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WWE Future Endeavors: Three Wrestlers Who Could Have Entertain Us

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Ladies and Jaborni's, my name is CenationRules1087. I want to approach a different topic instead of The Undertaker Streak Match and Wrestlemania Dream Cards. Today, I want to bring up Future Endeavors. These superstars who I am about to mention are superstars that could have led Wwe to a different direction. I was very interested in seeing these superstars in action, apparently Johnny Ace just called them his ''Future Endeavors.'' Today, I will clarify the fact that these man are not just Jobbers, they could have actually meant something to the 'E. I will expose that these superstars are not Mr.Johnny Ace favorite word and saying ''Future Endeavors."

1~ Chris Masters: Wwe loves guys with huge muscle and could weight-lift 450. I can't believe how this guy slipped through the cracks, believe me. I have to admit, Chris Masters first run with Wwe wasn't that great. But when he came back, he was willing to improve. Chris Masters didn't want to only rely on his Muscle Ability to get him passed. In recent weeks, before he was released, he worked his Ass off to be the top contender and actually get a match on Raw! After his release, it was clear to me that not only me riot. C.M Punk also riot and said that Master worked his Ass off to get to where he currently was ( until his release). Masters in my opinion could have been drafted to Smackdown and at least start a rivalry with a Jobber like JTG. If they wanted to make Master into a big tough guy turn him into a heel and make him start a Rivalry with Danial Bryan. I would definitively wanted to see a rivalry between those two. There was many things Wwe could have done to improve and make Chris Masters, into a monster!!! Wwe, in my opinion did not believe in Chris Master and they let him go. I hope one day Chris Masters can come to the 'E and become successful.

2~ D.H Smith: This one is all WWE's fault. They had to go and break up their only really popular tag team for absolutely no reason. I am 100 percent sure that both of these men would rather be in a tag team than where they are now. They would fit in so well with what is happening in the tag team division right now, too. They may not be family necessarily, but Smith is the son of Davey Boy Smith and Kidd trained in the Hart Dungeon.The possibilities for feuds between them: The Usos, The Colons and Air Boom could have made for some very entertaining tag team matches. Maybe WWE will come to their senses, rehire Smith and put him back with Kidd so they can go back to being awesome.When they broke up they had two matches to settle their feud, which were great matches, but WWE did little to push either man afterwards, and now Kidd may end up going the same way as Smith when cost cutting time comes around for WWE.Some superstars can blame their release on whatever they want, and it will be Bull Sh*t, but Smith has a great case to blame WWE for his downfall.When The Hart Dynasty came to the ring, the crowd would pop big, now Kidd gets jobber roles. What kind of justice is that?

3~ Vladimir Kozolv: The Moscow Mauler was one of WWE's fastest rising stars for the first few months of his run, than he seemed to fall further and further down the ladder as time went on.Before his releases, he was part of a comedy tag team with Santino. He was entertaining and seemed to enjoy what he was doing, but I believe this led to his downfall.This guy not only had WWE title matches within months of showing up, but he has a clean win over the Undertaker, not something many rookies can claim. Come to think of it, no rookies can make that claim.When he first came to WWE, I was very intrigued by his character. He came to the ring with no music, no video on the titantron and a simple spotlight which followed him down the ramp to the ring.This was such a different type of entrance for a superstar that it made his boos seem even louder. It was a great gimmick and could have worked well for longer than they allowed it to.Somebody had to go and give him a video and theme song, and he went from being unique to just another big wrestler.His skill in the ring is unquestionable, not the best, but very good. He had some great signature moves and had the potential to be the WWE's next great foreign heel.Foreign heels used to work so well in WWE. The Iron Sheik was such a great heel, and he used his gimmick to make people hate him that much more.We now know him to be a hilarious personality, but back then he was so menacing with the crazy moustache and giant arms.Kozlov was never given the right time to make his heel character work. I think he could make a big impact if he was brought back the right way.Imagine Punk or Cena in the middle of the ring giving one of their standard promos when suddenly the lights go dark. Everyone naturally assumes it is the Undertaker or Kane, but then a spotlight lights up the stage to reveal Kozlov looking pissed.He rushes the ring and destroys whoever is in his path and then just walks away with the spotlight following him to the back.

Honorable Mention:

John Morrison: Great superstar!

Ladies and Jaborni's I hope you enjoy these blog. If you don't comment, this size fifteen boot is going right up your Candy-Ass! XD

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  1. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Great blog, I completely agree with you on this list. Both Kozolv and Smith are both victims of the WWE breaking up tag teams. If the WWE was smart they would create a solid tag team division. As far as Morrison goes, he had a double whammy, as he got hit with injuries, and that issue at WrestleMania 27 didn't do him any favors. I hope he sticks to the plan and heads to TNA and kicks ass in the X-Division!
  2. CenationRules1087's Avatar
    It is a honor that you read my blog Rick Starr.
  3. Bob Bowman's Avatar
    Shad should have stayed with JTG. They should have held the belts when they teamed up with Cena.
  4. knox's Avatar
    Great blog man I was never really a huge DH Smith or Kozlov guy until I read your blog lol I now wish the WWE would've took your advice. I definitely enjoyed Masters and you made some clean points about him. Masters was heartbroken at the release. I really wanna see him return for a 3rd stint.

    Great blog man, keep it up
  5. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    Smith sucks...missed the mark with Morrison, Masters.
    Others worthy of mention are Dustin (not Goldust) Rhodes and Chuck Palumbo!
  6. SkilletBoi's Avatar
    Smith and Tyson had a feud!?
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    I luvd Hart Foundation n felt they r a gr8 Tage team..n was pissed of when they broke up...WWE had broken them pre-maturedly n also has not cashed their feud...

    Masters is awesome n he has all the looks that generally WWE likes..n he's not green also..

    Kozlov is a gr8 wrestler with unique move set...I felt really bad for him..

    Shad n Carlito are also not gud decisions...

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