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Who Will Win the Royal Rumble?

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Hey guys, BlackFalcon here. Well with the New Year coming up, there is one thing on every wrestling fan's mind... The Royal Rumble is just around the corner. The best thing about the Rumble is that is so unexpected, Legendary returns, unexpected turns, and the fun of the eliminations. Another good thing is that there are so many people who deserve to win it, and you really think they could. So who in the roster has the best chance of winning? Here I go through some of the best candidates:

Dolph Ziggler: The man that backs-up everything he says, this guy is a legitimate star who puts on great matches week-in, week-out. With him losing the title to Ryder at TLC, He definitely has a great chance of being pushed up to the main title picture. If he didn't win, I would pick him to win Next Year's Money in the Bank instead, or maybe even get into The Elimination Chamber.

Big Show: Probably going to be in the WHC match, but if not he certainly deserves a win at the Rumble after all he's put in. He's been working his ass off since his return and deserves a title reign that's over a minute (Not taking anything away from Bryan, love him as champ)

Chris Jericho: Contrary to popular belief, and thanks in part to DX Wrestling Saviour's blog on this matter, I believe Jericho's return (if at all) will take place at the Rumble, rather than on 02/01/12. It makes more sense to return at a big PPV and get a win like Edge did, instead of at some obscure date. PLus this would be one of the few things he hasn't won in his career.

Christian: A stellar competitor who had a great summer feud with Orton. If anything he deserves One More Match, and this is the perfect way to get it.

Randy Orton: Home-Town favourite, nuff said. His Chrisian feud does back him up tho, and he has won before.

Sheamus: This guy has all the makings of a great returning champion. With two WWE Title runs already (Although I never cared for him much back then) Sheamus really deserve's a title shot a lot more than kicking Jobber Mahal's ass every week (thanks to R(ob) for that name)

Wade Barrett: In his first two years he has lead two imposing and successful stables, had a stellar feud with Both Orton and Cena, and this week he put Orton through a table. A win here would definitely be a step in the right direction for the Barrett Barrage

Kane: How the man with the record for most eliminations in one Rumble match, as well as one of the highest number of appearances, has not won yet is beyond me. However, with his masked return, Kane is definitely in with a good chance of winning this year, and he deserves to as well. If not, I can confidently predict that he will be in the Elimination Chamber.

Out of everyone on the list I would put Kane as my official pick to win the Rumble, although the others have a good chance as well.

And that's my list, feel free to leave comments and suggestions for who you want to win. This is BlackFalcon, signing off.

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  1. Steve Austin's Avatar
    Nice blog man but I could of saved you some time.

    Randy Orton is gonna win, why you ask? This is why!

  2. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    Good blog, but Orton definitely shouldn't win, he doesn't need it and he already did. I'd much rather see it go to all of the guys you mentioned (excpet Big Slow). My official pick is Sheamus.
  3. Foxcat66's Avatar
    Kane would be a great shout for a world title match with punk at Wrestlemania, considering two matches have already been confirmed

    Taker vs Triple H
    Rock vs Cena

    it would be a great match to see Mr pipe bomb and the return of the Big Red Machine Kane
  4. Dierdorf's Avatar
    I totally agree that Kane should win it! but they will probably make him wrestle Cena at the royal rumble
  5. Dierdorf's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Foxcat66
    Kane would be a great shout for a world title match with punk at Wrestlemania, considering two matches have already been confirmed

    Taker vs Triple H
    Rock vs Cena

    it would be a great match to see Mr pipe bomb and the return of the Big Red Machine Kane
    A Kand Punk feud would be nice!!
  6. The Brown One's Avatar
    IMO only Orton, Sheamus, Barrett and Jericho have a chance at winning the Rumble.
    *Orton - they need a huge main eventer for their WHC match at Mania next year.
    *Sheamus and Barrett - they need opponents for Orton for the WHC match. So it could be either of them winning the Rumble.
    *Chris Jericho - to set up the WWE championship match with Punk at Mania.
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Awesome Blog. These are all the possibilities if you ask me. I can't really see anyone else having a chance. R Truth will spoil Miz's chances. Alberto Del Rio is finally getting ready to take a back seat, where he belongs, and Cena is booked for WM already. Good stuff man, and thanks for the cred on the Jericho thing.
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