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Booking the IC Championship up to Wrestlemania

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In this blog I'll be saying how I think the Intercontinental Championship should be booked from the royal rumble up to Wrestlemania.

At the royal rumble have Hunico eliminate Cody
Rhodes. The following raw Cody cuts a promo saying how he was cheated and that he would of won the rumble had Hunico not eliminated him (or something along those lines).

The next week Hunico wins a triple threat match vs Rhodes and Sheamus to decide who'll take the final place in the Smackdown elimination chamber match (the other participants being Randy Orton, Mark Henry, The Big Show, Christian and Daniel Bryan(c)).

Early in the night Cody defeats Sheamus to retain the IC championship. Later on in the elimination chamber match, Hunico looks to be doing well when suddenly Cody attacks him from behind and he is pinned by Mark Henry.

The next Smackdown, Hunico calls out Cody and wants him to explain his actions, Cody says Hunico has always had luck on his side and that he didn't deserve to be in that match.
Later on that same night, during a 6 man battle royal to decide the new number one contender for the world heavy weight championship Hunico attacks and eliminates Cody.

The next Smackdown (I know I've said that a lot now) Hunico says that he now realises that Cody is too much of a coward to face him to which Cody replies that Hunico's just jealous of his looks and ability. Hunico issues a challenge to Cody for a match at Wrestlemania, Cody declines. Later in the night Cody attacks Hunico before his match and accepts the challenge.

At Wrestlemania Cody retains against Hunico. Their feud continues until Summerslam where Hunico wins the belt and Cody moves onto the main event scene.

(Side note: is anyone else really impressed with Hunico's in ring ability, he seems to use a variety of moves and submissions every match and I think him and Cody could put on some great matches).

Thanks for reading and I look foward to reading the comments.

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Updated 12-24-2011 at 01:12 PM by Callum

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  1. Great One's Avatar
    Hunico.....really? Really? Are you on crack? There's no way in hell this will happen....just saying
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