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Realistic Wrestlemania 28 Card and Predictions

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What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again. I don't know about anyone else but I'm anxiously anticipating the Road to Wrestlemania and the build we're gonna get. Regardless if you like WWE or not or are a TNA fan or ROH fan or whatever you can't deny that WWE has peaked interest at this point of the year and rightfully so. Wrestlemania is a huge deal. Everyone waits in anticipation to find out what the card is going to be and it's no different this year, and I figured now would be good as ever to give my predictions or hopes of what I would like the card to be. So without further ado...

John Cena vs. The Rock:
Figured I'd get this out of the way first. The only true revealed match and I'm not gonna say much about it other than regardless of your opinion on it it's going to be good and it's going to sell whether you like it or not. Cena for the win in my opinion, love Rocky but I think Cena deserves this more than anyone.

Money in the Bank - Dolph Ziggler vs. Wade Barrett vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted Dibiase vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Zack Ryder:
Thought I'd throw this on considering the rumor released suggesting the match would be back on which I think is a great move. I threw Bryan in here because I can't see him going into Mania as the champion, I feel like he's going to drop it at the Chamber if not the Rumble. Also I figured Dibiase might be far along enough to be back into a position to be in MITB so I tossed him in too. I'd say Ziggler would be the winner in this one, there's no doubt he's going to be champ some time next year.

Kane vs. Mark Henry:
No I don't necessarily want to see this but they aren't going to leave either men off and I'd rather they weren't in MITB. Also I don't like how there isn't closure with their feud from last year, I mean surely Kane wants SOME kind of kayfabe revenge for what Henry did. I'd go with a Henry win, especially if the rumors are true and he's turning face soon.

Street Fight - Miz vs. R-Truth:
I may be wrong but I don't think these two are going to be in a 1 on 1 match at Rumble or Chamber so I think it would be perfect for them to finally have a match at Mania. They definitely deserve to have some sort of spotlight on them at Mania and if you put both in the Rumble match and one of the Chamber matches at EC then WWE could easily hold off on a 1 on 1 bout until Mania. Not to mention I think this is the right way to go about it too. I'll go with a Miz win just to possibly keep the feud going into Extreme Rules and MAYBE Over the Limit where Truth can finally get his revenge and maybe move into the title picture.

Tag Team Championship Fatal Four Way Elimination Match - Air Boom vs. Epico/Primo vs. Hawkins/Reks vs. Usos:
I think these guys all deserve a spot on the card and what better way than get a decent little tag match out of them? I think given the right amount of exposure on each show and maybe a tag match at some of the ppvs in between now and Mania would be a good enough way to get people behind these teams and familiar with them on a big stage, especially since we never see Hawkins/Reks and rarely see the Usos outside of NXT or Superstars. Gotta give teams the spotlight to build the division up WWE. I'll go on a limb and give the Usos a win. By then Air Boom will have played out a bit and need to chase the gold in order to make the titles more prestigious.

Undertaker vs. HHH:
This has been the rumor and while many might complain, I think it'll be ok. I don't think the streak will be broken this year anyway so who cares. They'll put on a great match and I honestly wouldn't mind seeing them go again. Again I don't see the Streak ending this year, so Taker winning for sure.

Divas Championship - Beth Phoenix (c.) vs. Natalya
I really hope this happens, I think they can make one hell of a divas match and show everyone what women can do in the ring. Make it a lumberjill if you honestly have to, it'd be better than Snookie or a Ms. Wrestlemania garbage match. Natalya with the win for a nice face run as champion.

World Title - Sheamus vs. Christian (c.)
I know this feud is pretty dead by now but I almost guarantee Sheamus is going to win the Rumble. The original rumor on the winner was a Smackdown star, most likely Orton. Well we all know what happened there, and I just feel like this year was all to build Sheamus up as a huge player and finally give him a good run with the belt as a face. I put Christian here because I think it's really the only person that makes sense. I'd say he wins the belt at EC and the two finish off their feud at Mania with Sheamus coming out on top as Champ.

WWE Championship - CM Punk (c.) vs Chris Jericho
I know there's a huge chance this wont happen, but if 1.2.12 is Jericho then this match is set in stone, no doubt. Everyone wants to see it and it would steal the show no problem. I don't know about Chris winning the Rumble, I'd honestly be fine with them announcing the match ahead of time to give it proper build, but that's just me. It's not like they've been giving the Rumble winner respect anyway when it comes to Wrestlemania. I'd like to think Punk would be the winner but I might have to go with Y2J on this one, they can keep the feud going into the summer and I think Punk works well when chasing the title.

Big Show?:
This is an edit I made after finishing the blog. I was going through the roster page to make sure I didn't leave anyone important out and then stumbled upon a giant mistake. Pun intended. They aren't going to leave Show off, and if there going to do Show/Shaq then so be it. Celebrities have always been involved and always will be. I agree they can be used in different capacities but Show deserves a spotlight match and this would definitely do it. He's worked hard this year and he's done some really good work as far as I'm concerned. If they do it then obviously Shaq would win, Celebs always do. Mistake? Obviously but it's WWE and we don't run it so whatever.

Well there you have it. Keep in mind these are my opinions and it really is still too early to tell on these so it's strictly just a guess. Of course some are likely to happen but I think this could be a pretty good Wrestlemania if it turns out like this. Until next time it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Deuces.

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  1. mizisawesome12345's Avatar
    Ummm I disagree with you on Sheamus winning!You are saying that he should win the title at EC and drop it a month later!That isin't fair Christian has done so much he deserves atleast one solid title reign!
  2. Kincaid's Avatar
    Boring Mania, man.
  3. SkilletBoi's Avatar
    your missing a high flyer in the MITB match, as far as i can remember, there's been a mitb without one

    although cody might buss out a moonsault :P
  4. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Interesting card, but with the exception of Cena-Rock and Punk-Jericho I can't see this for a Mania.

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