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Six Top Feuds For The Big Red Machine.

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My Ladies and Jaborni's, CenationRules1087. Today I will be talking about The Top Six Feuds I would like Kane to have! Lets Get Started!!!

Top Six Feuds I want Kane To Have:

6~ Big Show: I usually am not a fan of feuds between two big men because, as evidenced by the ongoing one between Mark Henry and The Big Show, they're usually not too good wrestling-wise.That being said, the Henry/Show feud has given us a few memorable moments (such as Show's elbow drop or Henry's superplex at Vengeance) and it's at least been somewhat entertaining to me.I thought for sure that this feud would climax with Kane returning and laying out Henry after he had a match with Big Show, but that obviously didn't happen.Instead, Kane has returned as a masked heel, and given all the history between he and Show, a feud between the two makes sense. It's no secret that the WWE loves these giant vs. giant feuds, and though we've seen Kane/Show numerous times before, I wouldn't mind seeing it again now that Kane has his mask back on.

5~ Triple H: There is a long, long history between Triple H and Kane, the lowlight of which was the Katie Vick story-line.But the two future WWE Hall of Famers haven't had a legitimate feud since 2004, and they really haven't crossed paths much since then, either.I could see that changing in the near future, though.With Triple H likely moving on with his feud from Kevin Nash shortly and Kane seemingly getting a renewed push as a monster heel on Raw, the ingredients definitely appear to be there for a feud between two of the bigger stars of the Attitude Era. I would definitely approve of this, because although it clearly won't be as good as Undertaker vs. Triple H, it'll still be fun to see two guys I grew up watching actually feud with each other in 2011.

4~ The Undertaker: I for one, am leaning toward them being meant for another returning star, but that doesn't mean I don't think Taker could be coming back soon.In fact, I think he will be returning within the next couple of months to start the build toward him defending the streak and trying to go 20-0 at Wrestlemania.Considering that Taker has taken on established veterans at the last three Wrestlemanias and that Kane just put the mask back on, I think there's a very good chance we could see these two have yet another rivalry which culminates at Wrestlemania.In many ways, I'd probably be pretty surprised if that didn't happen.

3~ Randy Orton: Randy Orton has had a phenomenal year in terms of consistently putting on great matches, and a couple of his most entertaining TV bouts came against Kane.The Viper and The Big Red Monster had a mini-feud of sorts on Smackdown earlier this year and faced each other in two great matches, including this Street Fight.I was very impressed with both of these guys here, and they seemed to have some awesome chemistry. So, why not let them have a full-fledged feud this time around?After all, Orton has been helping other wrestlers step up their game all year long, and he could do that again with Kane in 2012.Since Kane is technically a Smackdown superstar, there's really no need to explain this either. Just have Kane attack Orton, and then let the fun begin. ( I know Orton Injured, but when Orton comes back he might be in a rivalry with Kane).

2~ Sheamus: The Celtic Warrior vs. The Big Red Monster? Count me in.
Despite being pushed as one of the WWE's top workers, Sheamus is basically stuck in No Man's Land at the moment, without any feud or any real direction.
But that's where Kane comes in.Sheamus is as over as just about any baby face right now, so the fans would certainly love to see him take out one of the WWE's top heels, the newly masked Kane.This would be another behemoth vs. behemoth that the creative team loves, but one that I think could actually be pretty solid wrestling-wise.

1~ John Cena: What? Were you really expecting someone else here?
After the way The Big Red Monster returned on last night's Raw, Kane vs. John Cena is the feud that makes the most sense at the time being.Cena actually isn't involved in the WWE Championship picture for once, and he's not feuding with anyone. Therefore, a feud with Kane is a good way to both put Cena in a main event angle and keep him away from the WWE title for a while.The only reason I might question this feud is that the WWE appears to be pushing Kane as a heel, but a good portion of the fans seemed to be cheering him when he chokeslammed Cena last night.Is this an interesting twist to Cena's "The boos are getting to me" storyline? Or is it something else entirely?I have no idea. But if the WWE is trying to push Kane as a full-blown heel and Cena as a full-fledged face, this might not work.

Ladies and Jaborni's I hope you enjoyed my blog!!! If you don't comment I will stuck this size fifteen boot up your Candy-Ass!!!

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Wow. I don't even know where to begin. I don't criticize too much. But this really was not that good. First, you have HHH and Undertaker listed, neither of whom are going to be wrestling in any established capacity, meaning just for spots and special occasions. Second, it's already been all but confirmed, that it will be HHH vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania....IF Undertaker returns. When HHH had his speech at the Slammy Awards, by saying he "ended the streak", he confirmed that they will rematch. Finally, I don't know man. An Orton/Kane feud? A Sheamus/Kane feud? Neither of them really jump out at me. Kane is awesome but should be involved in meaningful and emotionally driven things like he is with Cena now. A feud with Orton and Sheamus wouldn't do anyone any good. Kane needs to be at the pulse of major things now.
  2. chickenfinger94's Avatar
    Dude do you just copy all of your blogs from bleacher report?
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Even though Kane is being promoted as a heel...a huge proportion of audience r still cheering him..or these cheers r may be because of the current anti-Cena tide....

    But, I love to see Kane in real serious feuds not in normal feuds...

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