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WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Review and Thought...

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Match 1: Zack Ryder pinned Dolph Ziggler (c) to win the United States Championship. I love the chemistry that these two have together. The match was great, not too long, and not too short, and there were a lot of great moments. 4/5*

Match 2: Air Boom (c) def. Primo & Epico to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships. A good match, but the crowd was completely dead during the match. Glad that Air Boom retained, and I'm anxious to see how Primo & Epico formulate as a tag team. 2/5*

Match 3: Randy Orton def. Wade Barret in a Tables Match. Having Randy Orton winning over Barret is flat out STUPID, but I enjoyed the match. I thought that it needed to be a bit longer, but it gets brownie points for accidental blood. 3/5*

Match 4: Beth Phoenix (c) def. Kelly Kelly to retain the WWE Diva's Championship. For maybe the 12th or 13th time at PPV this year, these two divas clashed in a match that was almost as long as the World Heavyweight Championship Match. But none the less, there still needs to be a lot of work done to revamp the Diva's Division. 2/5*

Match 5: Triple H def. Kevin Nash in a Sledgehammer Ladder Match. God, where do I start? This match dragged on forever!!!! But I'm glad that this feud is OVER! But I did like the end tribute to the Kliq and DX. 2.5/5*

Match 6: Sheamus def. Jack Swagger. An okay match to be only the 3rd filler match of the night. I'm very irritated that Sheamus keeps on winning these job matches. WWE needs to put him in a damned decent storyline. 3/5*

Match 7: The Big Show def. Mark Henry (c) to win the World Heavyweight Championship. I was very displeased with this match. It was probably the shortest main event match that I have ever seen. I'm glad that The Big Show put over Mark Henry, but I was extremely happy when.... 2/5*

Match 8: Daniel Bryan def. The Big Show (c) to win the World Heavyweight Championship. What is there to say, except FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK YYYYEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5*

Match 9: Cody Rhodes (c) def. Booker T to retain the Intercontinental Championship. I didn't like the attacks that Rhodes did to Booker two times earlier that night. But the match was pretty decent, and I'm glad that they used this match as one of the main events. It shows that there is a new level or prestige to the IC Championship. I think/hope that Booker does take the title from Rhodes soon though. 3.5/5*

Match 10: CM Punk (c) def. The Miz & Alberto Del Rio in a Triple Threat Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match to retain the WWE Championship. I loved this match, and it was one of the most entertaining TLC Matches that I have ever seen. I liked the idea of Retardo Rodriguez using handcuffs on Punk, and I loved his involvement in the match. There really, wasn't any part of that match that I didn't like. 5/5*

Overall, this pay per view was one of the most entertaining ppvs of the year. I give it 8/10 stars. I am excited to see if the Royal Rumble can hold a candle to TLC.

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    I only liked the last 3 matches and the first match now that I look at it. A good part of the show was boring
  2. Zekic's Avatar
    I really like this PPV,something way better then recent survivor series,and main even was worth its name
  3. Bammer's Avatar
    i actually liked Nash Vs. Haitch :\
  4. hbk2416's Avatar
    The reason Show vs Henry was so short is because Henry was injured on the previous weeks' RAW episode. I thought this was one of the better ppv's of the year.

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