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WWE: People Who I Feel Bad For

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With the Holiday season coming up, it is great to look at those who may not have it as good as you and reflect (even if they are multi-multi-millionaires)

Disclaimer: I have not been watching the WWE product lately but I have been reading about it to stay current. However, I feel that my opinions can still be made without sitting through every second of Raw, Smackdown, NXT(?), and Superstars.

People I Feel Bad For Right Now

The Winner of the Royal Rumble
Usually the person who wins the Royal Rumble is supposed to main event at Wrestlemania. The last few years that has not been the case. Despite your opinion of keeping that tradition or not, the winner still had one of the top three most important/looked forward to match on the card. This year, the winner is most likely going to have the fourth or fifth most important/looked forward to match. With the rumored, and I know it's rumored, matches on the card, here is the breakdown (top 2 can be interchanged):

1) Cena v Rock
2) Undertaker v ??? (rumored HHH)
3) Jericho v Punk (rumored and fingers crossed)
4) WWE Champ (if Punk v Jericho is not for title)
5) WHC Champ (could be #4)

So potentially, the biggest moment of someone's career maybe pushed to the back-burner.

John Cena (really? ...yes)
Even though I am not a fan of SuperCena (the character, the man has to be well-respected) the hate is continuing to increase. Now I don't feel bad that he is getting booed, that's what wrestling is about, but I am starting to feel bad that the WWE is trying to profit off of his haters. Here is the shirt for those who haven't seen it. When was the last time a top heel got a anti- shirt let alone someone who is still the top face of the company. I really feel that this is a slap in the face to Cena.

The 1/2/12 Returner If It's Not Jericho/Taker
This one is a stretch as I truly believe that this promo is for Jericho or Taker, but imagine the disappointment for many fans if it's not? The WWE would be behind this guy and anyone who gets return/debut videos is going to get a huge push. With the fans expectations so high, it could be meaningless if it's not a big name. I would feel terrible for that guy (or gal) whose biggest moment of their career is met with a collective sigh is disappointment.

John Morrison
If he didn't let his lady-friend lead him down a road of heat, he would fit perfectly right now is WWE's movement of smaller, not hugely muscled champions. With his in-ring talent and build, right now would be the perfect storm of events for him to be champion. But where is he? ...seriously where is he?

What are your thoughts? Do you feel bad for anyone?

Thanks for making it this far!
Crack, out.

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  1. LegendsMadeWrestling's Avatar
    I personally don't feel bad for Cena he brought this to himself cuz of his reputation with the lil one's outside the WWE which to me is whatever you do outside the WWE is your business but when it's live we want to see character, great matches and most important ENTERTAINMENT which Cena has been lacking since his debut but that's my Opinion people say he lost it after he gave up the Thugonimics character which I also hated but at least he had character. But What I feel sorry for are the one's who turn heel to face which I'm talking about Cm Punk, Randy Orton and Shamus WHY?? because they were these bad ass guys and all of sudden they are these happy, smiling and crappy jokes faces which to me are gonna make them lame if they keep being like that for years to come.
  2. knox's Avatar
    Personally, I love this freakin blog lol just fantastic and a very creative idea. You hit the nail on the head with Cena. I feel very bad for Cena because its hard to ignore at this point. People hate this man because he was the chosen one of a new era. WWE ruined Cena. Before the Pg Era, Cena was for adults.

    In a Tv14 environment, Cena wouldn't have as much haters. When your the leader of anything, people will either love or hate you. Look at Obama, he's the leader of the country and has a kazillion haters and a kazillion supporters lol eventho i made that number up.

    I would add: Drew McCintyre to the list and Booker T.

    Drew was the chosen one and now he can barely get a match on Superstars. Horrible booking, he had it all and was and still is one of my favorites.

    Poor Booker T got embarrassed by Cody at TLC. I think that was horribly booked. Booker T looked like a weak old man who was disrespected. Booker T is a 6 Time World Champ and needs to be treated with respect. They would never do something like that to Triple H, HBK, Steve Austin or the Undertaker so why do it to Booker?

    Also I hate how Booker has to take all that grief from Cole on commentary. Its annoying that they feed Cole these lines to bash Booker anytime he say's anything. I mean it seems so fake because Booker made a career of not taking any mess and all of a sudden he's booked to take all these insults from Cole.

    Hey man brilliant blog and sorry for writing a book lol keep up the good work I'll be sure to lookout for more of your work.
  3. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Well for the "Cena sucks" shirt, I don't know why ANYONE would feel bad for him. Even Cena stated in an interview that he has been asking for the shirt for over two years. And to be honest, it fits right in with his character: he gives them all what they want. For those who hate Cena enough to buy the Shirt, just to spite him, he still gets a cut of the money, so either way he's still smiling.

    If there was anyone I had to feel bad for it's people like Drew McIntyre. This time last year, McIntyre was a young wrestler, and at one time that had a bright future in the WWE. Now he's somewhere on the back burner, just ready to be future endeavored. A winner of the Royal Rumble match, is the least of anyone's problems in the WWE, if you ask me.
  4. Marx's Avatar
    Cena is a true soldier, he knows how the business works. He sells the indignation perfectly, tweeting the 'rise above hate', even keeping the option of a heel turn open..

    I think that when the WWE is sure that CM Punk is the face of the company in all demographic, Cena will turn heel, and it will be a magnificent moment.
  5. jaxxvsyou's Avatar
    I dont feel bad for cena, Guess what, he is a heel, who felt bad cus JBL or million dollar man got boo'd? nobody he is a heel just played in a different light..he isnt the typical heel either, PS the Anti cena shirts...cenas idea =D THATS why he is respected..he does do this for the fans but he cant have a typical heel turn either he cant bash someone in the head..too too much invested, how better to make him a heel then to keep him as is?
  6. zerosystem's Avatar
    I made a blog about this issue some time ago. The people who boo Cena because they genuinely hate him are just playing into McMahon's hands. At first, it was meaningful since the WWE constantly tried to make Cena the good guy to win back thise fans, but it never worked. Noiw Vince is using the IWCs own hate against Cena against them, not only in storylines, but now in merchandise as well. Any way you look at it, Vicne and Cena come off as the winners.
  7. Shaz11's Avatar
    Agree with Knox, Drew McIntyre should be on the list, he has got the full package and now he's being used on Superstars!
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