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January 2nd is Approaching

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Hey everyone. I'm back with another blog. This one will be quick because I plan on posting three times this week. I'm going to jump right in to this one and throw out a few possibilities for the January 2nd video.

First, this is all pure speculation. I know the website is reporting that the video is supposed to be for Jericho but when reading his tweets, I have to look at other possibilities that make at least some potential sense as an alternative.

Brodus Clay. One thing that is consistent with the video, is it speaks of a second coming. Well, Brodus Clay had a short stint, siding with Alberto Del Rio, so this would, in essence, be his second coming. Not to mention, all the hype videos on him and they suddenly disappeared without ever giving him his debut.

Skip Sheffield. It was reported that Skip Sheffield has been sending out some dark tweets recently. This falls right in line for a possible re-debut in the New Year. Again, it would follow the 2nd coming theme.

Undertaker Bad Ass. This would actually be the second coming of this Undertaker persona. May be a little too early for him, especially since a rematch with HHH is all but confirmed.

Kharma. This is most likely who the videos are for. First, it would be her second coming. Second, the wikipedia page for Kia Stevens, despite wikipedia not being 100% reliable, says she's due to return on January 2, 2012. And with the recent tweets from Beth Phoenix and Natalya, this is all but confirmed.

I highly doubt the video is for Jericho. I have to believe his tweets over what's being speculated by the websites of the world. It's better this way anyway. If he is going to make a shocking return and win the Royal Rumble and feud with Punk and face him at Wrestlemania and blah blah blah blah blah...they might as well make it stylish and have him be a surprise Royal Rumble entrant, aka Edge. Coming back January 2nd does nothing for him. Jericho's not gonna come back and waste time with jobber matches and a useless feud. If he returns, it will be for a purpose and January 2nd would be way to soon for him to come back and build a feud with Punk for Wrestlemania.

Thanks for reading everyone. Subscribe to my blog so you can be updated on my newest posts. Take care and enjoy Raw tonight.

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  1. Kincaid's Avatar
    HE is coming back to claim what's his. HE HE HE HE. HIM HIM HIM. Not Kharma. Done and done.
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