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The 2011 Wrestling Year-End Awards For WWE and TNA

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Seasons Greetings community,

It’s hard to believe that we have already reached the end of 2011, and another year of Proffesional Wrestling, Sports Entertainment, or whatever you want to call it has come and gone. With that said, it is time for T-Hughes35 (your’s truly) to give his year-end awards to the two biggest companies: World Wrestling Entertainment, and Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling. To all Ring Of Honor fans out there, I apologize, but the third biggest company will not be featured this year.
I did these picks based on three things:
01: Mark Out Factor
02: Creativity/Decision Making
03: Effectiveness
So, here we go!

The Biggest Build-Up Of 2011:
The Buildup To Hulk Hogan (or even Hollywood Hogan if I must) vs. Sting at
“TNA Bound For Glory 2011”

Honorable Mention:
The Buildup To John Cena vs. CM Punk at “WWE Money In The Bank 2011”

The Top 5 Best Returns Of 2011:
01: The Rock: RAW 02-14-11

02: Kevin Nash: Summerslam 2011

03: Scott Steiner: iMPACT 01-27-11

04: Booker T: Royal Rumble 2011

05: Triple H’s Returns: RAW 02-21-11 and RAW 07-18-11

Honorable Mentions:
Masked Kane: The Slammy Awards 2011

AJ Styles: Lockdown 2011

Christopher Daniels: iMPACT 03-31-11

Christian: Elimination Chamber 2011

Chris Harris: iMPACT 05-12-11

The Biggest Debut Of 2011:
Chyna Debuts In TNA 05-12-11:

Honorable Mention:
Kharma (Awesome Kong) Debuts In WWE 05-01-11:

The Biggest Betrayal Of 2011:
Robert Roode Betrays James Storm

The Biggest Face Turn Of 2011:
Alex Riley

The Best Stable Of 2011:
Fortune (Minus Ric Flair)

Tag-Team Of 2011:
Beer Mony Incorporated

Honorable Mention:
The Big Show and Kane

Commontator Of 2011:
Jim Ross

Biggest Rising Star Of 2011:
Zack Ryder

Honorable Mentions:
Bully Ray
Alberto Del Rio

Biggest Dissapointment Of 2011:
Women’s Wrestling

Honorable Mention:
John Morrison

The Top 5 Biggest Jokes Of 2011:
01: The Walk-Out on RAW 10-03-11
02: Aksana
03: David Otunga
04: WWE NXT (Why is it still even on the air?)
05: Michael Cole
Honorable Mention:
John Lauriniatis

The Top 5 Biggest ******* (You Figure It Out) Of The 2011:
01: Michael Cole
02: Dixie Carter
03: Kelly Kelly
04: Madison Rayne
05: Laycool

Honorable Mentions:
John Cena, Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett, John Lauriniatis, and The Miz

Theme Song Of 2011:
“Not Again” – Staind (The Themesong For “TNA Bound For Glory 2011”)

Honorable Mentions:
“Fortune Four (We Are The Young) Version 2” – Dale Oliver (Fortune ‘Minus Flair’ Theme)

“Written In The Stars” – Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turner (The Themesong To Wrestlemania 27)

The Top 5 Funniest Moments Of 2011 (In No Particular Order):
01: CM Punk’s Sister’s Text Message

02: Hornswoggle Wins Christmas Battle Royal

03: CM Punk insults Triple H about “The Chaperone”

04: The Rock Scratching A Major Itch Because Of John Cena:

05: The Big Show Insults David Otunga:

The Most Sentimental Moment Of 2011:
Edge’s Retierment Announcement and Farwell Address:
RAW 04-11-11

and SmackDown 04-15-11

The Most Embarrassing Moment Of 2011:
The Scott Hall Indy Show Incident:
and The Jeff Hardy Victory Road Incident:

The Best Shoot Promo Of 2011:
CM Punk on RAW 06-27-11:

Honorable Mentions (Other Than Any Of The Rock’s or Edge’s Promos This Year)
Jeff Hardy’s Return Promo On iMPACT 09-04-11

Hulk Hogan’s Retirement Promos on 09-29-11 and 10-06-11:

YWC Channel Of 2011:
(WARNING: This Video Contains Course Language)

The Competition Shot Of 2011:
John Cena’s Shot At TNA RAW 07-18-11:
Kevin Nash On TNA And Waffle House RAW 08-15-11:
(Skip to 8:40)

The Goldberg vs. Hogan Match Of 2011 (In Other Words: The WWE Match That Should Have Been Saved For PPV. Don’t Get Me Started With TNA)
Falls Count Anywhere Match For The WWE Championship (Should Have Been Saved For The 2011 Royal Rumble)
The Miz vs. John Morrison on RAW 01-03-11:

Rey Mysterio vs. John Cena on RAW For The WWE Championship:
(Should Have Been Saved For SummerSlam 2011)

Now Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment you have all been waiting for. It is time to present my two biggest awards. What do I think are the Best Matches Of The Year, and who do I think is the Wrestler Of The Year? Well, here they are:

The Top 5 Matches Of 2011:
01: WWE Championship Match:
John Cena vs. CM Punk at “WWE Money In The Bank 2011”

02: Four-Way-Dance:
Austin Aires vs. Jack Evans vs. Low Ki vs. Zema Ion at “TNA Destination X 2011”

03: No Holds Barred Match:
Triple H vs. The Undertaker at “Wrestlemania 27”

04: Ladder Match For The World Heavyweight Champioship:
Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian at “WWE Extreme Rules 2011”

05: TIE:
A: Triple-Threat Tables Ladders And Chairs Match For The WWE Championship:
CM Punk vs. The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio at “WWE TLC 2011”
(Couldn’t find the real match)

B: No Disqualification Match:
Triple H vs. CM Punk at “WWE Night Of Champions 2011”

Well Wrestling Fans, this ends T-Hughes35’s year end awards. I hope you all enjoyed reading this. Tell me your thoughts, and follow me on Twitter @T_Hughes35.


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  1. The Peep's Avatar
    Why is everyone so high on Zack Ryder? The Guy is a morbid tool!
  2. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    When he's given the chance, he's a great wrestler.
  3. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    Did I miss your wrestler of the year or did you forget it? Lol
  4. Zekic's Avatar
    I hate zack when hes smiling,but when that guy is serious he pretty believable champion
  5. Amerinaine's Avatar
    Um, Wrestler of the Year is?????
  6. captainmoonlight's Avatar
    that tiny tempah song is horrific
  7. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    how come Ryder is the rising star of the year when Del Rio won Royal Rumble, Money In The Bank and two WWE titles???
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