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WWE and Impact Wrestling Awards 2011 1/3

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2012 and coming at it is the end of the world as we know it! So I thought I will write my own WWE and Impact Wrestling awards for 2011!

WTF?! Moment of the Year:

Christian winning the World Heavyweight Champion and losing it 5 days later

When Christian won his first major World Heavyweight Champion in the WWE, I was extremely shocked and chuffed! But then 5 days later it was all ruined as Randy Orton defeated Christian, which really pissed me off!

Promo Cutter/Talker of the Year:

Cm Punk

He is also the most Funniest Talker of the Year! But the promo shoot dissing Vince McMahon was just 100% classic and original! Great stuff and well deserved!

Diva of the Year:

Beth Pheonix

Who did you think it was? Rosa Mendes? This was completely predictable as all the other divas are boring and crap! (Except Natalya) I was completely disappointed with the Divas this year!

Knockout of the Year:

Velvet Sky

She is also the most improved Knockout of the Year, she has improved he ring abillities and she is great on the mic! I don't know why she lost the Knockouts Champion so quick and early!

Best Women of Wrestling 2011:

Beth Pheonix or Velvet Sky?

Championship Reign of the Year:

Dolph Ziggler

This had to go to Dolph Ziggler as United States Champion, and also he is the longest reigning champion of 2011! He has fantastic ring abilites and has improved he's mic skills by far!

Feud/Build up of the Year:

Cm Punk and John Cena

This feud was 100% built up! Which all like to see! And I was very impressed! It started with a Cm Punk promo shoot dissing Vince McMahon after Punk attacked John Cena, then Cm Punk got kayfabe suspended! John Cena indicating he might leave WWE to go to Impact Wrestling (Brother!), McMahon saying that the Punk vs Cena is back on and adding a stipulation that if Cena loses he is fired! And don't forget when we all were thinking about who was going to win, cause if Punk won, he would leave the WWE with the WWE title with Cena getting fired. But if Cena won, he would turn heel after he just done the 'Chicago Screwjob'! This was all just unpredictable, so WWE did 100% well on this one!

Hope you enjoyed the WWE and IW awards Part 1/3, and DON'T forget to vote on the Best Women of Wrestling in 2011! (Beth Phoenix or Velvet Sky)

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  1. Cynicism's Avatar
    Beth for woman of the year, looking forward to the other blogs
  2. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Best women's wrestler of the year is Beth Pheonix hands down. Even though Women's Wrestling stunk this year.

    I'll have a blog on this later about the reasons why Women's Wrestling stinks right now.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    WTF moment of the year is exactly when Xtian lost to RKO...though they have given us some gr8 matches to remember...I'm still pissed of the fact that Xtian was not given a gud reign..he needs a gud n lengthy reign...that guy needs to be treated better than what he's actually getting now...he's not just a vet but also a LEGEND who made tagteam division memorable in Attitude era n made TLC/Ladder matches memorable along with Edge/ n Hardyz....
  4. Shaz11's Avatar
    Agree with ya there, he desereved a lengthy reign, a veteran like him should not be treated bad and that gimmick he currently has is just disgusting! He should turn back into a babyface cause he was very over with the fans
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    Yes...he's always very over with fans..I hope when he returns from injury, he's put into something meaningful...

    When he won his second reign I thought at once, he'll have a long reign n at WM he n DB will feud...n damn..I was expecting more for him from WWE..:d
  6. Kidd smooth's Avatar
    Christian sucks as a main eventer. He was great as a tag team but other than that he sucks
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    Christian sucks as a main eventer. He was great as a tag team but other than that he sucks
    I have a diff of opinion...he has got everything to be a main event...he has luks, in ring skills n also mic skills...

    He's perfect main event material...

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