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Is the Kane/Cena Feud a Good or Bad Idea?

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Hey Everyone. I'm actually getting sick of the name, DK Wrestling Savior, because I'm not the wrestling savior, I only wish I was rich enough to be one. I'm just an opinion man, so look for a change...right around January 2nd. *he he*

I'm going to touch on a few things about the Jericho return before I go into the Kane vs Cena feud. This will be another quick one because TNA needs some love next time around. Here we go.

It has been reported and debated over and over again that the January 2nd video is for Chris Jericho's return. And while I may have been wrong in my last post about a few things, regarding some possible alternatives, I still contend that it's not for Jericho. I believe Jericho is returning and soon, but not on the 2nd. I realize I will probably eat my words in two weeks when it's finally revealed, but in my opinion, it should go like this.

Jericho is expected to return for a short run and feud with CM Punk that is supposed to culminate at Wrestlemania. It would be a phenomenal match and one that everyone wants to see. However, there are some problems with this. First, he's going to get a huge pop when he returns. Is that really what you want to contend with your new top face? Second, what's he going to do when he returns? Come in and for no rhyme or reason, just start something with CM Punk and start jobbing out right away? Either scenario is a lose/lose situation. Jericho's return should be as a mystery entrant at the Royal Rumble. He should win the Rumble, and over the next few weeks, make his decision on which title to go after, then go heel and choose Punk for Wrestlemania.

Now onto the real topic of this blog...The Kane vs John Cena feud. Is this a good idea or a bad one? Let's break it down.

This feud is a good idea because...I can't think of a single reason except it gives Cena something to do between now and Wrestlemania. Since Cena has noted the past two weeks that he'll see The Rock at Wrestlemania, I think it's safe to say we won't see or hear from the precious one, anytime before, say, mid-March. Well, you can't have a feud with one person promoting it and the other one absent, and since you can't just keep Cena off TV until then, you need something, anything for him to do, without him getting in CM Punk's way.

This feud is a bad idea because they just built Kane up for his resurrection and return and all that good stuff, and it would make them look really stupid if they just jobbed him out to Cena. On the flip side of this scenario, they're building up the Cena vs Rock match as if it's the greatest and most epic spectacle to ever grace a television screen. Well, that loses merit if John Cena is involved in a feud with Kane and is losing left and right.

So, now it begs the question, why this feud and why now? I personally think it is another chapter in the Cena Heel turn Saga. Will he turn? Will he be able to keep up his Rise Above Hate movement? Kane has attacked him twice and gotten very nice pops for it. It doesn't take a genius to realize that Kane's return would have been popular among the masses. And just because someone beats up Cena, doesn't make them instant heels anymore. Surely the WWE had to have known this. So why do it? What were they expecting?

I personally think they are testing the theory out once more. Like a previous post of mine regarding Cena's heel turn, I think they're turning to us to see what sticks and what slips.

I don't read spoilers, I watch the shows, so I'll be waiting until the weekend for my next post. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is having a great week.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Glamour Girl
    I think the feud is a bad idea. The same day Kane ripped off Cena's shirt Cena lost to Kane in a dark match after the show, but only because of DQ when Cena hit Kane with a chair. From what I read Cena pretty much owned Kane after that even if Kane did win technically. I think this is what the feud will continue to be like. Cena will continue to be the Superman he's been for years and not go heel and I believe the whole thing will only lead to Cena feeling even stronger in his beliefs and newly inspired while Kane loses any momentum he got during his return. While WWE may be testing the waters for a Cena heel turn I don't see it happening because as Vince has shown us many times in the past he cares more about money than his fans and the kids are spending the money still even if Cena is getting booed out of the arena. I firmly believe at this time that Cena will stay a face and Kane will become just another one of WWE's dropped balls.
    Very well said. Thank you for reading.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by matt1tude
    actually jericho's old persona statement was "king of the world" and even though they are similar id reckon king out ranks best.
    Actually, it was "I'm the best in the world, at what I do"
  3. matt1tude's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    Actually, it was "I'm the best in the world, at what I do"
    i do apologize, after looking into it he did say that during his last run. i had stopped watching wwe during that time. the reason i had said it was king of the world was cos it was the phase he was using around 2002 time, he even had a theme tune based on it.
  4. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    First I will say this was a great blog.
    Do I think that this feud is a great idea? Absolutely!
    Do I think that this is the right timing for it? No. Especially being this close to Wrestlemania. The reason that I say that is because if God forbid Cena got hurt, you could kiss Cena-Rock goodbye.
  5. jpmachen's Avatar
    I agree with AOF666. I DON'T think this is a set-up for a Cena heel turn. I think it's an attempt to get fans back on Cena's side. But why? Well I feel there are a couple of reasons.

    The main reason: 1. Rock is going to put Cena over at WM28. Just like Hogan did to Rock years ago, now its time for Rock to put Cena over. Pass the torch time. But how bad would it look if after Rock put Cena over at WM everyone boos Cena after his win? BAD! So WWE is trying to use Kane to get get fans back on Cena's side.

    2. WWE is scared out of their minds on what would happen if they actually turned Cena heel. Unlike Hogan, whose heel turn redefined his career, this could potentially end Cena's career. Times are different, and I don't think Cena's heel turn would have the same effect like Hogan's had. Hogan had the whole NWO storyline to back his turn and build up and surprise leading to his turn. Cena has none of that. WWE realizes the risk they could take in doing this with Cena. And I honestly don't blame them.

    What really solidified this for me was how brutal they made this last attack look on Cena, where it basically looked like Kane was suffocating Cena. You almost felt a little bit of sympathy for Cena in that moment. That's when it hit me. They are trying to get everyone back on Cena's good side. I don't blame WWE for trying to do this, but is Kane the right person to do this with? I tend to lean towards the negative on that. You can't build up an anticipated return and "resurrection" of Kane and then expect everyone to start booing him now. Especially when you have an open ended storyline between Kane and Mark Henry with the injury angle. You can't just have the attitude of "Let's forget that ever happened." I think it's a great idea to get people back on Cena's side, probably the only option left to get people behind Cena again, but with Kane... I don't know...
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