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Conspiracy Theory #1: Brock Lesnar = 1/2/12

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Capitalizing on the latest news like a seasoned pro, it's the debut of "Conspiracy Theory", a new wrestling blog that will spread excitement and delightment across the ample plains of the Internet Wrestling Community. I will be your guide through the trials and tribulations of all things professional wrestling (and sports entertainment...there is a difference) and you, my loyal reader, will be enthralled at the knowledge contained herein. Don't be fooled by my post count or blog total - this ain't my first rodeo, kids.

CONSPIRACY THEORY #1: Brock Lesnar = 1/2/12

So back in August of 2011, the IWC was shocked and excited to see that Brock Lesnar, the former WWE Champion and "Next Big Thing", had struck a deal to not only appear in the new WWE '12 video game, but also to be a central point of marketing around the game. The wildfire of contentment spread into the realm of the insane, however, once people took it to mean that Lesnar's return to a squared circle was imminent. At the time, of course, Lesnar was very much under contract with UFC, and he was being paid quite well (some have his figures at north of $6 million per year as a result of his affiliation with UFC and endorsements). But not one to pass up a golden opportunity, and with the apparent "blessing" of Dana White, Brock was free to go romp for a day in Stamford and get himself another good-sized paycheck in return.

And that was that, for the most part. The game came out in November, and Lesnar went and prepared to meet Alistair Overeem for their end of the year bout for the UFC, comfortable with another little bit of financial padding for his family back in the wooded country. These are pretty much the facts as they have been told through various media outlets and 'sources' and such.

But as any good conspiracy theorist will tell you, there is so much more fun in looking at the facts through a different light. What if since their meeting in Stamford back in August, Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon had this whole thing planned out? Every step of the way - from the video game and the training for the UFC fight, up to the moment Lesnar said he was finished with MMA and he was never coming back? What if McMahon made Lesnar an offer he couldn't refuse, despite his distaste for travelling the roads and being a full time wrestler with WWE? What if...Lesnar knew through training and his overall health conditioning that there was little chance he would be able to stand up to the competition in UFC after two terrible bouts with a nasty abdominal issue?

Surely this isn't giving either man too much credit. I mean, sure - Lesnar was (and still is, as far as I least for a conditionary period after a fight) under contract with UFC when he made his pilgrammage to WWE Headquarters for WWE '12. And Vince McMahon had no wish to possibly jeopardize any working relationship there was between himself and Dana White - a man who has repeatedly stated publically that he himself has contacted Vince occasionally to discuss various topics, including the building up of individual fighter personalities and overall production value of shows. And of course, there is the fact that most people's opinion of good old VKM isn't high due to the lower standard of quality WWE programming that seems to become the norm each and every year - but don't underestimate Vince McMahon. This is the man that had the audacity to purchase nearly every major wrestling territory over time and turn a regional niche activity into a worldwide phenomenon. This is the who purchased WCW from Ted Turner, who took on the federal government (twice) and not only walked away, but won. When opportunity presents itself, Vince can rise to the occasion. And despite the fact his "massive grapefruits" may be schrivelling more and more these days, he has to break out of his self-induced slumber every now and then. Doesn't anyone remember how he brought the old Mr. McMahon back in the summer of 2011 when CM Punk was flipping things on their sides? You could tell he just looooved saying "son of a bitch" with such veracity and strength.

No, Vince is no dummy when it comes to opportunity. But would Brock have even listened? Maybe he did more than listen...maybe he realized back in August that his MMA career was most likely over, and that even though he had made probably close to $40 million over the course of his WWE and UFC career, at 34 years old, he still had a lot of prime money-making years left in him. He has a wife, kids. And just as important, skills. Skills he can use without the fear of major injury (most likely), unlike in UFC, where opponents are trying to decapitate you and spit into your cracked skull. I mean, sure - Lesnar can retire to his backwoods mansion, raise his family, and live out his days away from the spotlight, But you only get so many opportunities in this life, and in the end, maybe the incentives that were being offered were just too much to turn down.

Look at it - let's say Vince offers Brock a 3-year contract worth $7 million, guaranteed, the whole works. Lesnar stipulates to 50 dates a year (26 RAW's 13 PPV's, and a smattering of SD appearances each year...maybe even one or two house shows), wants private transportation (or at least financial coverage for any of his own travel units), and pretty much any other thing he wants (championships?). Vince acquesceses, knowing full well that it's a small price to pay to make such a potentially huge deal. Vince has shown in the past that money spent in this regard is of no real concern of his, especially with the marketing and merchandizing opportunities Lesnar brings (the contract likely pays for itself with the first few months, in total). Desperate for an increase in pay per view buys and knowing full well that he has the WWE Network in his back pocket, Vince needs a draw, and the WWE at that present time was just not cutting the mustard.

So a little time goes by, and Vince directs his production team to create some vague vignettes. Normal kinds of things for the WWE, who every so often likes to build up the return of some former star. No one is told who they are for, but Vince knows. He's got Lesnar under contract. So all that was missing was the fight, and what a fight it was. Just a little less than 2:30 into Round One, Brock Lesnar succumbed to Alistair Overeem, a legitimate loss mind you - he knew, remember, that he couldn't win. And right after the TKO, announced in the ring that he was done in UFC. Done in MMA, done fighting...done. Retired.

All the while, these vignettes have been airing every week for two months. The End Begins on 1-2-12 - the familiar face coming back to reclaim what it his. What the man formerly dominated before he left to pursue other interests. And on that Monday night, the last vignette airs. Cuts right into the RAW opening, stage black. His music, a new version of the semi-iconic tune, blares over the arena. And there he is. Standing on the ramp, just 71 hours after leaving the octagon, a big smile on his face. He says it might not be today, it might not be tomorrow. But soon, Brock Lesnar is going to return and reclaim what was his. #30 at the Royal Rumble. Wins. Demands the next night not just to take on one champion - he wants both, whoever they are. And then, at Wrestlemania 28, in front of a crowd the size of which Lesnar hadn't seen since 2003 at Safeco Field, he defeats both the World Champion and the WWE Champion to become the first Undisputed WWE Champion since 2002.

The prophecy fulfilled, since Lesnar was the last to hold such a distinction.

The End, ends. What was his, now reclaimed.

And then.........well, like a good conspiracy, there always needs to be something left to the wilds of imagination! So I will allow you, dear reader, to continue this...'story' the comments below. And feel free to tell me I'm nuts, or that this is all just a bunch of hooey. But remember, you do so at your own risk. For as anyone who has been at the forefront of a conspiracy knows - that's exactly how they want you to react.

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  1. Slang Man's Avatar
    You must be one wack guy to think of all of this,what you just written seems so wack yo it might just be true lol.Great blog man!
  2. JPVictory's Avatar
    Once his contract is up with UFC, A comeback with Paul Heyman would be great but Brock heart gotta be in it....I could see a one or 2 yr run in his future.
  3. captainmoonlight's Avatar
    New undisputed champion who does no live shows and raw every other week? highly doubtful. one thing i would say, is although i think your wrong, i do think he will be back at some point
  4. Darctic's Avatar
    Brock left last time because among other things couldn't deal with the hectic travel schedule. He's commented on this numerous times. Even in his book. Don't expect anything close to a full return.
  5. UltimateOpportunist's Avatar
    Dude, your way outta your mind, if Brock returns then that is to fight SCSA or Taker one or two matches and thats it son! Otherwise great blog and keep em coming!
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