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Weight classes in WWE

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IMO, I think weight classes in WWE would help to make the product more interesting and a lot more believable. To help identify my point, remember back when Rey Mysterio had the WHC. I like Rey a lot, he's put on great matches, classics even in WWE and WCW. But I'm sure more people than not will tell you it just sounds a bit ridiculous when you hear "weighing in at 175 lbs. the World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio". Now I'm not saying Rey should never hold a title, he deserves them, but how much more realistic would it sound introducing him as a lightweight champion. Even the current WHC, Daniel Bryan, sounds a bit unrealistic being the heavyweight champion while only pushing 210 lbs. So why not bring the Light Heavyweight title back again for people like Bryan, Punk, Ziggler, etc. While leaving the WHC for people like Cena, Barrett, Kane, Henry, Big Show, etc.

Now, I know adding these titles might make it so there are too many titles, but with the way they are combining the brands, is it really necessary to have a heavyweight champion for RAW and SD!? Get rid of the ugly ass WWE title, turn the WHC into the WWE WHC title, sort of combining the two titles like when they did the undisputed title with Jericho, Rock and Austin. This way we have 3 major titles in WWE. The WHC, the WLHC and the WLC. All being MAJOR titles, so we'll still have the minor ones like the US and IC titles to continue to use as a stepping stone for future major title contenders. So don't put weight restrictions on the US and IC title so they can still serve their current purposes.

Now, I'm not saying I would never like to see non-title matches between people in 2 different weight classes. I'd still like to see a light heavyweight contender like Daniel Bryan face a heavyweight like Jack Swagger or Wade Barrett. But having smaller guys representing the world HEAVYWEIGHT title, I just don't understand the logic behind that.

I also think this idea could help create stables once again and follow a story line about a dominate stable and their thing could be having all 3 major titles in their stable. This would even make it so this stable wouldn't have to feud with other stables. For example, if the Nexus were still around, with Wade Barrett having the WHC title, DB having the light heavyweight, and maybe Justin Gabriel(just needed a lightweight that was in the Nexus for example purposes) having the lightweight title. This could allow a feud between Barrett and Sheamus, DB vs. Punk, and Gabriel vs. Mysterio(all just examples to fit the class) and on weekly T.V. they could do individual matches to build the feud and could even do 6 man tag matches.

This will also lead to more title matches at PPVs so we don't get the nauseating filler matches like Cole vs. anyone. Open a PPV card like this:

1. US title
2. IC title
3. Tag titles
4. Lightweight
5. Light heavyweight
6. Heavyweight

Even mix 4-6 up and allow a lightweight to main even on PPV and so on to allow for all 3 of the major titles to be considered important to the company, making them important to the wrestlers, and more importantly they'll be important to the fans.

Well, I'm rambling, so per usual, I'll end it here and I encourage comments and even suggest to mold this idea I have now into something better with everyones help.

Until next time.


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  1. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    I can't say that I agree with this. This is wrestling, not boxing or MMA. the point of wrestling is that on any given day, any guy can beat anyone else. Eddie and Benoit wouldn't have reached the top of the mountain. If this had been done 30 years ago and were still in place it would be fine but if they were to bring this in now it wouldn't mean anything, everyone still wants the status of top dog and that comes with being the WWE or WHC.
  2. AreYaSerious's Avatar
    If that was the case you'd have to add a Super Heavyweight Title, which would be dumb.

    The only thing I can see them doing is bring in a Explosion championship for high flyers, little guys, or guys with an explosive offense. Kind of like the X Division in TNA.

    Weight Classes, would just make it worse.
  3. djslang's Avatar
    IM DJ Slang

    Dis blog is wack yo!!!
  4. Sydnister's Avatar
    If you did weight classes you would not have Rey Mysterio vs. Big Show with Rey winning and it looking believable... well mostly believable... well not believable at all but you still wouldn't have had the match. Unless Rey weighed in with Miz, and Swagger on his back that is.
  5. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Come on... Weight classes are a good idea in theory until you start realizing that in doing so, you marginalize guys of one size or the other... If not either extreme such as Show and Rey.

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