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2011: The World Wrestling Entertainment Awards!!!

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Ladies and Jaborni's, welcome to the 2011 World Wrestling Entertainment awards. In my awards blog, I will name my own categories and name all the participants that are included in this award. Ladies and Jaborni's please enjoy the 2011 World Wrestling Entertainment! ( )

Return of the Year:

1: Booker T 2011 Royal Rumble)
2: Kevin Nash2011 Royal Rumble)
3: The Rock Monday Night Raw)Guest Host Of Wrestlemania 27 announcement)
4: Triple H Monday Night Raw)
5: The Undertaker Monday Night Raw)

Winner: The Rock: Ladies and Jaborni's you had to see that coming. The Rock, one of the most recognize sports entertainers in the World Wrestling Entertainment Branch. The Rock cut most of his promos (after he left the 'E) via-satellite. It was a huge step up after The Rock came out on Raw non-via satellite! It was an amazing night for any Wwe fan to enjoy and remember!

Holy Sh*t Moment of the Year!!!:

1:Evan Bourne does the shooting star press off the ladder at "Money In The Bank."
2:Big Show and Mark Henry explode the ring at " Vengeance."
3:Sheamus delivers a Celtic Cross through a ladder to Sin Cara

Winner: Wwe awarded Big Show and Mark Henry for exploding the Ring at Vengeance. Does anyone recall this innocent happening between Brock Lenser and Big Show. This was a Holy Sh*t moment in 2003, but In my own Slammy award Show, I am awarding Evan Bourne for his amazing Shooting Star Press off the ladder. When I was watching Money In The Bank, I said Holy Sh*t!

Game Changer Of The Year!:

1:Edge Retires
2:John Cena and The Rock agree to have a match at Wrestlemania 28
3:The World Wrestling Entertainment walkout

Winner: Ladies and Jaborni's this is a hard one. I have to give this one to Edge retiring. John Cena and The Rock would go under the Dream Matches. Edge Retiring took the Wwe by storm. What if Edge wasn't forced to retire? Edge retiring gave Christian the chance to be the main superstar of a show! So Edge retiring defines Game Changer Of The Year!

Superstar Of the Year:

1: John Cena
2: Alberto Del Rio
3: C.M punk
4: Randy Orton
5: Mark Henry
6:The Miz
7: Zack Ryder

Winner: I know Zack Ryder was not on the list, I just added him. Zack Ryder went through so much critics judging him. Everyone thought Ryder would give up.He never did and he beat Dolph Ziggler at Tables Ladders and Chairs to win the the United States Championship! Ladies And Jaborni's please welcome your 2011 Superstar Of The Year: Zack Ryder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies and Jaborni's comment at the and. If you don't like my Superstar Of The Year Choice, I have One word for Ya: Comment!

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  1. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Ladies and Jabroni's. HAHA That's funny!

    Zack Ryder is the biggest rising star, but not the star of the whole year. The wrestler of the year has to be CM Punk
  2. lykkekage's Avatar
    Superstar of the year Zack Ryder ... You cant be frkin serious.

    First of all, what was Ryder doing at the beginning of the year... absolutely nothing. Only in the last few months he has started to be a regular figure on RAW, and has become the US Champion. Thats his once achievement this year ... The US Championship, a title that WWE doesnt give two shits about.

    You gotta give Superstar of the year to a guy like CM Punk, who at the beginning of the year had decent feuds with Orton & Cena, before making himself an absolute SUPERSTAR, with his promo and leaving WWE with the title, and since then becoming the co-face of RAW with John Cena. See thats achievements! Even Dolph Ziggler deserves the award more than Zack Ryder, or you could have given it to Mark Henry, who had a good heel turn and a great reign as WORLD Champion. Or what about The Miz, who won the main event of Mania? Had a great tag team run with R-Truth? Or what about Orton, Del Rio or even Sheamus?

    Sorry, Im a huge Ryder fan myself, but giving him Superstar of the year, is an absolute joke.
  3. CenationRules1087's Avatar
    T-Hughes35 and lykkekage thanks for reading my blog I really appreciate it. I agree I made a mistake by putting Ryder as the superstar of the year. Rising star of the year like T-Hughes35 is a correct subtitle to give Zack Ryder. I believe That C.M Punk is Superstar of The Year now because of his promo on Raw on 6-27-11. It was a very interesting promo that he cut. I vote that Promo as the Best Promo OF 2011! While thanks for reading My blog and I hope you find interest in my other blogs!
  4. CenationRules1087's Avatar
    Yes My First Blog is finally on The Readers List!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

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