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Only Viable Cena Turn

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Since you actually clicked this, I can safely assume that you didn't just roll your eyes at another "Cena Heel Turn" blog. Bare with me on this one as I think it is actually a great way for Cena to turn heel and actually shows that, if the WWE did do this, they are well aware of their own faults.

1) Put the WWE Championship Match, containing Champion Punk, after The Rock vs Cena.
This is UNFATHOMABLE. Rock v. Cena is the biggest match in awhile and it truly deserves top billing, but I have both logic and reason for this. Logic: Hogan vs Rock was actually 3rd to last at X8--Jericho vs HHH for the Undisputed Title was last. Reason: It plays into the heel turn.

2)Long Title Reign by Punk.
We're talking Survivor Series at the worst. He has to hold that title for a long time and be booked rather strongly--Cena esque, if you will.

3)Continue increasing Punk's air time while decreasing Cena's after Wrestlemania.

4)Book Cena vs Punk
This should happen around Summerslam. Cena has to go under here and go under by tapping. And the less of "Super Cena" we get, the better. I'm not saying "try for an average match", I'm just saying "Book Punk clearly stronger".

5)Have Cena start getting ignored by heels and figureheads.
Faces can still interact with him, but unless their in a match with him, Heels should look at Cena and laugh.

6)Cena runs in on a CM Punk match and smacks him with a chair. This happens multiple times.
Carbon Copy of what happened earlier this year when Punk was on commentary and would attack Cena.

7)Have Punk call out Cena after a few beatdowns and have Cena drop a fantastic promo.
At this point Cena reveals his reasoning for attacking Punk--He's jealous. He's jealous of Punk's ability and charisma. He's jealous of how much the fans love Punk, how much merchandise he sells, how the locker room likes him. He's wants his spot as the face of the company back. And when Punk says "no", Cena flys off the handle and beats him down again. Have Cena just explode--tearing up the ring, attacking Jerry at ringside, even throwing water in the face of a plant in the audience.

And voila: Heel Cena. It takes time, months, decreases our exposure to Cena and provides a realistic point for his turn: He misses his spot. A man who's been the face of the company for so long couldn't just sit there and watch someone else be the face. And it creates a hungry, vicious heel character for Cena to play rather than this "Erbody hates me but I'm cool with it" PseudoHeel character he has now (based on fan reaction).

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  1. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    This would be a good way of going about it, I think... not really an out-of-the-blue "oh, I'm a bad guy now" thing but a credible turning point that people could get behind - and maybe even help Cena recoup some respect by doing so. It's hard to respect Cena for just letting things lie and turning the other cheek. Punk sure as hell didn't - he picked his spots and made history. The turn you described above would help Cena become relevant again. Not just relevant, but believable and even respected more than he is right now.
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    It sounds believable if you book it for a long time. This is one of the only ways I can see it legitimately happening. But what happens when Cena does turn heel? Do his match routines change?
  3. TheEelDeal's Avatar
    I dont think you need alot of this....

    I think a loss to Kane at RR, Rock paying out on him at RAW, then screwed over by someone at EC - or by everyone - and have him go over the edge. Finish at WM with Cena turning Heel during his match with the Rock cheating to win...

    My big concern is a "loses to Kane and gives into Hate" garbage storyline.
    Updated 12-23-2011 at 04:26 AM by TheEelDeal
  4. Cobra's Avatar
    Interesting write 'if a Cena Heel turn' were to happen. But like many I still don't see it happening. He uses the cheers and the boos to support his character. And as much boos as he gets, he gets enough cheers from the same people who purchase his merchandise. Not to mention (like mentioned many times before) his tie ins with the troops, Make A Wish, etc. He's stale to some, but still a 'hero' to many more, and I don't see anybody else qualified to be the 'face' of the company to that extent. I'm personally not a fan of Cena (though I wouldn't say I'm anti-Cena) and never really have been, and I can see a Heel turn happening, to freshen up his character and storylines, BUT, regardless if your one to think he's stale or not, it is still too soon. He could just use his popularity for other reasons (like what he did for Ryder) to keep him out of the main event picture till 'Mania.
  5. ewantu2's Avatar
    When he beats down on Jerry that should be how we goes out and make it seem like Cena retired him for good to get him heat for the kids.
  6. mrbluto's Avatar
    I could see that. Kids turning on him would work also, have him lose to Punk after WM then have him lose to someone like Zack Ryder, have the camera shot of a kid looking disgusted and throwing down his Cena shirt. Over the next month have him get more and more angry with the kids for turning on him.
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Very well written. I will go out on a limb and say that the process is already in the works. He wasn't in TLC, his appearances have been short. I think they want the Cena Heel turn to happen going into Wrestlemania. This way, he can cheat to beat The Rock and neither of them job cleanly. They don't lose credibility by having Cena lose to past icon. They don't have The Rock lose cleanly in his home town to Super Cena. It works, but only if he's a heel. Don't do the 'Austin beating The Rock down with a chair' sudden heel turn thing they did back at Wrestlemania whatever.

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