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Welcome to another edition of the blog form of SOT'E. First off, Merry Christmas (Santamas) and Happy Holidays to everyone out there. Now, on to business... I haven't done one in a little bit but, I have a pretty good topic I'd like to discuss. I've seen this posted once before but, I'm going for it again. I'm going to present BOTH sides of the arguement though and then see if I can come to a viable conclusion on what's exactly happening. What is the controversial debate I'm speaking of? Well, none other than Mr. John Cena himself of course!

Without a shadow of a doubt he is literally the most polarizing "company face" that has ever been. Cena has managed to climb to the tippy top of THE 'E and stay there for quite some time. He's gone from Prototype, to Ruthless, to rapper, to Marine, to SuperCena to... ??? And I think that's our problem. He's been stale as a character for so long, people are forgetting who he is. John is forgetting who he is. Right? Well, how about we look at the sides and see what the conclusion can be here. #LetsGO!

OF COURSE John Cena is face! He's one of the biggest merchandise draws in the annals of THE 'E's storied lifespan. He caters to everyone, he's the epitome of a role model. No drugs, no slack, all work ethic, he jokes but when it comes time to get the job done... he's all about it. He's a Champions Champion. He carries the belt with pride and wears it quite well. He's been known as one of the hardest working individuals in THE 'E if not THE hardest one. He's done hundreds of "Make-A-Wish" grants, he's done tons of TV appearances and radio appearances.

He's been in movies, has a CD... everything. He's beaten the best that the game has had to offer him. He's been "stunned" by Austin, had the torch passed from Austin, TO HIM specifically with a gesture of a beer. He is John Cena, your child (and mine) looks up to him and there's unwavering and undeniable proof that he's there for them and he'll never turn his back.

OF COURSE John Cena is a heel! He's been overtaken as the top draw for THE 'E by CM Punk who is emerging as the next face of the company. John is bitter because of it. He doesn't try to cater to everyone, he's turning his back on his "haters" per say and only focusing on a few select groups of people. Children and Women. His work ethic has been damaged lately. He's been performing at a lackluster rate, very complacient in his move set. (He's like a Pokemon.) He hasn't been Champion for a few months and the last time he was, CM Punk ate him alive. Slayed the giant. He hasn't been the same since. He's cut back on movies because of them being flops, he's not doing anywhere NEAR the amount of work he's known for. He's slacked on a lot of "Make-A-Wish" grants this year. Lack of popularity?

He's been called out for being basically a #bitch by The Rock... another guy for another time by the way but, basically the crowd has turned on him. He's even had some problems with his own "chain gang" recently. A lot of kids are getting older now and they're not down with the Hulk Hogan style of wrestling. He's even turned his back basically on all of the young kids that grew with him from 2002-2008. Those kids don't matter anymore because they want something different from him? They want change? So, you turn your back.

I honestly don't think there's a clear cut ending to this actually. John has been involved in plenty of memorable moments in THE 'E but, he's still viciously hated. I want to believe it's just a case of the fans hating him so much that he's been turned heel by proxy. Although his promos have been turned into a more serious and weird tone lately. Like for instance, if you listen to my Podcast, and I know you do (Cheap pop.) then you'll understand where I'm coming from.

I'm nowhere near trying to look into it but did anyone notice his attitude during The Slammys? His brim was down covering his face, he degraded all of The Rock's fans and anyone standing in his way, so... does that technically make Kane a face? I mean, is he going after the monster brewing inside of Cena? Does he know something we don't? Kane basically "silenced" John this past Monday and ripped up the "RISE ABOVE HATE" shirt. There's obviously a reason for this.

Kane has his targets set on Mark Henry for sure but, there's something about John Cena that's catching his attention. I personally don't necessarily think he's a "#HEEL" yet persay. I do think that this will be a slow build towards a turn though considering the new "John Cena Sucks" and the "We Can See You" shirts. This is definitely a clever marketing ploy by THE 'E... make him a face who's a heel... who's a face? Hmm... it's definitely interesting with good ol' Johnny boy right now, that's for sure.

Are you interested in his new character development?

Too little, too late?

Lazy way to make his character interesting again?

What are your opinons on the matter?

Sound off below so we can hear your thoughts and definitely check out so you can listen to new SOT'E Podcasts every week. Thanks for reading and see you again soon!

"Was 2011 One Of The Best Years Ever?"

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  1. RomanFlare's Avatar
    My only question is:

    Is Cena getting Real Heat, or X-Pac Heat?

    Real Heat: Vickie, Cole, Christian

    X-Pac Heat: Not based on kayfabe actions but instead force of character down the throat.
  2. shiromasan91's Avatar
    If you make Cena a heel, then who's there to take his place as a supermegaultra babyface on RAW? That pretty much leaves Punk and Ryder as your main faces of the show. While I think a heel turn for Cena would do him some good, it might need to wait a while. The timing is just not right.

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