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Storylines for Cm Punk leading into Wrestlemania

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What's going on IWC, here are 3 storylines for Punk leading into Wrestlemania so I hope you enjoy (I'll try and do other storylines as well, hopefully tommorow)

Storyline 1:
'Best in the World' Cm Punk (c) vs 'Best in the World' Chris Jericho - WWE Champion match

Well, you got CM Punk who is currently the WWE Champion, so have him defend it against The Miz at Royal Rumble, which Punk wins. Then you have the 30-Man Royal Rumble match, when Chris Jericho returns as a heel and wins the Royal Rumble!

After the Royal Rumble, Jericho cuts promos teasing that he will face Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 28. So at Elimination Chamber, you have the Elimination Chamber match with Punk winning! After Elimination Chamber, you have Cm Punk and Daniel Bryan in the ring calling out Jericho to see who he will face, Jericho comes out to announce he is challenging for the World Heavyweight Champion before attacking D-Bry, he then attacks Punk, saying he ain't 'best in the world' for nothing, and announcing that he will face Punk at WM 28 for the WWE title AND to determine who is the 'best in the world'!

Possibillity of happening: 95%

Storyline 2:
Cm Punk (c) vs Daniel Bryan (c) - WWE Heavyweight and World Heavyweight Champion match to unify the the two titles

At Royal Rumble, you have Punk vs The Miz with Punk winning and D-Bry vs Mark Henry vs Big Show with D-Bry winning (Henry and Big Show target each other, when they are down, D-Bry goes for the pin) Cm Punk shockingly appears in the Royal Rumble match at number 30 and wins! The next night Cm Punk cuts a promo saying stuff like how he proved he is the 'best in the world' at what he does and stuff, and D-Bry comes out congratulating him, saying if they both survive at Elimination Chamber then they will face each other! At Elimination Chamber, you have Punk and D-Bry winning the Elimination Chamber matches, so the next night on Raw, they both shake to a Wrestlemania 28 Match!

Possibillity of happening: 35%

Storyline 3:
Cm Punk (c) vs Dolph Ziggler - WWE Champion match

Cm Punk wins the RR match against The Miz, and out comes Dolph Ziggler laying out Punk! The next night on Raw, Punk cuts a promo telling Ziggler to explain his actions, so Ziggler comes out saying he is sick off Punk thinking he is the best, most superior, etc. At Elimination Chamber, Punk wins the EC match and Ziggler strikes yet again, so at Raw, Ziggler challenges Punk at WM 28 to a WWE Champion match which Punk accepts!

Possibillity of happening: 50%

I hope you enjoyed the blog, feel free to comment on the blog, I'm off for now! Bye!

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  1. Cynicism's Avatar
    I don't get your percentages, if the first one has 95% chance of happening then the other two only have 5% to split between them
  2. RatedATB's Avatar
    Hmm I wonder who came up with the Punk winning the Rumble match as champion idea.....
  3. bearsfantildeath's Avatar
    im for punk vs jericho best in the world vs best in the world at what i do/ punk vs bryan for sure...or undertaker wins rr and punk def him to end the streak and completely solidify himself as a major, major player for years to come.
  4. vampiroandraven's Avatar
    Yea I like the first one that would be a good match. I am not sure about him winning the Royal Rumble. Cm Punk will probably lose the title to John Cena (John Cena vs The Rock) Then your Storyline will take place. I would love to see that match. wont be match of the year but a good one thats for sure.
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    I don't get your percentages, if the first one has 95% chance of happening then the other two only have 5% to split between them
    +1; even i am thinking the same...
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    Punk vs Jericho would be a real treat in terms of promos n also in terms of in-ring action...A GREAT ALL ROUND MATCH

    Punk Vs DB would be a gr8 thought in terms of In-Ring technique and also a sure shot contender for 5 STAR RATED MATCH...

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