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Ideas for The Undertaker's WM Streak Match

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Hey Everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here bringing another hot topic debate to the EWN Blog scene. This will be another short one and will only focus on The Undertaker and his WM Streak.

By now, everyone heard HHH basically confirm his rematch with The Undertaker for this year's Wrestlemania, when he gave his speech at the Slammy Awards. Either that, or there will be no Undertaker match, which would be a shame.

The Undertaker Streak matches at Wrestlemania have really become a showcase. They have become something to look forward to. It doesn't matter who he fights, as long as it's someone credible. We all know he's not going to lose but we get excited anyway because of the "what if". I mean, if we know what's going to happen, why do we watch? The case we were wrong. We also like to see how close someone comes and then The Undertaker pulls off the impossible because, at Wrestlemania, he just cannot be beat. Having said that, here are a few scenarios, or better yet, just some ideas, about how to handle it this year.

Scenario 1: Undertaker vs HHH, Streak vs Career, HBK as the Special Ref.

Okay, so the Undertaker has fought HHH twice and this will be the third time at Wrestlemania. And they throw the HBK ref stipulation to tease a "screw-job" ending. All match long, HBK gives HHH some faster counts, and slow counts Taker. Near the end, HHH looks like he might have him beat, and HBK delivers Sweet Chin Music, to his best friend, saying I couldn't beat him, and neither can you. Undertaker picks up the win. HBK helps HHH up and as HHH gets angry, they end up just embracing and thanking the crowd and all that. Moral of the story, HBK did what was in his friend's best interest.

Scenario 2: Undertaker vs Mankind, No Hold Barred

Both men are up there in age and they'll never duplicate their rivalry from pre-attitude era, but would still just bash each other around a little bit, giving the WWE fans a final look at both legends. Old school fans like myself and the many that will be tuning in just to see The Rock, would definitely appreciate this match, even if it's not that great. Undertaker wins, Streak goes to 20. Mankind gives him a run but in the end, The Dead Man Cannot be beat at Wrestlemania.

Scenario 3: Undertaker vs HHH, Streak vs Career, No Holds Barred

Okay, this is my favorite and I would love to see this. It's almost definitely not going to happen, but hey, we can dream, right? Here goes.

Undertaker and HHH come close to duplicating last year's match with some major brutality and break all the rules of the PG Era. I mean weapons from everywhere, head shots, broken tables, the works. And HHH is unable to keep The Deadman Down. Suddenly, here comes Kane. He chokeslams The Undertaker. He leaves him lying in the ring. HHH goes for the cover. Kick out. Here comes Nash. He grabs Taker and Jacknife's him. HHH covers him. Another kick out. Finally, here comes HBK. He gives him Sweet Chin Music. He stands in the ring, staring down at him while the crowd boos. He turns around and Superkicks HHH as well. He pulls Undertaker on top of HHH. The Streak lives forever. The Undertaker overcomes all the odds possible and what a way to end a career.

I know my favorite scenario would never happen unless I was writing the match myself. But like I said, we can hope and dream. I like the prospects of 1 and 2, though seemingly, according to reports, #1 seems most likely.

I won't be posting again until next week. I hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas. If you don't celebrate Christmas, don't be too sensitive, and have a Happy Holiday.

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  1. Rick Starr's Avatar
    I'm sorry but you still left out Undertaker vs Jericho which is still a big possibility. Sure everyone has been talking about Punk/Jericho, which can still be a great match somewhere else down the road. I think if Jericho is in fact returning to the WWE, I think a match with him against the Undertaker is once in a lifetime, we have already seen Taker vs HHH twice.
  2. cjstonecold's Avatar
    What I would like to see is Taker take on whoever and win this year. And get healthy enough for one more Wrestlemania match next year. His opponent- John Cena. One for the ages. I would then end his streak there cuz if there ever was a person who you could put that burden on would be Cena. He is booed out of the building anyways. It would be the final passing of the torch and give Cena the right to pass the torch on in the next 3 or 4 Wrestlemania's. Will probly get crowned for this opinion but with me being a fan of both men, they would put on a match for the ages!!!

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