce that He shall commence on a quest, a quest to become the n.1 figure in the WWE, and win back Steph's heart. Things start fine and dandy until The Royal Rumble: HHH vs Y2J 1: Steph accidentally costs HHH the match. Y2J wins and winks Steph with a You Know You Want Me Look. HHH is furious yet forgiving, for now. However, problems start to arise between HHH and his wife, and on week 4 Steph Files For Divorce. At EC we get the rematch of the RR match. HHH and Steph seems to have made up, but once HHH sets up Y2J for a pedigree Steph low-blows HHH. The Referee can't stop the match since Steph IS Vince's daughter. Codebreaker and Walls Of Jericho, Montreal Screwjob all over again. HHH is fired and Y2J is the new COO. For 2 weeks, Y2J wrecks EWN-approved on the WWE, until HHH returns, takes out Y2J and DESTROYS Stephanie with A Pedigree Onto Two-Sitting Positioned-Chairs opposing each other. At WM, It's Y2J vs HHH for The COO position. HHH wins despite interference from Steph, due to Vince siding with HHH. Vince then screws HHH and fires him from COO spot, while re-taking control of the WWE, leading to a full-edged McMahon Feud.

3- Brock Lesnar: WWE,IWGP & UFC World Champion. The Pain. The Big Thing. Despite his health problems and his hatred of the WWE lifestyle, he is touted to be the mystery returning one by many EWNers. Personally I'd mark out if I see him in the WWE.

How The WWE Can Utilise: We all know what everyone wants. Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker. However, I'd wanna ease Brock into the main event. Have Swagger put up an Amatuer Wrestling Challenge. After taking out two hometowners with ease, the 1-2-12 promo plays and...Metallica's Enter Sandman Plays. People would think SANDMAN? Epic FAIL! Give it a few seconds then Lesnar comes out with UFC wear. Makes short work of Swaggy. F5 to sweeten the deal. In the weeks to come, Trade attacks with Swagger-Vickie. Finally at the RR Swagger vs Lesnar takes place. Make Swagger look good, but have Lesnar win on a close one. This gives Lesnar credit while giving Swagger credibility, along with a lengthly RR appearance. Next Up: Dolph. Vickie's greatest asset. After Dolph loses EC qualification match, he attacks Brock, messing up his chances. Similar situation as Swagger feud, but make things more intense & more physical. By EC, Dolph should face Lesnar in a No DQ type match, N.1 Cont'd for WWE Title. Again, Lesnar wins with credible performance by Dolph,only losing due to Vickie. Enough reason for Dolph to drop Vickie and go solo, where we can see what he's really made of. Lesnar goes on to face none other than EWN darling CM Punk, in a PURE Wrestling Match, Japan or ROH style. Make it to be as real as possible. With both having MMA backgrounds (Wrestling vs Muay Thai), the match would intruiging and truly exhibiting both of these guys' abilities.

This Is Part 1 Of The Examination. Look Out For Part 2 Tomorrow at similar timing. Please comment and give me your thoughts, the more constructive the better. Good Night (Or Day, depending on where you're at) and Good Luck.

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  1. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    I am afaid it is all gonna be a big let a Cena Heel turn or Shane McMahon reurning to take control of RAW as the General Manager!

    If it is Jericho, I earlier projected, a Punk loss to Ziggles as the vignette plays, no one comes out and Ziggles gets the roll up. Later Jericho claims to be the best at what he does and instantly becomes snarled in a #1 contender feud with Punk!
  2. blink's Avatar
    This blog sucked balls
  3. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    read this same blog every day for the last two weeks
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Everyone has speculations. And while it's great to see new ideas and other people's take on what's going to happen tomorrow, all three of these are very far-fetched. I don't know who it's going to be. Much of what is reported is really pointing toward Jericho. And if it is Jericho, I don't see the whole HHH/Stephanie thing. Good ideas though.
  5. The Brown One's Avatar
    Nice blog fella. The Jericho - Triple H seemed a bit farfetched, since both Jericho and Trips are married. I like the Barrett one a lot though. It makes more sense than many of the ideas people have put forward for Taker's final match.
  6. UltimateOpportunist's Avatar
    Lol Yea told you that everyone thinks they should make one!!!
  7. LazinessDistrust&Villainy's Avatar
    I really liked the part that you mentioned about Wade Barrett. Whether people like him or not, from the start he has shown that he is not afraid to face the toughest opponents in the WWE and could become a legitimate threat to the most prominent WWE Superstars as he has done in the past with Cena and now with Orton. I really do not want to see another HHH vs Taker match this April imho, so I liked that you found a way to distract HHH by having Jericho get into his head. Good job!

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