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Top 10 REBELS in Wrestling History

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Hey guys Knox here. Hope you all had an amazing Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate. Happy holidays folks. As many of you know, I plug the hell out of WWE Classics on Demand. The theme for the month of January will be the biggest Rebels in wrestling history. I thought I'd give my take on some of the biggest rebels in history.

I went to the TLC PPV in Baltimore and will attach some live videos below for you guys to check out. I uploaded Zack Ryder winning the United States Championship. I also uploaded Daniel Bryan winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

What exactly is a rebel?:
In wrestling terms, a rebel is one who doesn't follow general principle. One who doesn't answer to or follow authority or authority figures. One who lives to the beat of his own drum and isn't afraid to break rules and live by his own guidelines and speaks his/her mind at all times.

Now don't confuse this with a general heel because that's not the definition. Hope you all enjoy.

Top 10 Rebels in Wrestling History:

10. Wade Barrett
He has always been a rebel to me. He's a man that's allowed to do what he wants and he's booked that way. Kicking his career off with the Nexus thiing did wonders for his charisma and I for one see him as the future of wrestling. Vince is looking for his #1 heel in the wrong places.

No one's going to take The Miz or Del Rio serious. I like the Miz to be honest but not as the top heel and maineventer of the company. I love Dolph & I tolerate Cody but he isn't going to find it fully in them either.

The most complete heel on the roster is Wade Barrett. He's a rebel. He has the foreign gimmick which reminds me of the 80s. He has the unique look. A very cool t shirt and very brash promo style. He's the future.

9. Brian Pillman
He was also a rebel. He had that "Loose Cannon" personality and man did it produce well on television. This guy had a bright future but due to his tragic death we never got to see the climax.

8. Chris Jericho
Back in 2001 with this feud with Triple H he was the definition of a rebel. Man the way he treated Stephanie was awesome. He always was his own man and always was different from your typical blonde long haired wrestler.

7. John Cena (2003)
Just an unorthodox type of guy. I mean he came into the WWE with a totally different style when he started the rapper gimmick. It was different and it worked to perfection especially as a heel.

6. Jeff Hardy
Well, he always lived to the beat of his own drum. I loved this guy back in the day. To this day in TNA he's a rebel as far as how he doesn't answer to the authority of Eric Bischoff and simply does his own thing.

5. Sting
Had to put the Stinger on the list. Always was the lowkey guy in WCW. His hidden agenda and personality on Nitro back in 96 was just amazing. I loved it. The way he would come from the ceiling and very rarely did he cut promos with that gimmick. He was the biggest draw in WCW without ever really needing to talk during that period in 97 and part of 99.

4. Cm Punk
Do I need to explain? His feud now with Johnny Ace is a modern day Austin vs McMahon feud. Punk does not answer to authority and speaks his mind inside and out the ring. He's definitely added a genuine real life aspect to wrestling as he behaves the same way in all his interviews as he does in the ring.

3. Roddy Piper
The greatest talker in the history of this business hands down without a doubt. He spoke his mind and never held his tongue for anyone. I will always remember him for that. To this day he makes me laugh. Piper's Pit is one of the greatest things to ever happen in wrestling.

2. D-Generation X (Triple H & Shawn Michaels)
These guys will always be remembered for not giving a damn about the rules or authority. They had great run ins with the law with Slaughter and an even greater one with Vince McMahon. These two were awesome and I think them reuniting in 06' was an awesome run.

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin
I think he truly broke down what a rebel is. Steve Austin never answered to no man but himself. He did what the hell he wanted when he wanted. His feud with McMahon was literally one of the greatest feuds in the history of this business. It was the relationship that every employee wanted with their boss. It was great television from who I consider the greatest of all time.

Thank you all for reading this blog and I hope you enjoyed. This was also a fun one to put together. Hope you all can somewhat agree and please leave feedback. Be safe.

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  1. Wumby's Avatar
    Completely agree with you on Wade Barrett. All this speculation about ending Undertaker's streak should begin and end with Barrett. IMO, the streak should end...just because it would be a monster push and a monster heel push. Wade fits monster heel persona. I just don't see him being a heel this year, and switch to face. He could career heel and do it well...much better than Miz or ADR. Miz and ADR are good, but just not "monster" enough and I could see them doing the face/heel flip flop.
  2. Wumby's Avatar
    Or, I could see WB having a non-title match against anyone who has the belt now or had it last year, win that match, grab the belt and the mic, claim he's now champ, and challenge anyone to take it. Of course that would make a great feud with the "It's my belt, I want it back!" "Come get it if you can!" Thing...this doesn't matter if he takes it from a face or heel either.
  3. djslang's Avatar
    Im DJ Slang man

    knox ur blog is very cheap,othere than dx and stone cold,there has been way better guys out der,if i was u fix ur blog out.Oder den dat ur rap is good but i heard better.
  4. Sydnister's Avatar
    Top 10 rebels is wrestling history... not even close. Any list that doesn't include Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, Dick Murdock, Black Jack Mulligan etc... isn't taking "history" into account. It almost seems that you have forgotten everything that happened before the Monday Night Wars. Bruiser Brody was one of the genuine tough guys that promoters loved to make money on but hated to deal with. His rebel status was not a story line it was real life.
  5. Foxcat66's Avatar
    some good points, but i do feel that you are just doing this blog to talk more about Cm punk
  6. Sydnister's Avatar
    OH yeah. Lest we forget the Freebirds in WCCW. The Von Erichs were the "man" there and the Birds came in and thumbed their noses at everything Von Erich. Then again it is another situation where the "history" that I am remembering is about 15 years before your "history" began.
  7. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by djslang
    Im DJ Slang man

    knox ur blog is very cheap,othere than dx and stone cold,there has been way better guys out der,if i was u fix ur blog out.Oder den dat ur rap is good but i heard better.
    That was an awful reply. You just came in and said your name for some reason??? and dissed his blog. At least the other guy below you gave a suggestion on someone he might have overlooked.
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