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Blog Wars: KOTR Edition Semi Finals: Top 5 High Flying Moves 2

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Welcome to the second semi-final match in this exciting KOTR Edition of Blog Wars. First of all I like to thank everyone for making Blog Wars a success, I couldn't have done it without everyone who has and will participate and hope to continue next year. Happy Holidays The winner will move on to the final to face Dr. Death for the title of King of the Blogs. Today we have blogging sensation Rick Starr going up against the a former Blog Wars Champion, The Hit Man. Here is the list

Top 5 High Flying Moves

Same as the other semi-final blog and same criteria.

Rick Starr

I’ve made it into the Semi Finals of the KOTR Blog Wars, and I just want to say thanks to everyone who got me to the next stage!

5: The Elbow Drop

Several people have executed the Big Elbow from the top rope. People like “HBK” Shawn Michaels, and just more recently CM Punk, who has been doing the move in honor of the late Randy Savage. But when it comes to the best person executing that move, The Macho Man is clearly the best one to pull it off!

4:450 Splash.

The 450 is another high risk aerial assault that is a true spectacle. In the WWE Justin Gabirel has made an early name in his career using this finisher. However over in TNA AJ Styles has added a twist to this finisher. He does a springboard from the outside apron, to deliver the 450 Splash. So the question for everyone is what flavor of the 450 do you like? Regular or springboard?

3: The Frog Splash.

The Frog Splash is a quick aerial move, with flashy look, and high impact. They can be high and long, or they can be short, and quick. The Late Eddie Guerrero was one of the masters of this flying move, until he passed away in November 2005. Later on Chavo Guerrero picked up the finisher in his finisher, in Eddie’s name. Another great person who executes this “amphibious finisher” is Rob Van Dam. He has coined his finisher “The Five Star Frog Splash”

2: Running Suicide Over the top Rope

While the Suicide Dive is not a typical move, people would think about when it comes to the “Top 5 High Flying Moves”. However if you consider the distance and agility it takes to clear the top ropes, as well as the impact it has on us as fans. You would agree that this move should definitely be a “Top 5 high flying Move”! We see smaller guys pull this move off without a hitch. People like Rey Mysterio, and Sin Cara. However when larger men like The Undertaker pull the move off, then the move is truly a sight!

1: Shooting Star Press.

This inverted flip off the top rope is executed by few, but loved by many. The first time I saw a Shooting Star Press was by Marc Mero, when he debuted in the WWE. He called it “Wild-Thing”. Over the years I’ve seen some Luchadores use the move from time to time, but I never really saw anyone really own the move, up until the past few years when Evan Borne and “Air Borne” came along. Bourne has done this incredible move from just about everywhere! Off ladders, of the turnbuckle to the floor, he even has a standing shooting Star from the mat.

The Hit Man

5. Diving Elbow Drop

One of the most iconic high flying moves in wrestling history made famous by Randy Savage. This move led the Macho Man to many victories and eventually two WWF Championships. When Savage won the title at WrestleMania 4 with the move, he was the first man to win it with a high flying move. This obviously shows how strong this move was but now more often the move is used as a way to build to a finishing move rather than being the actual finishing move. This has damaged its credibility but it still holds up as one of the greatest with the likes of Shawn Michaels and CM Punk applying it to their move set.

4. Frog Splash

Jimmy Snuka made high flying offence famous when he took a splash off the top of the cage to Don Muraco at Madison Square Garden in 1983. Art Barr then revolutionised the move and the Frog Splash was born. Barr’s partner Eddie Guerrero went on to achieve great success with the move, winning the WWE Championship with it a No Way Out 2004. It may look like quite a simple move to make off the top rope but with enough height, the impact is more than enough to knock the wind out of you. RVD took the move one step further with the 5 Star Frog Splash where he would hit the move regardless of what angle his opponent was in.

3. Senton/Swanton Bomb

The Senton Bomb is a bit more ascetically pleasing than the other two mentioned which is why this is placed higher. One of the key factors of the success of a high flying move is to get the crowd of their feet and the Senton certainly does that. The Senton Bomb has been performed by many wrestlers including recently Hunico and Mr. Anderson but its Jeff Hardy’s Swanton Bomb which has been the most iconic. You could make a short film with the amount of times Hardy has excited the crowd with this one move. There has been so many times where Hardy has stolen the show using this move from heights that are unimaginable.

2. 450 Splash

This move is a bit harder to perform so it’s a true test of a wrestler’s athletic ability if he is able to successfully execute. This move isn’t as commonly used as other high flying moves so when it is used the crowd goes wild. Not only does it look really good but it is a sore move to take. Wade Barrett mentioned that Justin Gabriel’s 450 Splash was the sorest move he has ever taken. With a 450 degree spin, there is certainly enough momentum to knock the wind out of you when you receive the move. AJ Styles also performs this move off the top of the ropes and usually gives him the win.

1. Shooting Star Press

This move is easily the most dangerous move to make. There have been two high profile incidents with this move in the WWE alone. The first was the classic ending to WrestleMania 19 where Brock Lesnar landed on his head when he attempted the move half way across the ring on Kurt Angle. The other was when Billy Kidman accidentally gave Chavo Guerrero a concussion in 2004. This lead to a rivalry involving Kidman and Paul London with the basis of the storyline was the Shooting Star Press. It says a lot about the move when a storyline is made out of it. It is a very difficult move to execute and takes a lot of athleticism to pull off. Like the 450, the move is very impactful and can knock the wind out of the opponent.

I found it interesting that in the last blog both guys put the elbow drop at the top while in this blog both guys put the SSP as their #1. Both great lists and these guys are really pulling out everything to win.

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  1. scottishboy's Avatar
    i personally will vote for Rick Starr for including the Undertakers dive which is a incredible move considering the size and physical wellbeing of the man. both very similar picks and both excellent choices.
  2. Callum's Avatar
    Both great lists but my vote goes to The Hit Man as he put the Swanton Bomb in there
  3. rodrik's Avatar
    the hit man
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    The Hit Man!!!!
  5. toobeastly33's Avatar
    The hit man for sure, but Rick star also had a great list
  6. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    Rick Starr wins it because of the suicide dive
  7. Destruction's Avatar
    Rick Starr

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