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The New Revolution, WWE's Young Talent

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So it's no question that the WWE is definitely going into a new era, there are plenty of young talent on the roster right now, but are some of them going to be forced into the main events to early? Well in this blog, I'll give my input on a few of these young talents, and say if I think they are for main events or not

Dolph Ziggler- So there's been a lot of hype over Mr. Ziggles recently, and I think he has definitely earned it really, he is THE best seller in the WWE today in my opinion, and I see nothing but greatness for Ziggler moving forward. Although, I don't see him getting there with Vickie/Swagger holding him back.

Wade Barrett- Another one who has been hyped up a lot recently, but honestly I don't think Barrett has proved himself to be worthy of a main event spot just yet. The reason I say not yet, is because he has a VERY bright future, but for right now, I like him staying in the upper mid card, maybe winning the IC title somewhere down the line, but in the future, I see multiple title reigns for Mr. Barrett

Alex Riley- I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really don' like this kid at all, he shows a lot of potential on the mike, but his in ring skills are seriously god awful, every match you ever watch of his it always goes the same way "oh a clothesline by Riley.... oh another clothesline by Riley..... Oh my god! another clothesline by Riley...." and that just will not get him anywhere, which is why he hasn't appeared on Raw in months, the guy shows potential, but he needs A LOT of work.

Cody Rhodes- I think this guy is the real deal, I like this guy more than any other young talent on the whole roster, his gimmick is great, his in ring skills are great, and his promos are great as well, I would much rather see this guy in the main events then Daniel Bryan, so I do expect BIG things from Mr. Rhodes

Daniel Bryan- I like this guy, but I think he won the World title way too early, obviously the guy can get it done in the ring, he's the best in ring guy in WWE, but I can't stand his promos, I really hope that WWE makes the right decision and has him as a heel, because his promos as a face always seem so cheesy, but being a heel, I'm sure he could pull off some better promos, and if Daniel Bryan could do even decent promos, then he would be a force to reckoned with in the WWE

Drew McIntyre- PLEASE STOP BURYING THIS GUY!!! This guy has so much potential, in ring, promos, gimmick, this guy is all around incredible, so WWE, please give him a chance

Zack Ryder- And the final one on this blog, the WWE... Internet champion, Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder. I honestly don't know what to think of this kid anymore, I mean, I like him because of his webshows, but that makes me feel like I'm just jumping on his bandwagon, which is something I don't like doing, the guy is entertaining though, and he is improving in the ring so I think I could see him having a successful career, but it will be awhile before he is anywhere near the main events.

Well that's all I have for today, hope all of you enjoy your Christmas, I'll hopefully make another blog soon, but don't wait up for it

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  1. Sully's Avatar
    Exactly what I was talking about. I don't think it's a good thing either, I mean these guys are being thrown at us. Guys like John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton, they all at least had some time to develop.

    Wade Barrett's first angle involved the WWE Championship. Sheamus being champion nearly a few months after coming to Raw. Bryan has only be in the company for what, a year?

    Don't even get me started on Alberto Del Rio.

    We have guys like Cody Rhodes and his friend Ted, who have been in the company since nearly 2007, they're getting buried. Kofi Kingston is a hell of a fighter, where the hell is he? In the 'freakin tag team picture!

    What about Booker T? When he was in TNA, he was still fighting, he goes to WWE and he comes straight to commentary. That guy deserves to be a main eventer, he deserves at least one title run before he's finished.

    What the hell ever happened to seniority?

    I think I know one of the reasons on why this is happening. People are leaving, and they're all leaving fast. Jericho, JBL, HBK, Batista, Edge got hurt, John Morrison is gone...all these guys were all in the company two years ago, and just like that they're all gone.

    Once Jericho comes back, hopefully we'll have some balance with new talent and old talent. We need to keep those big names in the main events, and then start slowly bringing up those young guys, one at a time.
  2. AreYaSerious's Avatar
    You know I hate to say this but Alex Riley reminds me of The Miz, when he first joined he sucked, but he improved. I don't know where the hell he has been. All those guys are great competitors, and I think if anyone deserves the be pushed to the main events it's Ziggler, but not right now. He needs to break it off with Vickie, so Swagger can get his career back on track. Maybe focus on the United States Title Picture. Your blog inspired me, I'm going to blog about what I think the wwe should do.

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