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Is there really a new regime??

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Hi happy holidays for you all, currently in the WWE we have a situation that many never expected to see in their, Phil Brooks and Bryan Danielson as world champions in the most importnat wrestling company simultaneously, this two guys made their names in the indies after years of hard work and finally conquer the throne of pro wrestling and you could say they are the most popular ine betwwen the IWC, so do they deserve it?, hell yeah, they had all what it takes, in ring ability, charisma, good mic skills, dedication, so we must be happy am I allright??.

You add Zack Ryder the U.S champion who used the impact of internet in today's society to create his own show on the web and promote himself, he gained popularity and boom, we saw how Zack started to climb in the ladder and besides showed Vince the advantage reisding in the social networks, so I been hearing some people after this past RAW show that we are in a new regime, that finally Vince heard us and his pushing the guys we claim for instead of the good old tested Cena/Orton/HHH era, the born of a new regime??, I don't think so.

Even of Punk and Bryan are on top that doesn't mean WWE will change his target market, yes maybe they were push for their good job and the desperate need for building new stars, but most likely if they are not capable of draw ratings they will be push down, don't get me wrong I like Punk, Ryder and DB, and I'm not taking into account last show low ratings, they were many factors like christmas, NBA return and other that could had affect the ratings, but if Cena sells well with the kids and those guys aren't able to do the same, well back to midcard, don't fix what is broken.

There is other factor too, PG era tranformation, if they do stay on top, their characters will be adapted into the PG babyface hero model, is happening to Punk, we all can notice that, WWE idea is to form superstars appealing to the casual fans, and seems when someones turn in the face of the company we begin to critize , what I mean we can have a future with Punk and Bryan as champions turned into a PG ish version, do we will still like them??, probably not.

The point is guys, there is no new regime, is the same as before just in a
period of testing wrestlers, nothing is really going to change for the IWC, is transition, WWE knows PG sells, they will focus in create superstars that sells for kids, so even if Punk, Ryder and Bryan manage to mantain on top, they will be transformed because is good for business, shame is not good for the IWC in general.

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