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If Brock Lesnar Ever Did Return...

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I've seen a lot of blogs and forum posts about this already but there's a few problems with the ideas and theories people are coming out pertaining to who he should feud with. I'll deduct who I personally believe he should feud with at the end of the blog.

CM Punk

This is highly unlikely mainly because Brock Lesnar was an unstoppable machine at one point matched by Bill Goldberg in feuds with Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. The reason this would never happen is because although he was pushed a lot and even had ol' Paul as his manager for a while I still can't say that he succeeded Chris Jericho. If the E can pull Jericho to their side why would they bring Brock Lesnar to face CM Punk, that'd just be sub-standards for their booking.

John Cena

Now this is arguable because Cena has faced Brock Lesnar before (however that was before all of Cena's work got watered down and he was still doing the whole Thuganomics gimmick before Super-Cena walked in.) So it really depends if the E wants to bring back Thuganomics Cena who wasn't really a heel so to speak with his gimmick was more of a Tweener... but did have some heel patches.

Wade Barrett

This'd be nice and a very big push for Wade Barrett. I don't need to explain why but if Brock came back as a face and Wade Barrett took him out, that'd be pretty awesome.


This is who I personally believe would be the best choice and most likely. Let's think about it Sheamus had a good run as a heel got a decent push got the title and was suddenly left to float around during his turn as a face. If Brock Lesnar came back could you imagine the push and credit Sheamus would get for betraying our judgement, turning heel and screwing Brock Lesnar? I know both were based around raw, ruthless power-houses in their respective heel runs. But could you see it, heel Lesnar vs heel Sheamus; or even face Lesnar vs heel Sheamus.

Not only would it cover what Sheamus has been missing out on recently and giving him the push, but the matches themselves would be main-event material. Understandably their ring-work might need a second-thought but Lesnar just finished with UFC and Sheamus is peering towards his prime. I can imagine Lesnar coming out to congratulate or meet with Sheamus. Sheamus grabbing the microphone, and saying "Here comes the pain, fella." Then cheap-shotting Lesnar in to the Celtic Cross for the beginning of the feud.


I don't think Brock Lesnar is coming back but RIGHT now, at this time if he was to then it's (heel) Sheamus I'd have him booked against.

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud Blog..I feel, Wade (heel) n Brock (Face); Brock (Heel) vs Sheamus (tweener); I mean I lu his current character...he should not turn into a complete heel....

    Also, I want to see a Brock vs Jack Swagger feud as well....I mean jus imagine...Jack going back to his WWECW some exercise n say he's all american american n boast abt his amateur wrestling background...n then, we have Brock coming in...n it would be a gr8 match....

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