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Review of all the WWE ppvs of 2011 PART 2.

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7. Money in the Bank (Mitb)= Things kicked off with the Smackdown Mitb match featuring Sheamus, Cody, Kane, Wade, Slater, Bryan and Gabriel as well as Sin Cara. Halfway through the match, Sheamus power bombed Sin Cara through a table, resulting in Sin Cara being stretchered out of the arena. However that did not stop the momentum of this match as it was fast paced and enthralling with numerous high spots. Daniel Bryan in the end ultimately won the best match to start a ppv so far in 2011. 4 and a half stars. We got a divas rematch from capitol punishment here featuring Kelly Kelly and Brie Bella and the less said about this the better, 1 star. We also got the first of the Mark Henry and Big Show encounters which wasn't too bad and resulted in Henry putting the Big show out of action, this earns 2 stars. The Raw Mitb match was next and although not as fast flowing as the Smackdown match, still delivered exciting moments, such as Evan Bourne's flip off the ladder, in the end though Royal Rumble winner Del Rio won after ripping off Rey's mask on the top of the ladders, so 4 stars for this match. Christian and Randy Orton faced off for the third consecutive ppv and of all the matches between the pair thus far, this was the worst, after about 15 minutes or so, Christian deliberately provoked Orton resulting in a disqualification and the WHC went back to Christian. 3 and a half stars. Finally the main event between CM Punk and Cena, and unlike the 4 previous main events, this one delivered, 35 minutes of pure wrestling showcasing both men's talents, in the end CM Punk prevailed with a fatal gts on cena. 5 star match and one of the best matches of 2011.
Good=Both Mitb matches, Main event.
Average=Christian/Orton (unable to live up to the hype of the previous 2 encounters)
Bad= Henry/show and the divas.
Overall Rating=9.

8. Summerslam= The ppv opened with an unannounced tag team match between the faces (Rey, Kofi, Morrison) VS the heels (Miz, R truth, Del Rio) which basically got the crowd into the match by allowing the good guys to win. 2 and a half stars. Mark Henry was up next against Sheamus and after improving slightly from his match against the Big Show at Mitb managed to defeat Sheamus through a count out, earning the match 2 and a half stars. Kelly Kelly faced Beth Phoenix next and won by rolling up, 1 star. Wade Barrett faced off against Mitb winner Daniel Bryan in what was a solid and rather good match in which the Englishman won. 3 stars. For the 4th ppv in a row, Christian battled against Randy Orton for the WHC. After their rather lacklustre match at Mitb, both men delivered big time, in another amazing match between the pair, Orton managed to win after an RKO onto the steel steps. 4 and a half stars for these two in what was a fitting end to the feud of the year. The main event was the Mitb rematch between Punk and Cena, another great match full of wrestling and counters, however it couldn't match the atmosphere of Mitb and therefore earns 4 and a half stars. The ending saw Kevin Nash come out of nowhere to attack Punk resulting in Del Rio cashing in his Mitb contract.
Good= Both title fights, Barrett/Bryan
Average=Opening match, Sheamus/Henry
Bad=Divas (AGAIN)
Overall Rating=8.5

9. Night Of Champions (Noc)= This ppv opened up with the tag team match featuring Air Boom and Awesome Truth. In what was one of the best Tag team matches for quite a while (MUCH BETTER THEN THE ONES IN THE EARLY PART OF THE YEAR). The match flowed together rather quickly and both teams had good chemistry together, however the ending in which Air Boom won after receiving an illegal tag was somewhat confusing. Overall though 3 stars for a good match. Cody Rhodes battled against Ted DiBiase in a rather slow methodical match which should have been better considering the relationship between the pair, nonetheless an average match earning 2 stars in which Rhodes picked up the win. A fatal four way was up next and again this suffered from slow timing and the lack of chemistry between 4 competitors with different styles, add into the mix Vickie Guerrero and you know what i mean. Dolph retained in a 2 and a half star match. In what was possibly one of the best shocks of 2011, Mark Henry became WHC after pinning Randy Orton CLEANLY!!!, the match itself was easily the best match of the night and told a great story in itself, a 4 star rating from me purely because of the shock factor. Another divas rematch between Kelly Kelly and Beth which Kelly won, 1 star, LAME. Cena then defeated Del Rio for the WWE championship which was a stupid decision. The match itself was boring and did nothing for Del Rio's credentials. 2 stars. The main event was CM Punk VS Triple H who both had put on 4 star plus matches during 2011. The match itself was fairly average and the ending (Awesome Truth attacking both members) left us with more questions then answers, the decision of allowing Triple H to not let the next face of the WWE win was also confusing. 3 stars.
Good=WHC match, Tag Team match.
Average= Rhodes, fatal four way, Main event
Bad= Cena, Divas.
Overall Rating=6

10. Hell in a Cell (HIAC)= Just two weeks after Noc, HIAC opened with Sheamus defeating Christian in a rather unspectacular opening considering the two men involved. Sheamus won after a Brogue kick. 2 and a half stars. The Two Sin Cara's then faced off and although they used high flying moves, the crowd was never into it, and a boring chant even started, 1 and a half stars. Following on from their win against the Awesome Truth, Air Boom faced ZigSwag in a tag team match which was a fast paced match and further added the increasing attention being made to the tag team division. The crowd after the two opening matches were also fully involved. Air Boom eventually prevailed in a 3 star match. Orton and Henry faced off in a disappointing rematch from Noc, the use of the cell in the match was insignificant, but Henry won again so 2 and a half stars. Cody Rhodes then defeated Morrison who was still in his street clothes in a exciting well paced bout that deserved a little more time, but nonetheless 2 and a half stars. Kelly VS Beth again at this ppv but this time with the right result, so 1 and a half stars this time. The main event for the WWE championship was a triple threat match between Cena, Del Rio and Punk and this was the match of the night. It used the objects such as the cage and pipes effectively and created excitement for the fans. Del Rio won after Cena was locked out of the cage unable to save Punk. Awesome Truth then attacked at the end, beating up everyone and resulting in the entire locker room and police trying to stop them, an exciting ending resulting in a 4 star match.
Good= Main event, ending to main event, tag team match.
Average=The rest of the card
Bad=Sin Cara, Divas
Overall Rating=6.5

11. Vengeance=This was the 3rd ppv in 5 weeks and as a result garnered the 2nd lowest WWE ppv buys ever. However the match opened with a rematch from HIAC between Air Boom and ZigSwag which was even better then their previous encounter, the match never had a chance to catch its breath with fast flowing spots. Overall Air Boom regained in a 3 and a half star match. Dolph Ziggler then did double duty and defeated Zack Ryder, to say Ziggler had just been in a fast flowing tag team match, he performed well in this one defeating Zack with a superkick?. Overall this match got 2 and a half stars but it needed more time and a different result. Beth Phoenix then defeated Eve in the best Divas match since Layla and McCool at extreme rules thus gaining 2 stars. In another rematch from HIAC, Sheamus defeated Christian in a slightly better match which was still dogged down by the slowness and lack of chemistry between the two. 3 stars. Awesome Truth then defeated CM Punk and Triple H after interference from Kevin Nash, the match itself was average with the high points being Punk and H cheating when the ref was not looking, overall 3 stars. Cody Rhodes after dispatching his former Legacy member Ted at NOC took on Orton which was a good performance considering the match had been on Smackdown twice prior to the event, 3 stars with Orton winning but Cody being strong in defeat. A rematch from Mitb took place next with Big Show and Mark Henry, their previous match got 2 stars, but this was far more fast paced with big blows by both wrestlers. The superplex had been done before and sent the crowd crazy resulting in a double count out, so for that 3 stars. Cena and Del Rio then came in for the main event in a broken ring which was your fairly average match with the exception being the backstage brawl which I rather enjoyed. Del Rio managed to win after interference from the Awesome Truth. 3 stars.
Good=Tag match, WHC match
Average=Rest of the card
Bad=Still the divas but an improvement
Overall Rating=7

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