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Blog From Scotland : #newchampsnewday #whatstocomein2012

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So I was gonna do this Saturday night but decided to put it off until post TLC as I don't wanna use this blog to make predictions and such like. The past 2 Sundays have seen both TNA and WWE put on their final shows of 2011 and I have to say with all honesty WWE have definitely finished the year in a far stronger position than TNA did. One oter thing I should probably mention before going on with this entry is that this isn't going to be me comparing each companies PPV in detail I just want to touch on various aspects about what I liked and disliked about each of them and where I feel each company should move onto into 2012.

With Final Resolution I didn't have any huge exspectations of what I was siting down to watch, yes I was looking forward to the AJ/Roode match and I will use any excuse to wath Christopher Daniels get in the ring. I even have to admit that I was looking forward to the Jarrett/Hardy cage match as I've been enjoying their back and forth reently and I honestly hope that this is Jeff Hardy finally picking his ass up and staying clean for a change...whether that will happen I'll have to just wait and see. however where even a year or so ago TNA was exciting to me and had me occasionally guessing, I'm starting to call matches well in advance as their booking and creative seems to be a bit stale and predictable of late. I feel more often than not TNA is just lacking something each and every month...however this point will come up later in this blog.

TLC on the other hand was for the most part exciting and a genuine treat to watch. Ryder fianlly getting the US title, Orton/Barrett (which in my opinion has been the best fued Smackdown has had since Orton/Christian) was a great match, Daniel Bryanson cashing in his MITB contract and Cole's reaction, the TLC triple threat match was brilliant with a great conclusion and that kick to the miz while Punk was cuffed and even the Game/Nash match wasn't as awful as I expected. But thats what WWE does big spectacle and they [can] do it well. My biggest complaint again was with the booking of Bryanson's cashing in. Why did it have to be against The Big Show, don't get me wrong I can usually smell a #heel turn a mile off as generally they aren't that subtle, but i just don't get why they would have followed through with the whole Bryanson cashing in for it to be pulled due to Henry not being cleared to compete angle to giving the belt to Show only to have him drop it less than a minute or so later. The same effect could have been achieved by having Henry drop the strap to Bryanson, however I did appreciate Show's face on Raw when Josh Mathews told him about having the record that will probably never be broken. Still I feel sorry for the guy when he obviously puts in a great deal of work week in week out year in year out.

So now the years coming to a close where do I want things to go. First TNA need a tag team division again, the X Division always suffers when the Tag Teams are pushed and vice versa. If it means TNA start running a second show to push the sort of Tag Team and fast paced action that got them noticed in the first place I persoonally feel that it would be a benefit to the industry, their locker room and most importantly us the fans. Tag Team wrestling has always been a major draw for me and I feel like many of you too no doubt that its been sorely missed from WWE for the past few years and more recntly the past few months from TNA, specifically from when Chris Sabin ended up on the injured reserve list.

Secondly WWE, I feel that this year has only gotten better with each passsing month culminating in one of the better main events in recent years. CM Punk is to the Entertainment Era as Austin was to the Attitude Era. Fair enough Vince McMahon is a far more believable authority figure but even Johnny Ace has his moments. Going into 2012 however it is my firm belief that WWE need to elevate The Miz back into the title picture properly. Foregt Chris Jericho coming back to work with Punk, The Miz has consistently been performing to a main event calibre since last year, he's a heel the fans love to boo and has managed to win over some of the hardcore wrestling fans as a legit performer. He has style, charisma, the talk and the ability to back it up, what he needs now is something to solidify his position at the top of the pile and a Royal Rumble win at the end of next month from an early start with some huge and unexpected eliminations (Orton and Taker would for me be obvious choices) would give him the same credibility that the Rumble gave to Austin, Michaels and even Randy Orton. I have to admit a bit of bias does come in here as my dream WWE title match would be Miz/Punk. Beyond April 1st there is a whole roster of guys waiting to become the guys to take us through 2012 and beyond. Dolph Ziggler has been the workhorse of Raw recently and deserves a massive push (Summerslam WWE title win anyone?) Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger (who I'd love to see turn face), Shaemus and Daniel Bryanson all deserve the spot they have been given and yes even Long Island Iced Z should maybe be considered for a main event push somewhere down the line...after a gimick change, although what he's doing is golden right now, and I can't wait to see where the WWE moves to next with the very talented roster of guys they've been building up recently.

Well that's all I have for you this week. Check out my blog this Saturday for a very special 2011 retrospective from me even though I know theres already been a buncch done on here already...I just wanna throw my own thoughts out there and I welcome anyones thoughts and opinions on here.

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  1. davieboy_88's Avatar
    His name in WWE is just Daniel Bryan, not "Bryanson."
  2. The1j@yYoung's Avatar
    I know but Zigler called him Daniel Bryanson in an episode of Z True Long Island Story and I've been refering to him as Bryanson ever since...just keeping the ROH spirit alive with Danielson
  3. davieboy_88's Avatar
    Awww i see haha

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