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Looking at WWE's Pay-Per Views in 2011:

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Royal Rumble:A good pay-per view with the opener an exicting,back and forth match which was Ziggler vs Edge.The WWE Championship match was boring and never got going.The Orton vs Miz feud,in my opinion never 'clicked'The Divas match was again,short and stupid.The Royal Rumble Match was amazing with Booker T and Kevin Nash returning but I was disappointed to see that the last two people left in the Rumble included Santino!

Elimination Chamber:The opener of this pay-per view was once against fast-paced(Del Rio vs Kingston),Both the elimination Chambers were amazing,with Cena & Edge coming out as winners and the WWE Championship match was pointless;everyone knew that the WWE weren't going to put the title on an announcer!

WrestleMania XXVII:The Rock hosting the event never 'clicked',the World Heavyweight Championship match "pretty good", the Orton-Punk match "a little gem" with "clinical timing and execution", and the WWE Championship match "odd" and that the match itself "never really got going".The Taker vs HHH match was the match of the night and Mysterio vs Rhodes was also very good.

Extreme Rules:CM Punk and Randy Orton's opening Last Man Standing Match was a very strong opening bout which swung each way several times. CM Punk was not shamed in defeat, being made to look Orton's equal for twenty minutes. The Country Whipping match was unsatisfying and slow whilst Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes was a high quality wrestling match.... It felt fresh, and it helped that Rey certainly had his flying and bumping boots on. Also why Rhodes deserves to be in high profile matches. Kharma's debut was a special moment sorely lacking from recent WWE PPVs. The Smackdown Ladder Match between Alberto Del Rio and Christian for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship was amazing and the crowd's genuine elation and the celebration with his former partner and best friend made it a very special moment. Both where great and Christian's title win was something that should have happened along time ago.
After a quick and forgettable Smackdown main event lumberjack match in which Big Show and Kane defeated Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson, the main event saw The Miz defend his title against Cena and John Morrison in a steel cage. Cena prevailed after a top rope Attitude Adjustment to win his tenth world crown.(I think he is gonna break Flair’s record)

Over The Limit: The opening bout between Rey Mysterio vs R Truth was a satisfactory opening match and R-Truth entering the arena to no music was another nice touch in the development in Ron Killings new heel persona.Cara vs Gurrero wasn’t what I expected from them.It had a few botches and not much of high-flying action.Lawler vs Cole was ugly,to say the least.Christian vs Orton was a spectacular match with some amazing moves and Cena vs Miz was a typical Cena’superman’ match with John Cena getting beat the whole time but still coming out on top.

Capitol Punishment: Definitely the worst PPV of the year,filled with dull and boring matches with a fake Obama showing up…………Does WWE really think their fans are so stupid???

Money In The Bank:This was the PPV of the year.Both the MITB matches were amazing with tons of effective and cheesy reversals.Henry vs Show was dull to say the least.Orton vs Christian was exicting in the beginning but the end destroyed the whole match.Punk vs Cena had match of the year written all over it.Without any cheesy stipulations,this extremely physical bout rocked.

Summerslam:The opening match was a typical one to say the least.Henry vs Sheamus was an average match while Orton vs Christian was again,as The Miz would say,AWESOME!Both wrestlers used the ‘No Holds Barred’tag to perfection.Punk vs Cena was,as was its predecessor , amazing!

Night Of Champions: WWE had put on two awesome pay-per-view's, Money in the Bank and SummerSlam and Night of Champions could not follow them, and when the WWE seemed to take the good way, they turned back to the same, but that Night of Champions was a entertaining event. In the match between Cena and Del Rio, Alberto proved to be a true champion, pulling off a valiant effort against Cena, but was too much to overcome.I think that putting Mark Henry to the main event status is a thing that the WWE should’ve done a long time ago, and the match was better than expected, with Randy trying to take the man off his feet, and Henry dominating Orton from the beginning to the end. The No Disqualification match between CM Punk and Triple H was a match turned into a good brawl in the first fifteen minutes, but with all the interferences it seemed more a TNA match than a WWE main event match, but that the final sequences, with Punk kicking out cleanly to the pedigree made that a very entertaining match at all.

Hell In A Cell:An odd PPV to say the least.This PPV had mostly fillers and none of the storylines were pushed forward.

Venegance:This PPV was decent but not amazing.Awesome Truth vs HHH & Punk was a good match with some cool moves.The ring collapsing between the bout of Henry and Show wasn’t much of a surprise;It did not create the impact it did when it broke down when Lesaner superplexed Show.Rhodes vs Orton was also decent but not exicting.The main event wasn’t exicting either.

Survivor Series:Team Barrett vs Orton was a traditional match and didn’t have anything exicting in it.Henry vs Show was an old story of a coward heel getting out of tough matches.Punk vs Alberto was okay.The main event was a bit pointless;everyone knew that WWE were not going to bring back The Rock just to make him lose.

TLC:Ziggler vs Ryder was a good match with tons of reversals.Barrett vs Orton was a bit dull but the finish was very good while Nash vs HHH was a very good brawl between two former friends.Show vs Henry was a bit short but the biggest surprise came when Daniel Bryan cashed in his MITB contract.Punk vs Del Rio vs Miz was awesome!It had tons of hard-hitting moves with the wrestlers giving away life and limb to win the title!

Overall WWE produced some decent PPV’s in 2011 please commnt if you disagree with me on something

Thanx for reading!

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  1. The Brown One's Avatar
    Good blog! I'm surprised you remember the best parts of every PPV this year. I think MITB and TLC were the best ones this year, and Over the limit/Capitol Punishment and HIAC were the worst. I'm sure that you agree when I say, the second half of the year was definitely better than the first, and if the WWE continue producing PPVs as good as they have in recent months, then they're only going to get better.
  2. mizisawesome12345's Avatar
    Thanx I agree with you MITB and TLC were spectacular PPVS filled with wrestling matches people actually want to see
  3. kcg87's Avatar
    should WWE do a PPV like how WCW had World War 3?
  4. Foxcat66's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kcg87
    should WWE do a PPV like how WCW had World War 3?
    i think the royal rumble is covering that

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