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An idea for the WWE Network

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I'm going to start off by saying I'm a wrestling fan, not just a WWE or TNA or ROH fan. I like them all. Admittedly, I enjoy/watch WWE more often than the others, so you'll never really see me on here bashing TNA or trying to contribute "intelligent" opinions about it because I know some/but not a lot.

But last night, while watching iMPACT, I caught the X-Division contest between two guys I don't remember their names, some guy with what seemed like a plain generic character with 2 tone trunks and a guy who sprayed his hair and wore bright blue pants. Didn't really pay attention to their names or gimmicks, but the match was really cool to me. Fast paced, nonstop action. It kind of made me wonder why all of their matches weren't like that, and mostly, WHY DOES WWE NOT DO ANY OF THIS?

IMO, Sin Cara would be great to watch if WWE brought this stuff to WWE. I know they have some matches that are like that with people like Bourne, Kofi, JoMo before his departure, etc. and I used to find those exciting. But when I saw this, I felt it was way better than those. I know SC botches a bunch of moves, but he doesn't really face many people with his style, and when he does, the matches are really really short.

I know there are only so much space on RAW and SMACKDOWN, but now they have the network and we have been promised more live action, so why not created a division/brand/show all devoted to this, bring back the cruiserweight title and a new minor title i.e. the IC and US belts. I'm almost positive RAW and SD! will stay on USA and SyFy or whatever network SD! gets moved to, so what other live action is there going to be? NXT, FCW? Ok. Shit, you can even just turn SUPERSTARS into this and make it exclusively Cruiserweights fighting for THEIR Main title, minor title, and tag titles. Every week on RAW and SD! have one match from this new "brand" to show it off, give people who don't have the network, want to GET the network so they can watch these performers. Eventually, the brand will get bigger and they will have another outside network like USA asking for this show. Expand the WWEs so-called style. WWE stands for WORLD Wrestling Entertainment, so why is it they use mostly one style. I read on article on here saying McMahon was encouraging Del Rio to lose the Lucha style. How can you tell someone to change their style? Expand, cover every damn style in the WORLD you can!

Move Cara, Bourne, Kofi, etc. over there and start signing for guys of that caliber and style. People can say "well those guys are too big to take off RAW and SD!." Maybe so, but those shows are enough stars where they can survive without these guys, and it will also help build up this new brand and make people want to watch, instead of just getting a bunch of people not many folks would know.

Keep this seperate(storyline wise) from RAW and SD! I know I said have 1 match a week on the shows to promote it, but I mean I don't want to see Kane or Wade Barrett coming out in the middle of a match and destroying two 190lbs guys. Two different worlds, keep them seperate.

I don't know, maybe this idea just sounded better in my head. But, in my head, it sounded great, so I figured I'd share it with you guys, let me know what you think.

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  1. lewism173's Avatar
    great blog and yeah that would be great but they mite need to be a little lose with weight limt's for it to work so guy's like Sin cara, bourne, kofi, bateman, curtis, barreta, hawkins, ryder,rey, percey watson could all compete and more if they hired I mean richie steamboat would be great for that so would paul london and any other former crusierweight they could rope in
  2. Sundaycall's Avatar
    I like the ideas and agree they should introduce something like this to shake things up.

    Im not sure the Network is going to fly though, especially with shows for cruiserweights etc, I just don't know if the WWF has enough talent or the ability to build new names quickly, even on minor shows, if it wanted to.

    Theyd need a handful of established stars to give new shows a leg up. That when they tried to relaunch ECW and made Kurt angle the main star... Only you know, successful this time.

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