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Review of all the WWE ppvs of 2011 PART 3.

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12. Survivor Series=Instead of facing Zach Ryder, Dolph Ziggler faced off against John Morrison in the opening match of the evening. A fun solid opening match which deserved more time, the crowd however screamed for Zach and were not interested in the match at all. 2 and a half stars. Another Divas rematch was up next between Beth and Eve which was worse then their previous match apart from the ending where Beth grand slammed Eve off the top rope, 1 and a half stars. The traditional 5 on 5 match between Barrett and Orton followed gaining 3 and a half stars for a very good match which flowed perfectly until Sin Cara's injury (DEJA VU), after that things slowed down a bit but Barrett and his team managed to hold on for the win. For the third ppv of 2011, Henry and Show battled rather painfully to a Mark Henry disqualification. The worse match of the 3 so far resulting in a 1 star rating due to the slowness of both men and the lack of ideas once you break a ring, the only saving grace was Big shows diving elbow. In a good 3 and a half star match, CM Punk defeated Del Rio in a solid title bout. The main event of the evening was The Rock and Cena VS Awesome Truth which basically was Cena getting beaten up for most of the match till The Rock comes in and wins. A good match but nothing that will stand out, 3 stars.
Good=WWE champ match, survivor series tag match, Rocks return.
Average= Ziggler and Morrison
Bad=Henry, Show and divas.
Overall Rating=7.25

13. TLC=We opened with a rematch from Vengeance between Dolph and Zack. The crowd was red hot for this one and both men responded by upping their game, it was a fun fast paced match and both men have good chemistry and in the end ZACH FINALLY BECAME US CHAMP . so 5 stars, jokes a solid 3. An unannounced match between Air Boom and Primo and Epico then came and it was a fairly standard average tag match compared to Air Booms previous showings. The two survivor series captains then faced off in a good tables match in which Orton won, however not enough time was given to the bout and as a result only 2 and a half stars. For the 39999999 millionth time and for some unknown reason in an unannounced match, Kelly Kelly faced Beth Phoenix, half a star. In a better then expected match (much like the Miz VS Lawler at Elimination Chamber) Kevin Nash lost to Triple H in a slow match but one with good spots, such as the Kliq and Dx signs. Sheamus faced Swagger in another Unannounced squash match, 1 star. At the 4th time of asking Big Show finally defeated Mark Henry in a 5 minute match of them swinging chairs at each other, 1 star, however Daniel Bryan's Mitb cash in added the match/segment to 2 stars. Booker T then faced Cody Rhodes in a match that deserved more time and will possibly lead to a rematch, it was fast paced and Booker hadnt lost a step. 2 and a half stars. The final match was a triple threat TLC match for the WWE championship. This match was very good with lots of good heavy spots such as Ricardo falling off the ladder into a table, overall 4 stars for this one with CM Punk prevailing.
Good=Ryder, Main event.
Average= Nash/HHH, Tag match. Cody/Booker
Overall Rating=7

Here is the list of the ppvs ranked on their overall rating.
9. Money in the Bank.
8.5 Summerslam.
8. Elimination Chamber.
7.5. Extreme Rules
7.25. Survivor Series
7. Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Vengeance, TLC.
6.5 Hell in a Cell.
6. Capitol Punishment, Night of Champions.
5. Over the Limit.

Money in the bank has 4 solid amazing matches and a unique build which captivated the entire wrestling community.
Summerslam had 2 solid title matches.
Elimination Chamber had 2 good chamber matches
Extreme Rules had 3 good matches.
Survivor Series had the return of the great one and Punk winning
Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Vengeance, TLC all had high points but had cracks of weakness in them, all average ppvs.
Hell in a Cell was saved by the ending of the main event but had 2 boring opening matches.
Capitol Punishment and Night of Champions had okay cards but the matches were slow and should have been on Raw or Smackdown rather then a ppv.

Problems with the product.
In all of the ppvs this year, the WWE has managed to have at least 1 good match. However in 5 of the ppvs, the main event finished with a weak or confusing ending, that is far too many for a company like the WWE. Also many of the ppvs were let down by 2 and a half star matches better suited to TV rather then ppv. Aside from Orton and Christian and Punk and Cena, TOO MANY PPVS had the same matches, examples include Brie/Kelly, Kelly/Beth, Miz/Cena, Show/Henry. Why would a customer pay so much to see the same match if they saw the same match at the last ppv?.

How to improve
get rid of the GIMMICK ppvs, of the lowest scoring ppvs, 5 were gimmicks, get rid of these to spread out the current ppvs in order to build better storylines. This also allows gimmicks such as hell in a cell to end a feud at say Summerslam.

Try and make sure every match is above 3 stars, two many matches on ppvs this year were TV quality.

Keep having good 4 star plus matches of which there were a lot this year.

Cut out the squash matches, why would someone pay all that money to watch the corre squashed at wrestlemania? cut these matches out and allow proper storytelling between the other matches because far too many needed a bit more time to increase its rating.

There is my review to all ppvs by wwe this year, please feel free to comment

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  1. wwe=awesome's Avatar
    i read all three reviews and i agreed with pretty much everything, a good read and a great look back at the wwe in 2011., good job man
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    Gr8 series of blogs...Gud Work bro!!

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