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Build up of the Divisions, means more prestige.

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Mid Card Division, and Titles
Build up the mid card scene. Give the titles some prestige, and elevate them. Make them relevant again!

U.S. Title
Okay, Ziggler was a decent champion, but I think he is moving on to the main events, and unlike Ziggler. Ryder will actually defend the title. So it's a perfect time to build the title's competition and prestige.

Bring other mid card heels Clay, Swagger, and Mcintyre. Yes, I know these guys aren't the big names, but they still would make for great build up for the US Title.

What about the faces for the competition? That's easy, Ryder, Alex Riley, and Mason Ryan. Now I know they may not seem like much, but it's enough to help build up the mid card division.

After you build up the competition, and prestige with Swagger. Bring in The Miz, or Del Rio to raise the prestige and elevate the title. To help bring more competition in and make it look like a title that is really wanted. Let a former champion hold the title for a while.

I.C. Title
Cody Rhodes, is doing a great job of building the prestige but he cannot do it by himself. He needs decent competition to build the title up.

What would really build this title up is a feud with Sheamus. It would bring more competitors to compete for the title. Throw guys like Ted Dibiase, Johnny Curtis, Justin Gabriel and Trent Baretta in the I.C. Title Picture. Mix and spice it up with those guys, get them into feuds.

With good you have to have bad. Throw Jinder Mahal, Hunico, Wade Barrett, Tyson Kidd and Big Zeke. Yes I know he's a face, but he needs to be heel. He gets no reaction as a face. Mix and spice it up with these guys as heels. So the title picture don't get stale.

Tag Team Division, and Titles
Okay is it me, or is it a great time to build that up? With teams like the USOs, Air-Boom, and Primo and Epico. We still need more teams, so we can finally build up the prestige to the titles. Oh and stop breaking up teams, after not getting the titles.

Why not team Aley Riley, with Johnny Curtis? Both seem to be decent on the mic, and both need improving in the ring. They seem like they have similar styles. Could make a very good team if you ask me. Both are being over looked, could be a chance to get noticed!

I would also think Trent Baretta, and Justin Gabriel would make a pretty good team as well. Both have a unique style. Could be a good tag team.

Since, Ziggler is moving onto main events it seems like. How bout Vickie recruits Drew Mcintyre, and manages Mcintyre and Swagger as a tag team.

Team Tyson Kidd up with Tyler Reks. Seeing as Kidd is a smaller guy, and Tyler Reks is a big intimating guy. Kidd can do the talking, and Tyler can do the destroying. With their webshow that's out they are friends. Friends tend to have great chemistry. I say they would be a hell of a tag team.

With those guys build up the tag team division, and then bring in a megateam. Get Cena and Orton away from the main events, and have them team up. These guys would be bigger then DX. Really raise the tag team gold. Have them hold the tag team gold for a good while, and make the tag titles prestigious. Look on the bright side it would keep Orton and Cena away from the Big Championships.

Oh and bring in some managers for teams. Like Primo and Epico have Rosa. The USOs need to bring in Tamina. I'm not saying every team needs a manger, but the ones with poor mic skills need them. Besides it's not like the diva's are doing anything.

Diva's Division, and Title
To be honest, I thought the Diva's Divison was going to change with the dominate divas holding the title, and dominating the competition. Now we have enough diva's to really have a good division. WWE just needs to book more Diva matches, and take the diva's seriously. Let them wrestle, and build up characters. Share the spotlight with the divas, not just Kelly Kelly, and the other barbies. I mean it's not a serious division, and it's a joke. So anything is really a step up from what it is now.

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  1. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    Good blog but although I'd like to see Kidd in a team since it means tv time Reks is already in a good team with Hawkins and it's actually Reks and Hawkins' show.
  2. djslang's Avatar
    Im DJ Slang

    is it me or dis does not seem original
  3. AreYaSerious's Avatar
    thanks for the comment. I thought it was Kidd, Reks, and Hawkins. All I know is Reks needs to be in a team with one of them.

    @DJ Slang
    I don't know what you are talking about but I sat down and put thought into this.

    So, it is 100% original

    Thank you
  4. djslang's Avatar
    Im DJ Slang

    putting thought into this does not mean it is original u could be thinking of othere things about u seen and writting but dat is not wat i mean i mean is i heard lots of things from ur blog dat sound identical 2 wat a lot of people say all der time just putting it on u blog does not mean it is ur idea
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    tyler reks n hawkins are good as a team....kidd n Yoshi tatsu will be good...n al in all a gud blog..

    swagger sgould be the std bearer for us title as he's all american american...n IC should be with either barett or with Sheamus...
  6. Renevious's Avatar
    Good blog man, makes a lot of sense.

    @djslang. Dude, is English not your native language or do you really talk like that? I honestly believe I'm not the only one on here who can't understand a single thing you're trying ever trying to say.
  7. djslang's Avatar
    Im DJ Slang

    @Renevious how dare you talk to me like that,as you can see I can talk/type English.I think you and a lot of other EWN members need to get there eyes checked, because as you can see the word slang is actually apart of my name.I new people like you would insult me when I use slang, that is why I actually put slang as part of my name!!! I maybe a new member, but next time you insult me. I will make you cry like the little cry baby you are, and you will never come back to this site again.
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