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Drum Roll: 1/2/2012 Is ....

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Almost every blogger has stated their opinion on who will return on Monday, that being said here is my opinion of who it might be (be warned it is quite the long explanation):

Chris Jericho: Over the past couple months, the WWE Universe has been stumped as to who the return promos are for.
Because the videos are of a cryptic nature, it leaves only a few potential possibilities.
These possibilities have included people such as Chris Jericho, Undertaker, and even Shane/Stephanie McMahon.

According to a source within the WWE, Jericho will be in Memphis between the 1st and 3rd January. Now why would he come to Memphis between the date in which a return is scheduled?
Now I don't believe in coincidences. With that being said, there is no way Chris Jericho would fly to Memphis and not appear at RAW when most signs lead to him.

Chris Jericho has to be the man behind the mystery promos recently. When you watch the promos, there are things that can easily be connected to Jericho.

Whether it is a quote Jericho once said (things will never be the same again), a representative object within the video (such as the globe) or a cryptic text (Chris' name crossed out on the notebook), he has made his presence known.

Batista: Now i know your thinking, "Batista? Seriously?" but believe it or not i have a few weak points suggesting it could still be him. First of, Mick Foley was released as DLC on WWE '12, hinting that he'd return. Just a week later, he returned too the WWE in a house show. Now this might be an weak point but Jericho left after Batista and yet Batista is will be avaible as DLC? Ok, then there is the WWE championship, which he claims is his. So a force (290 pounds) punish the meek (he sure knows how to punish) to claim whats rightfully his (WWE title), now this is just a weak suggestion dont get me wrong.

Shane and Steph:

Now recently i have heard a few people (including knox) talk about it being the McMahon siblings, and next to Jericho this is the most likely and most shocking. Think about it, in the 1st promo, the boy says that a force shall come to punish the meek or weak (Can't find out which it is) for their inequity. Inequity meaning unfair or unjust. Since Shane is the son of Vince McMahon, he is technically the rightful heir to the spot as the C.O.O. of WWE. It is also said a familiar force will arrive to claim what is rightfully his. (Familiar force shows that we have already seen this person before. Next it says that HE will claim what is rightfully his which shows two things, that we can safely say it is a male they are talking about. It also says claim what is rightfully his. Shane as I said, is Vinces son, thus making him the rightful heir as the C.O.O of WWE). In the 2nd promo at the beginning he says that a thief in the night has come to take what others have taken. This could refer to Triple H, or John Laurinitus taking a position that rightfully belongs to the McMahon family. I understand Hunter is technically a McMahon, but he married into the family, and looking back to the past, usually in ancient times, a male child by blood takes a position that the father had, not a male who married into the family. Men who married into the family only takes that spot when there is no son in the family, which could be applied to this scenario. Then says those who are unjust, destruction will come upon them and they cannot escape. This could be a reference to the way Laurinitus is handling RAW, and could be referring to some of the decisions he made that are unfair to superstars. Like Cena giving up his title opportunity for Ryder to get his shot. Then at the end of the second promo, there is a girl in the background. This could be referencing Stephanie McMahon aiding Shane in his takeover of WWE. I know Stephanie is married to HHH, but could share the beliefs that only a McMahon by blood should control WWE. She could also show a side of envy that HHH was picked over her for the position of C.O.O. of WWE. In the end, we cannot know until 1/2/12, but with this information, I think it is safe to say Shane could be the one that is being talked about in this promo. What do you think? Who do you think it is? Do you agree with the points I made?

Stay tuned.

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  1. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    It's a good blog, but you didn't state anything new other than what has already been covered in a lot of previous blogs over the last few weeks.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Decent blog. I'm actually done trying to guess at this point. January 2nd is only a few days away. I don't even know what to believe anymore, I just hope they don't drop the ball. I'll be highly disappointed if it's Batista, or one of the newcomers like Brodus Clay or Sheffield. In fact, I hope the revelation happens during Brodus' debut. That would be great.
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    The Bottom Line is that if it's not either Chris Jericho or someone that we least expect, then it's a failure.
  4. illmat's Avatar
    After watching UFC 141, I think it may be Brock Lesnar. He just retired from MMA after his fight and took no damage. Also, if they gave him a deal where he just fly's in to whatever location on Monday Night Raw and ppv's he would only work 5 or 6 days a month which would be perfect for him. Don't be surprised if he shows up Monday.
  5. kcg87's Avatar
    just got done watching the Brock Lesnar fight and he retired from the UFC after the fight so my question is what if its him......just a thought, we will have to wait and see.
  6. BigDawgXIV's Avatar
    Good Blog. But you know what I think? The WWE may not be teasing one or 2 men. What if it were a group? The globe represents the world, right? The girl represents the distraction, which could be money & fame, and the kid is focused on something. I say could be fulfilling an ideology. So I believe that the WWE could be promoting the return of....the nWo!

    Just think about it. Back in WCW the nWo came in to take over the WCW and spread its own ideologies (focus of kid) . They wanted a new WORLD order, hence the globe. However, the heights they reached eventually brought them down (money, fame, etc.) and cut them into pieces. So the return of the nWo could be fitting, with Nash being a part of the WWE now and X-Pac rumored to return. I can also see The Miz in there as well. Hell, even bring back Scott Hall if u have to.They could be brought in by Johnny Ace to take out the "unjust" rulers of the WWE, COO HHH. If that was the reality, and it was well worked, I could see a good ol' faction wars storyline being made. Road Dogg seems available, and I noticed a "I miss Billy Gunn" sign on TLC, so he might be available too. + HBK's always on deck to help out. You can now see what I'm thinking. nWo vs DX at WM28. This could very well make WM28 the BIGGEST WM ever, if executed properly.
  7. MATTHEW's Avatar
    It's Matt Hardy!
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