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Rick Starr

My Top 15 WrestleMania Matches: Part 2

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Well Splashers, we are back for the second half for my top 15 WrestleMania Matches. In The first half we saw some great matches in the list like: Savage vs Steamboat, Rock vs Hogan, Austin vs Hart, and several others. The New Year is quickly winding down, and everybody is looking to party (Including Yours Truly.) So let's knock off the blabbering and start the Splashin!

My top 15 WrestleMania Matches 2 of 2.

07. WrestleMania 24
John Cena vs HHH vs Randy Orton© for the WWE Championship

This match had all the elements: A champion, whose arrogances is only matched by his ability. You had the face of the company, ambitious and will go the extra mile (That’s Cena for you people who can’t keep up.). And finally, we have the savvy veteran. Ready to go through anyone, or do anything to achieve his goal.

I remember Cena and Orton having one of the bigger feuds during the latter part of the decade, and even traded the title a few times in the process. As for this match, it was great! The action was right on, and the final moments of the match were perfect.

06. WrestleMania 23
Undertaker vs Batista© for the World Championship

At the time of this match, I was a huge Batista fan, and “The Streak” itself was becoming an early legend in WrestleMania history. As for the match, it was awesome! This match was back when Undertaker was still fresh, where he could fly over the ropes, and walk on the ropes with ease. Batista dished out everything he had to the Dead Man. He also took everything Taker had to offer, but the Tombstone Pile-Driver was just too much for Batista to handle. Undertaker would take his 15th WrestleMania victim at Ford Field that night.

05. WrestleMania 19
HBK vs Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels: While their gimmicks and personalities may be different, if you look at their size and wrestling techniques, you could say they are mirror images of one another. They are both high flyers, love to use submission moves, and they both love to steal their opponent’s finishing move. Both Jericho and HBK can play the role of “heel” or “face” very easily. Yet over the years, playing the “heel” has come more naturally to Jericho.

This match went back and forth, in and out of the ring. The match even went into the crowd, where Jericho applied a “Walls of Jericho” on Michaels. Jericho pulled out all the stops to win this match, as he had HBK in “The Walls” one or two more times, and hit Michaels with his own move: Sweet Chin Muisc. But it was all for not. HBK eventually comes back, and hits his own Sweet Chin Music, and gets the win.

04. WrestleMania 12
HBK vs Bret Hart© in a 60 minute Iron Man Match for the WWF Title

If you look into the history books, and talk about some of the great PPV matches, you HAVE to talk about this match! While it’s clear that Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels are two different styled wrestlers, whenever these two get in the ring together, a volcano erupts! Even though both men were “face” in this match, the majority of the crowd was clearly rooting for HBK.
At the end of the hour no one got a pin-fall and it was 0-0, and everyone thought Bret Hart was going to walk away still the champion. Just then Gorilla Monsoon got in the ring and made a last minute judgment call. He ordered that the match must continue under “Sudden Death Rules”. Several minutes and two Sweet Chin Music Kicks later, Shawn Michaels was WWF Champion for the first time!

03. WrestleMania 17
Team 3D© vs Christian & Edge vs The Hardys for the WWF Tag Team titles in a TLC Match

Earlier in the Splash, when I talked about the Ladder match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon, I mentioned how others would raise the bar in years to come. When you talk about a Triple Threat Tag-Team TLC Match at WrestleMania 17 for the WWF Tag Team titles? Raising the bar, is EXACTLY what these six men did!

When I watched this match, two phrases kept coming in my head: OH MY F*CKING GOD!! & HOLY SHIT!! I honestly cannot put into words the hell these guys went through. This is back when the WWE tag belts meant something, and tag matches actually had quality in the WWE/WWF.

02. WrestleMania XX
Chris Benoit vs HBK vs HHH© for the World Championship

I know what Chris Benoit did, but that’s another story for another day. In 2004 Benoit had finally had his chance to shine in the wrestling business, as he had one of the best feuds with Triple H, and Shawn Michaels. That feud led to the main event at WrestleMania XX, and the World Title. I was a huge Benoit fan from way back to his WCW days, I was thrilled to see him win that title.

01. WrestleMania 25
HBK vs. Undertaker I

This WrestleMania match won several awards, from both inside and outside the WWE. From the feud, to the promos, even to the entrances, everything was perfect. Shawn Michaels was mocking The Undertaker through every step of the feud. This was the first time I honestly doubt the Undertaker was going to come out on top, and it was also the last. No wonder it’s in the number 1 slot.
A lot of people would compare their match at WrestleMania 26 to their first match. However I thought their second match had nothing extra to offer, except for HBK’s goodbye. After HBK lost the first match, and was coming out with a “My Journey” DVD at the same time as WrestleMania 26, I knew he was retiring.

Well there you have it Splashers. After looking at my list, I kept noticing one name that kept reoccurring in my list: HBK Shawn Michaels. He was in 6 of the matches I listed. Triple H and Undertaker were the runner-ups as they were tied with 3 matches each. I guess when you put it all together; it does prove that HBK really is “Mr WrestleMania!”….yeah I had to throw that out there. Until next time splashers…See Ya!
-Rick Starr @Rick Starr

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  1. Cynicism's Avatar
    People seem to think the Streak needs to be part of Wrestlemania but in my memory of the event the ones without Michaels are the ones that seemed lacking to me.

    Nice blog, brings back some good memories
  2. RatedATB's Avatar
    Spot on list bro, couldn't agree more
  3. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    How do you guys like being called "splashers"?
  4. Slang Man's Avatar
    Rick great picks, but the only Wrestlemanias I might add to your list yo is HBK vs Taker 2.I know you said that it had nothing extra to offer except HBK's goodbye yo.I still felt that was a very good match, and because they were battling for a secound, it made me think that HBK was actually going to win even if he had is my journey DVD man.Anyway Ricky picky star man good blog yo
  5. Slang Man's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestlinfan608
    How do you guys like being called "splashers"?
    You must be wack,it is kinda kl yo for Rick to call his man dem a nickname,you know what yo sooner or later im going to come up whith a name for the EWN members yo

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