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My Take on the WWE Ratings Problem

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I'll make this short and sweet--the WWE is missing something hard to notice, but monstrous problem when you do see it. A few clues to see if you can notice it.

  • HHH was one of the better ones.
  • Nexus and Wade Barrett SHOULD have been this.
  • Mark Henry was almost there, but his groin pull might've stopped him.

Figure it out?

Unstoppable Heel. HHH as a heel was unstoppable--he buried faces on PPV cleanly and moved on. Nexus was just laying people out and did it for awhile. And Mark Henry was getting there--he was strong and pretty unstoppable, but I don't know if I can say he lasted long enough.

The WWE needs a heel that ascends to the top and holds that title forever. I truly believe the WWE Universe prefers to hate than to love--Cheering someone is okay, but making the crowd HATE you makes you a star to them. Plus, when a heel holds a title, we get to watch faces (who we feel more attached to chasing the dream) take on the heel and try to be the one to upset them.

WWE Heels are sad. Pathetic. They're almost all cowards--no, sneak attacks aren't cowardly, they're smart. But a strong heel isn't going to turn tail and run without taking a hit--a strong heel stands his ground until the face starts getting it on him, thumbs his eye and retreats. The current WWE heels are underdogs the way they act. That should NEVER BE THE CASE. Bad WWE! BAD!

The Heel needs to be unstoppable. He needs to go cleanly over the faces on PPV for the majority of his title run, with few DQ or Screwjobs--unless the point is to make the stable or team the top wankoffs (Evolution, Nexus). The point is the crowd should believe that the Heel Champion is Goliath and the Face is David. Crowds. LOVE. Underdogs. And I have a perfect example of this style of champion and challenger that has been on fire the last month or two.

Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler has held the title for awhile and has looked fantastic. He's defeated Ryder multiple times on PPV with the title on the line. And when Ryder finally won? The place went NUTS. People LOVE Ryder and HATE Ziggler (and Vickie). People were so damn excited to see Ryder finally win over the dominating Ziggler. And, to be honest, the storyline was PERFECT by the WWE. People will say "Punk v. Cena" or "Orton v. Christian", but I believe "Dolph v. Zack" was, in fact, the best Storyline and Execution the WWE put out all year and it's not done.

So, to recap:

The WWE needs a strong heel that goes over faces cleanly. The Fans need to believe the face winning is an upset.

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  1. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    You make a Excellent point, Dominate Champions heel or faces are missing from the WWE but most importantly is stabilty. One week Del Rio is in the main event and the next he is jobbing to Kofi Kingston. One Month Miz is in the main events and facing Cena and the next month or few weeks he is getting squashed by Sheamuse in a Smackdown match..... Look How CM Punk destroyed Del Rio in under 2 mins on Raw then the Next month they expect us to buy a PPV with Punk vs Del Rio..... We Need Stronger Heels and better booked faces, Besides Cena, Orton and CM Punk, Booking for other guys are all over the place.

    Its to the point that a win over Miz, Del Rio, Ziggler, Ryder, and everybody else on the Card that isnt Cena, Orton, Taker and Punk, then the victory doesnt mean anything.
  2. robMstull's Avatar
    Very good read. I think that either Kane, or Brodus Clay could be the unstoppable heel in 2012. Yes, I said Brodus Clay.
  3. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    I like how you mentioned the WWE heels "turning and running"

    Like how Sheamus ran like a little girl yelling "Cena!" from the nexus last year or how The Miz got punked out by stone cold steve austin telling him get out of my ring and he just retreated then the next week got pinned by roddy piper lol

    WWE Booking is worse than Russo
  4. Final_Silence's Avatar
    I agree with needing an unstoppable heel, but HHH didn't win clean very often as a heel. When he was a face he did. I could probably count on one hand his clean heel wins. (Involving title)
  5. RomanFlare's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Final_Silence
    I agree with needing an unstoppable heel, but HHH didn't win clean very often as a heel. When he was a face he did. I could probably count on one hand his clean heel wins. (Involving title)
    I didn't look back to check, but that's how I remember him. Another one I had in mind was JBL, but then I recalled how he cheated a lot. But that's a good point: Even cheaters get remembered as domineering.
  6. jackw9's Avatar
    i think this is why ppv numbers are low but tbh not ratings i think thats down to silly segments and adverts,adverts lose alot of viewers its hardly must watch tv most of the time
  7. The Brown One's Avatar
    Interesting blog Romanflare. But I don't think ratings are down just to one reason. Last week I saw on another site, someone say that guys that are "dominating" are needed like Kane, Jericho and The Big Show. That won't work well, since none of them can really give a huge boost to ratings. What it boils down to is the stupid segments, and pushing people that no one cares about - or going about it the wrong way. More people would watch Raw if they didn't do danceoffs, and matches involving announcers. They would also watch if the WWE pushed someone who fans cared about, and do it right, instead of forcing guys like ADR down our throats.
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