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WWE: People Who I Feel Bad For

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With the Holiday season coming up, it is great to look at those who may not have it as good as you and reflect (even if they are multi-multi-millionaires)

Disclaimer: I have not been watching the WWE product lately but I have been reading about it to stay current. However, I feel that my opinions can still be made without sitting through every second of Raw, Smackdown, NXT(?), and Superstars.

People I Feel Bad For Right Now

The Winner of the Royal Rumble
Usually the person who wins the Royal Rumble is supposed to main event at Wrestlemania. The last few years that has not been the case. Despite your opinion of keeping that tradition or not, the winner still had one of the top three most important/looked forward to match on the card. This year, the winner is most likely going to have the fourth or fifth most important/looked forward to match. With the rumored, and I know it's rumored, matches on the card, here is the breakdown (top 2 can be interchanged):

1) Cena v Rock
2) Undertaker v ??? (rumored HHH)
3) Jericho v Punk (rumored and fingers crossed)
4) WWE Champ (if Punk v Jericho is not for title)
5) WHC Champ (could be #4)

So potentially, the biggest moment of someone's career maybe pushed to the back-burner.

John Cena (really? ...yes)
Even though I am not a fan of SuperCena (the character, the man has to be well-respected) the hate is continuing to increase. Now I don't feel bad that he is getting booed, that's what wrestling is about, but I am starting to feel bad that the WWE is trying to profit off of his haters. Here is the shirt for those who haven't seen it. When was the last time a top heel got a anti- shirt let alone someone who is still the top face of the company. I really feel that this is a slap in the face to Cena.

The 1/2/12 Returner If It's Not Jericho/Taker
This one is a stretch as I truly believe that this promo is for Jericho or Taker, but imagine the disappointment for many fans if it's not? The WWE would be behind this guy and anyone who gets return/debut videos is going to get a huge push. With the fans expectations so high, it could be meaningless if it's not a big name. I would feel terrible for that guy (or gal) whose biggest moment of their career is met with a collective sigh is disappointment.

John Morrison
If he didn't let his lady-friend lead him down a road of heat, he would fit perfectly right now is WWE's movement of smaller, not hugely muscled champions. With his in-ring talent and build, right now would be the perfect storm of events for him to be champion. But where is he? ...seriously where is he?

What are your thoughts? Do you feel bad for anyone?

Thanks for making it this far!
Crack, out.

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  1. Dubs's Avatar
    Why would anybody feel sorry for the winner of the Royal Rumble? They get a chance to compete for a World Title at Wrestlemaina either way.
  2. VanWilder's Avatar
    I disagree with the 1/2/2012 part. I think with the internet being such a huge part of pro wrestling, the fans rarely are genuinely surprised anymore. I think if it ends up being the Undertaker most fans will be disappointed because it was so predictable and because they used the same sort of vignettes last year for his return. At least with Chris Jericho there is much more anticipation behind his return because we haven't seen him for a while. I do agree that Drew McIntyre belongs on your list and your thoughts on John Cena, his continued attempt to get over with the fans being met with boos are getting pretty sad.
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